Secrets of young Asian women - Thai massage
 "When in Siam someone gets sick, he turned to the man who is masterful works on his body with his hands; there is also that it stands on the patient's legs and stomps him." The French diplomat Simon de la Luber, 1690

Thai massage - an ancient method of traditional Thai medicine. All of his techniques are a combination of pressing, stretching and twisting - that is a complex system of effects on the human body. Pressing - a means to stimulate energy channels, and twisting and stretching stimulates muscles. The tool specialist Thai massage - feet, hands, thumbs on the hands, elbows and knees. Calm pace and smooth movement, typical of Thai massage, exclusive sharp depression and too strong stretch.

Popular tradition calls the founder of Thai massage Jivaka Kumar Bhachchhu, which is also known under the name Shiuago Komparadzh. He lived about 2500 years ago, he was a doctor, a friend of Buddha. Until now, it is revered as the "father of Thai medicine." Initially, no procedures of massage have been conducted. All information is transmitted orally from generation to generation. Over time, it began to record in the Pali language, using mainly palm leaves. Text of medical content revered just as religious. In 1832, King Rama III ordered to carve in stone preserved texts in the monastery Wat Po (southern style massage). The hospital massage Jivaka Kumar Foundation in Chiang Mai train northern style massage.

According to the theory of Thai medicine, the human body circulates so-called life, or internal energy. It moves on special energy channels associated with all tissues and organs. The Chinese call this energy "Qi", and the Indians - "prana". A person is healthy only when this energy flows freely, harmoniously distributed throughout the body. Average physical condition is a feeling of cheerfulness, confidence, optimistic attitude. Any obstacle to the flow of energy leads to disease.

Thai massage pays attention to major energy canals. It turned out to them the proper exposure, you can eliminate barriers to the flow of vital energy and prevent its stagnation. Pressure on certain muscles and stretching can restore the disturbed flow.

Interesting!   Thai massage system is unique in the sense that for a long time keeps the body young.

On the energy channels, you can press the feet, hands, fingers, elbows and knees. In addition, you can stretch and twist the muscles that resembles some yoga exercises. From one method to another must proceed gradually and slowly, the movement should be rhythmic, soft and coherence.

Thai massage

Massage is usually carried out in a warm, well-ventilated area. It is important that there was no sound interference, although some prefer a massage played soft music. Since the methods are executed on the floor, then you need a soft but resilient enough mat or rug and pillow under the patient's head. To act with confidence, the massage therapist must be quite a lot of space. Before the start of Thai massage specialists to offer prayers to the Father of medicine asking him to help free the patient from physical and mental ailments.

The patient during the massage is not stripped, exposed only to the foot. Clothing it should be free from fine natural material. This applies to clothes masseur, who also is barefoot.
For Thai massage does not use any oils and creams. Only sometimes special herbal extracts that enhance the effect of massage.

Thai massage always begins with the patient lying on his back; then act on the trunk side; then move to the position of lying face down and end up sitting. The usual set of practices begins with a stop: press down on them, they stretch and rotate. Legs are systematically transferred to a different position, which allows the best way to influence the energy channels.

Take a deep breath before lifting and exhale while lifting improves the flow of energy to the internal organs. As with other types of massage, rhythm and pressure should be carefully monitored. During the massage, the patient should breathe freely, except for receptions "Cobra" and lifting with a twisted back.

Thai massage in full takes two to two and a half hours.

Interesting!   The Thai massage is not strictly fixed rules that restrict the choice and sequence of exercises. There are hundreds of exercises, and virtually every masseur has his own style and uses different variations. Most massage therapists selected sequence and a set of exercises in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient.

Foot massage or foot massage

Thai foot massage - massage of the feet and legs - this is a unique method of influence on the body by stimulating the reflex zones located on the feet.

The main purpose of foot massage - preventive. It perfectly helps to relieve tired feet after long walks than, and due to its great popularity. Although sometimes the procedure is rather painful massage.

Interesting!   For session foot massage using special comfortable chair, which is easy to relax.

Before the start of the session is the procedure washing of the feet. There are many options ranging from the simple bathing in normal water and ending with a beautiful ritual, using flavors and flower petals.

 Secrets of young Asian women - Thai massage
 The most exotic and unique attribute in the direction of Thai massage sticks are made of a special ironwood. The choice of material is not accidental, since these rods are very durable and long lasting. They also help to make a deep foot massage, efficiently working through all the points on the feet. In addition to the pressure on the point, using the ribbed side of the special "rubs" movements on the rise of the foot and between the toes.

Indications and contraindications for Thai massage

Thai massage is recommended for

• General feeling unwell

• head and neck pain

• back pain

• Clamp muscles

• If overweight

• sleep disorders, anxiety

• apathy, bad mood

• digestive problems, lack of appetite


• Severe mental and neurological diseases

• Generalized rheumatic diseases with inflammation of the joints or muscles important

• Serious heart disease

• Serious disease

• recent surgery and fractures

• Acute infection with a high temperature

• Skin diseases

• Pregnancy

• Gastrointestinal disease in the acute stage

• Oncological diseases
Author: Inna Sedykh