Gem fields - soy
 Chinese healers claim that soy is capable of any woman to make a beautiful Scripture.

The word "soy" is derived from the Chinese "shu" means "Big Bob". In Japan, soybeans are called "precious stone fields." In the epic South East Asia composed of her legends and stories about how wonderful plant - man's best friend in joy and in trouble, savior from hunger and disease. Soy was part of the ritual of the meeting of spring, autumn days of prosperity and joy of table. Its seeds during ceremonies emperor sowed their own hands.

This legume is surprising high in iron, vitamin E and calcium. Soybeans, in addition to its high protein content, are also distinguished by a high content of vitamins, amino acids, and, very importantly, a unique composition of fats. The balance of essential amino acids in soybeans is close to ideal (90%), but still slightly below the standard up due methionine (one of the essential amino acids). Soy is also rich in phytoestrogens - molecules, similar in content to the hormones produced by women. This discovery did not go unnoticed, so now many anti-aging creams contain soy extract. Today it is the most effective substitute for estrogen, which is produced by the body less and less after 35 years.

Soybean oil

Traditional Chinese healers claim that soy oil is capable of any woman to make a beautiful Scripture. Contained in it in a lot of active ingredients beneficial to the skin, rejuvenate it.

Soybean oil - a product of pressing or extraction crushed soybeans. Well-refined oil is an almost colorless liquid with no taste and smell with a particular oily consistency.

Soybean oil contains a record amount of vitamin E1 (tocopherol) - a natural antioxidant and lecithin. This vegetable oil contains all the vital unsaturated fatty acids;

- Linoleic (suspending the growth of cancer cells) Acid - 46, 2-52, 6%;

- Alpha-linolenic acid - 7.9-8.5%;

- Oleic - 22-26%;

- Palmitic - 9-12%;

- Stearic 5-6%.

Like all oils rich in essential fatty acids, soybean restores epidermal barrier and water-retaining capacity of the skin and, owing to the presence of tocopherols and phytosterols possess strong regenerating action. Oil slows down aging of the skin as it contains natural antioxidants.

Important!   It can only be used for normal to dry skin, but not greasy. It is kamedogennym.

In the cosmetics used in small quantities, mainly in the media for the bath, moisturizing creams, preparations for hair care.

Soy Protein

Soy protein - a source of plant phytohormones and contain the largest number of amino acids (the building material of cells). Soy protein is an analogue of placenta extract of animal origin. They are obtained from embryonic tissues of soybean, known as "vegetable placenta" - a safer alternative to animal proteins. Soy protein is very rich in proteins, vitamins and other beneficial substances that restore the structure, nourish the cells of the skin, hair and nails.

Soy protein - the perfect remedy for sensitive skin and for aging. Soy protein tone, stimulate the activity of skin cells, improve its structure and appearance. Penetrating into the deeper layers, improves metabolic processes in cells, protecting cell membranes from the harmful effects of free radicals, slows down the process of premature aging of the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles. Activates cell metabolism and cellular respiration, smooths and reduces wrinkles and soften the skin. Soy protein penetrate deep into the hair and strengthen, they saturate much needed proteins and amino acids to actively nourish, strengthen and moisturize them, protecting it from the negative effects of sunlight and the environment, as well as care for the scalp. Soy protein luchshaet nail growth and strengthens the nail plate.

Soy milk

Soy milk - it is 100% natural product made from soy, which is a concentrated aqueous solution of a powder (made by unique technology) from the heavily milled soybeans. In contact with water, very fine particles of powder (soy protein) are dissolved, and it allows proteins and vitamins easily penetrate the skin and hair, nourishing them from within.

Soy cosmetics

 Gem fields - soy
 Cream for neck and decollete Progressif Anti-Age Pearl Of Youth For Neck & Decolletage by Carita. The cream improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and prevents skin aging. Rich in minerals and essential trace elements, pearl powder slows the aging process. The combination of reducing ingredients - fitokin (soy proteins) and proteins biosvyazyvayuschie - stimulates synthesis of supportive fibers and strengthens the bond between the epidermis and dermis, while smoothing the skin. Micro-wheat proteins and bio-active ingredients instantly smooth the skin. White mulberry extract and vitamin C derivatives are struggling with the irregularities of the skin, give it a light and uniform color.

 Gem fields - soy
 Roll-on deodorant-antiperspirant, which slows down the growth of hair, soft Silk Silk & Smooth Roll-on Deodorant Hair Minimising Complex from Oriflame. The special formula slows down hair growth. Permanently retains the freshness and smoothness, thanks to menthol and soy proteins. As part of the deodorant more active substances that act on the hair follicle and slows down the growth of hair. Apply to clean, dry skin of the armpit.

 Gem fields - soy
 Spray the body "and vanilla soy milk" from Avon. Spray has a refreshing effect and helps to cheer up and lighten the mood. Immediately after applying on the skin a feeling of lightness and vigor, as well as traces of fatigue disappear. Suitable for all skin types.

 Gem fields - soy
 Soft floral hair mask "Japanese Floral Deep Charge Treatment" from SATICO. The mask is designed for power recovery and deep recovery of hair. As part of the mask contains extracts of Japanese plants: lithospermum krasnokornevogo, saxifrage, shrubby perilla leaf extract cherry, peach, soybean. This unique plant complex intensely nourishes and revitalizes hair, filling them with power and brilliance.

 Gem fields - soy
 Soap cosmetic 'Cream' from Lush.   Orange oil and soy milk have excellent moisturizing effect. Suitable for all skin types. In addition, soap aroma of chocolate will give your skin.

 Gem fields - soy
 Chocolate soy milk shampoo «Chocolate Sexy Hair Soy Milk Shampoo» by Sexyhair.   Soy proteins penetrate deeply and nourish the hair, restoring softness, flexibility and shine. Chamomile extract moisturises and softens the hair, making it smooth. The absence of sulfates and protection from UV rays allow you to save and prevent the fading of colored hair.

 Gem fields - soy
 Firming Mask with soy milk for dry and thin hair Soy Milk Strengthening Mask by JF Lazartigue.   Mask deep impact specifically designed for dry, thin and weak hair from nature. It strengthens their returns vitality, making hair thick, gives volume. Restores rod damaged hair without weighing it down. It has a moisturizing effect. There is a restoration of the structure and tone, thanks to soybean oil and jelly. Wheat germ give volume. Red algae envelop and protect hair from aggressive external environment.

 Gem fields - soy
 Lifting cream with phytoestrogens from soy and wild yams for dry and normal skin from Emansi. It slows down the formation of new wrinkles and significantly reduces the depth of existing, thanks to signaling molecules (phytoestrogens from soy and wild yam). It relieves stress and dry skin. It improves skin elasticity and firmness. Nutrients and natural moisturizing factor is ideal for skin rejuvenation. Complex action of signaling molecules and nutrients prevents premature aging of skin.

 Gem fields - soy
 Gel firmness body OPUS GRATIA Firming Body Gel from Janssen.   Active Toning Gel enriched with special ingredients to help restore the elasticity of the skin, its natural strength and beauty. When applying the gel immediately tightens the skin, moisturizes and aligned. The gel is quickly absorbed by the skin, nourishes and regenerates the skin, thanks to the saturated composition, soybean derivatives stimulate cell growth; wheat proteins, peptides, collagen and elastin give skin elasticity, tighten and restructure; extracts of arnica and barley soften the skin and contribute to reduction processes; Menthol refreshes and enhances microcirculation.
Author: Inna Sedykh