Tahiti ... Have you been to Tahiti? Part 1
 "These islands are too hospitable to come here for a week. And too self-sufficient to shelter you forever ..."
French Polynesia - a paradise on earth: warm gentle waves beating against the quiet sandy beaches, coral bizarre form lagoon, and the water is crystal clear, the air is filled with birdsong and the scent of exotic flowers.

Power of nature

Polynesians have long noticed that the plants islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea give vitality to skin and hair. Since time immemorial, Tahitian used for cosmetic purposes and components of fruits a variety of plants growing in the archipelago. So to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin's natural oils used, the juice of fresh seaweed, chopped nuts and bamboo. To hydrate the skin from the bottom of the ocean mined black pearls.


Of particular note is the national flower of Tiare - a small white star, bloomed on the bush with lush foliage and has a special sweet sensual scent. Oil tiara - an excellent means of protecting against the harmful effects of atmospheric conditions: cold, sun, air pollution. It has a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and nourishing effects.

Solutions for home

 Tahiti ... Have you been to Tahiti? Part 1
 Shower Gel - Polynesian Tiare Flower from Yves Rocher.
  Gentle washing base of vegetable origin. PH neutral formula, enriched with softening and moisturizing ingredients. Easily removed. Do not harm the environment, because the formula of bio-degradability. Thick foam gel envelops you with a wonderful smell of tiare flower. Your skin will melt soft and silky.

The base-fluid makeup by TIARE POETEA.   Transparent, melting the base makeup TIARE, as light and delicate as the petals of a flower of the same name. It is applied to the entire face, including the area around the eyes, and prepares the skin to the perception of makeup. Moisturizing complex hyaluronic acid provides the necessary skin humectant, and silicone polymers form on the skin leveling microporous film allows cells to breathe freely. The following make-up evenly distributed, easily shaded and last longer, going to the base under makeup.

Eau de toilette «LES EAUX DE TOILETTE DE JOSEPHINE» with the scent of tiare flower from Lothantique . Luxury fragrance Eau de Toilette captivates and fascinates. «LES EAUX DE TOILETTE DE JOSEPHINE» - enveloping, durmanyasche-spicy, slightly sweet flavor set off by floral notes. The heart reveals tiare flower bouquet of sensual love. Perfume imprisoned in a bottle, made in the ancient traditions of an old and is provided with a wax seal manufacturer.


 Tahiti ... Have you been to Tahiti? Part 1
 The decoration of the most beautiful islands and is considered the noni plant. This plant reaches a length of 40 to 60 cm, with fruit, shaped like potatoes, known to all the inhabitants of Oceania. In South-East Asia, it is known as 'now', the islands in the South Pacific - "Nona". Regardless of the name always one thing - its beneficial properties. Noni has become an integral part of the culture of Polynesia. Noni Juice - a unique and exclusive product, the locals use it for over 2,000 years, it invigorates the body, aimed at improving the systems of the body.

Solutions for home

Noni juice (TAHITIAN NONI® Juice) by Tahitian Noni International.
  Noni juice is one of the ten best products belonging to the category of healthy refreshes. Stress, pollution and many other things, what we face every day, make our immune system weak. Studies have shown that noni juice increases the amount of protective cells, forms a barrier against infection and various diseases, strengthens the immune system, which helps it to better perform its functions.

Black Pearl

Black Tahitian pearls - a gift of the god Oro, King of the Firmament. The creator gave the black pearl as a symbol of the god of the world of harmony and beauty. Pearls of God inspired the creation of the stars, and when his mission was completed, he handed pearls god of the ocean. Ever since Pearl clam lives in the lagoons of French Polynesia.

Interesting!   Black Pearl - a unique creation of Tahitian nature that could not recreate in any other part of the world, even in Japan or Australia, which have long been famous for large-scale production of pearls.

However, Pearl is not only used for the production of jewelry. Even in ancient times pearls ground into powder used as a rejuvenator, as nacre is composed of vital proteins and minerals.

Important!   The average chemical composition pearls: CaCO3 - 91, 72% conchiolin - 5 to 94% water - 2, 23%

Solutions for home

 Tahiti ... Have you been to Tahiti? Part 1

Tahitian pearls are rarely black. It takes all kinds of wonderful color from light gray and gold to blue-violet and red-brown. For the most refined and valuable - a "Green Peacock" or, as it is called in Tahiti - POE RAVA - "black with green reflections." Placers colored gems of mosaic shimmer eyeshadow Tahitian pearls. Fancy pearl shades allow you to use the shadows to create a trendy, avant-garde makeup that shimmers and plays on light. The microparticles of natural colored pearls shadows give a deep and noble inner radiance. Additives sliding silicone helps thin and uniform shade shadows and pigments create a spherical carriers when applying soft silky effect.

To be continued…
Author: Inna Sedykh