Beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptians
 No one disputes the effectiveness of modern means to care for themselves. But why not try something that used by the ancient beauty, and that has proven effective for many centuries. Offers a glimpse into the past and see how to care for themselves in ancient Egypt.

For the inhabitants of this country, the exterior has always played an important role. Therefore, they are well cared for and decorated their bodies in all possible ways. For this purpose, only natural products: essential and vegetable oils, minerals, herbs, fruits and vegetables, honey and milk.

Before you dive into the story, remember that some foods can cause allergies, so first try out the product to the elbow.

Recipes Beauty of Ancient Egypt

Face Cream

- 1 tsp almond oil;
- 2 in. Of essential oil of frankincense.

Mix and apply on cleansed face at night. Almond oil contains vitamin E, known as a natural antioxidant. Furthermore, it does not leave a greasy film on the face, and as a result, it can be used even for oily skin. And incense perfectly tones skin. Incidentally, it can be replaced by any other essential oils, depending on what effect you expect.

Hair tonic   (you can use any number of ingredients)

Mix fir needle oil, rosemary oil, almond oil, castor oil, pazhitnikovoe oil. Rub into the hair roots and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse with shampoo and water. This tonic perfectly stimulates hair growth.

The composition of the anti-dandruff and hair loss

The ancient Egyptians knew how to deal with this scourge.

- 2 pcs. ginger root;
- 3 tbsp sesame oil;
- A little lemon juice.

Mix lemon juice, grated ginger, 1-2 tsp ginger juice and sesame oil. Massage, apply the mixture on the scalp, leave on for 15-30 minutes and rinse. Repeat this process three times a week. You can store the remaining mixture in the refrigerator.

Sugar hair removal

This is a great option for hair removal and a good alternative to wax and razors. In theory, this procedure removes hair from the root, and each time they are becoming smaller and smaller. By the way, most women try this method argue that such a procedure is less painful than waxing.

Sugar syrup   - Combining water, sugar and lemon juice. This mixture is heated and cooked to the point of caramel.

Here is the recipe of sugar syrup:

- 2 cups sugar;
- ¼ cup lemon juice;
- ¼ cup water.

Combine all ingredients in a pot with a thick bottom, and heat over low heat. Make sure that the mixture does not boil. Cook caramel. Set aside from heat and let cool slightly. Then pour into the jar. It should be made from refractory material, as later will be heated.

Cut strips of cotton. The main thing that was not fibrous tissue.

Next, try a mixture, it should not be so hot to burn the skin. Take a spatula or dull knife, uniformly apply the mixture. Apply a strip of cloth on top and let cool. And then quickly remove the strip.

Note.   You will be able to heat the mixture and use at another time.

Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra

And, of course, not to mention Cleopatra. It is, incidentally, began adding Dead Sea salt in a bath Whose minerals have a beneficial effect on the psyche and skin.

It is worth remembering the famous milk bath She loved to take the queen. To make her take:

- ½ cup dry milk;
- ½ cup liquid honey;
- 2 tsp jojoba oil.

Mix the ingredients and add to the bath. Sit in it for 20 minutes, this time will be enough to have worked on all the components of the skin.

In addition to the bath, Cleopatra was another secret - a prescription anti-wrinkle mixture . For its preparation take:

- A little liquid honey;
- 1 cup of skim milk;
- 2 tbsp aloe vera.

Mix components. Apply chime and evening on the face. This composition can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Try these recipes and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results. They do not require significant financial investments and do not take much time. Now this is especially true. I hope you will enjoy. Be beautiful.
Author: Vera Karabutova