Shocking Asia or SPA Oriental
 Asian philosophy SPA - the restoration of body and spirit through communion with nature, which sometimes takes the form of a truly shocking Europeans.

Despite the fact that the first SPA-salons appeared in Europe, the concept of treating the body and the spirit was born in Asia, where it is believed that diseases arise because of the lack of harmony between mind, body and mind. To restore this harmony in the Asian spa use Ayurveda   and other holistic systems, not only practicing massage and diet, but also meditation. Despite the apparent conservatism and desire to follow the traditions of Asians are very creative in the field of medicine and beauty, sometimes their decisions are so original that the Europeans at first shocking.

Interesting!   Ingredients for wraps, scrubs and peels, which constitute a significant part of the SPA-menu often grow in the neighborhood of: papaya, ginger, aloe vera, coconut, seaweed. Some SPA-salons have a special kitchen, where immediately before the procedure for the customer is ready to "live" cosmetics, but also used a means of world famous brands.


Israeli SPA-salons can now offer its customers a pleasant and at the same time "terrible" procedure - snake massage. Experts believe that this exotic treatment helps relieve the pain and relieve tension in muscles and joints. Crawling snake skin creates an effect similar to a jacuzzi. The length of the snakes depends on the type of massage: the larger (eg king snake and spotted climbing runner) relieve pain in the muscles of the back and smaller reptiles cause the effect of general relaxation and create a pleasant vibration. In the salons use only non-poisonous snakes.


In Egypt, it is to experience such procedures as "brilliant rain" and "pearl massage." Massage using precious stones and minerals helps to get rid of cellulite and improve the body as a whole.


In the Maldives is the world's only underwater transparent SPA center. As long as you do massage with herbal oils and hot sand, at arm's length will swim exotic fish.

China and South Korea

Recently, Chinese and Korean SPA-salons gained extraordinary popularity of the procedure "fish" peeling. Customers are offered a bath with so-called "man-eating fish." Fish Garra Rufa, during the procedure is carried out a kind of "peeling" - they devour the dead skin cells of the client. During the session, the patient falls into a pool of hot water, soaking his skin, exfoliate dead skin cells. Here is their something and start to avidly absorb the hungry fish. This method does not cause pain, except a slight tingling sensation.

Interesting!   The warm climate of Asia achieved without walls, which is often replaced by screens or curtains. Some SPA, taking a bath or shower, while you enjoy views of the sea or the tropical vegetation, feeling the true oneness with nature.


In Tokyo, last year opened a unique SPA-center. Eccentricity places is that the flows and the walls lined with tiles of sea salt, the air is saturated with ions of magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium and fluoride. This rich aerotherapy has stunning relaxing effect, and, not least, fights aging. All procedures are performed to the accompaniment of the sounds of nature.

Interesting!   Music in the Asian SPA sounds softly, she serves as a background. Most often used the sounds of nature or music with a touch of national flavor.

In Japan wealthy connoisseurs of beauty can not afford a mask for the face and body of real gold. Japanese Estheticians assure that this procedure works wonders: whiten skin, removes wrinkles and gives the face a youthful appearance. Inside your face or body is covered with a liquid composition on the basis of 24-karat gold, which after some time freezes, forming a kind of sarcophagus.

In Japan, especially for the sophisticated and wealthy connoisseurs exotic can offer ancient beauty recipe that used a Geisha. Flower Fairy sought soft and silky skin with a porcelain shade with a mask "bird guano" - nightingale droppings and swallows. After special treatment guano no color, no smell, no consistency resembles droppings.


In India, you can be offered treatment with semi-precious stones or crystals by reacting with the chakras. The color scheme should match the color of the stones Chakra, which helps cleanse, restore and balance the whole body.


The SPA- salons in Bali, you can make yourself a massage on the energy meridians with hot volcanic stones (they retain heat longer) helps relieve stress and general stress, both physical and psychological.

Interesting!   Best Asian SPA-recognized destination Bali. This recognition of all the judges of the magazine «AsiaSpa Magazine» were unanimous in awarding the title of Asian Bali SPA-capital.


The most original SPA-restaurant - "85/15" - located in The Farm at San Benito in the Philippines. Its menu consists of 85% of crude product, which is reflected in the name of the restaurant. Everything is served on a table in The Farm, grown on his own farm. In the menu you can find a kind of drinks, such as juice "celery + grapes."
Author: Inna Sedykh