Tahiti ... Have you been to Tahiti? Part 2
 "Tahiti - a paradise, which allowed even the sinners. We think then, most of all, we did not deign to heaven, you have time now ..."
In classic novels, the paintings of famous artists and Hollywood films Tahiti represents the earthly paradise and the most romantic place for lovers. Tahiti - a mountain, surrounded by a turquoise lagoon with crystal-clear water, this delicately curved, slender trunks of coconut palms, white beaches and slow, unhurried lifestyle and velnesa.

Polynesian massage

Polynesian Lomi Lomi massage   - This ancient healing art that combines touch and rhythm of breathing, accompanied by traditional folk songs and a beneficial effect of essential oils. Polynesian masters Lomi Lomi say: "We put our hands in the hands of the Creator, we are just the vessel that the Creator uses to help others. Please refer to Him and He will help us ... If our hands are gentle and loving, patients will feel the sincerity of our hearts, our souls are connected and divine healing will flow through us. "

Interesting!   The families of Polynesian Lomi Lomi massage is a wife to her husband.

Lomi Lomi performed part of the rite of initiation and entry into a new phase of life. He was accompanied by songs, prayers, rituals. Massage served to cleanse, strengthen and heal. Massage could go even a few days.

Today, a lot of people, because of this type of massage, take on physical health and psychological balance, get rid of stress. Massage loosens muscle tension and eliminates internal blockade.

Polynesian massage technique is an exotic blend of classic European massage techniques, various types of therapeutic baths, receptions chiropractic, osteopathy, manual therapy techniques, stone therapy, suggestion and the ancient art of "laying on of hands." Massage can run two or even three masseurs. During the procedure, all the time heard a deep rhythmic breathing of the patient, thanks to this master adjusts its vibrating rhythm, driving dance moves.

Interesting!   Lomi Lomi Massage is very popular in the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiians believe that the body must be vigorous and uncomplicated mind, so whenever approaching an important event in his life, turned to the healer, through massage to eliminate, to calm their fears and strengthen the spirit.

Standard massage: 1, 5 - 2 hours.


Lashley - a popular Polynesian SPA-care on the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora. Lashley is a relaxing treatment for hands and feet. The uniqueness of care make up the components which carry the energy of the four elements, and together make a harmonious whole. So for home Lashley we need:

- Several medium sized towels;

- Basin for the legs and the bowl hand;

- Nail file, cuticle remover, a stick from an orange tree, spatula, grater for heels;

- Plastic film for wrapping;

- Rose petals, other living and dried flowers. The main condition - the flavors to be combined with each other;

- A couple of bags of cosmetic clay suitable for your skin type;

- Coconut oil, essential oil of gardenia;

- The sea or ocean salt finely ground;

- 1 small bag of heavy cream;

- Warm socks, cotton socks, cotton gloves:

- aroma candles;

- Drive with a nice relaxing music.

Before you begin, I want to remind you that the Asian philosophy of SPA is a leisurely careful care, so turn off the phone, the lights went out, light the candles and turn on the music. Spend an hour and a half, myself personally!

Let's start to clean up our legs. Remove nail polish. Give shape to your nails using a nail file. Apply cuticle remover (to soften it, you can use coconut oil), remove excess skin orange stick. Wipe with cotton pad fingers.

Himself exotic ritual begins with a floral foot bath. Many religions of the world bathed in the water is considered as a ritual of purification, because the water is soft, but powerful element. In addition, Polynesians believe that the flowers - it's a real connection with the divine powers, because they represent the symbolic purity of our earthly existence. To prepare the bath, pour into a bowl 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil of gardenia. Add fresh or dried flowers, pour in half with boiled water, give 2-3 minutes and diluted with cold water.

We lower legs in the water and enjoy, until you get bored. Three shoulder blade heel to remove dead cells. Now do the peeling. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of cream and combine them with 3 tablespoons of salt. Careful massaging composition inflict on foot. Leave for 2-3 minutes and bring it down in a basin of water. Wipe dry with a towel.

Now is the time wraps. Applied to the skin of the feet diluted to mushy state of clay. You can drop it gardenia oil. Apply the mixture on your feet, zamatyvaem film and put on warm socks or leg wrap towels. Close your eyes and relaksiruem music. The body rests, the emotions die down ... This state is the starting point for the next stage of the ritual.

15-20 minutes later we return to reality, remove foil and rinse feet in a bath of flowers. Wipe dry with a towel. Now do foot massage with coconut oil. When the massage is over, once we put coconut oil and put on cotton socks.

So, your feet are divine, now go to the hands. Repeat the same manipulation as with legs.

Tip!   To enhance the effect of nutrients on clay delicate skin of the hands can proceed as follows: Apply the clay on your hands, wear rubber gloves, put his hand in hot water (not boiling water in!), To hold a couple of minutes.

Enjoy your SPA-holiday!
Author: Inna Sedykh