Tenderness Chinese silk
 The delicate skin as Silk . Luxury hair like silk . Softness silk   Lip wins.

It is believed that the silk thread - waste product of silkworms - was opened in China in the III millennium BC. According to one legend, the Chinese Empress Xi Ling Shi found on the leaves of mulberry cocoon of a butterfly. She decided that it is a fruit that has decided to try. She accidentally dropped a cocoon into a cup of tea and just by chance was surprised to find that it extends from the light strand.

In another legend, Lei Zu mentioned, the first wife of the Yellow Emperor, the legendary ancestor of the Chinese people who lived in central China about 5,000 years ago. After moving to the husband of the south-western part of the country, Lei Zu brought with her the secret of the silkworm cultivation. Initially, she taught people to breed silkworms, cocoon untangle and make clothes. And the next generation began to bring the offerings Lei Zu as the founder of Sericulture.

However, not only for clothing use silk. Spinners Silk found that the skin on his hands was the amazingly soft and smooth. Finding experienced by the wonderful properties of silk, beauty under heaven began to rub the body with silk stripes to achieve tenderness of the skin. Silk fabric was also used to maintain the beauty of hair - Chinese woman wiped dry washed hair with a piece of silk fabric, resulting in a recent acquired extraordinary brilliance and silky.

Modern scientists involved in research in the field of cosmetology, found that the amino acids that make up silk proteins, have an effective moisturizing effect and make the skin smooth and elastic, removes the feeling of tightness, smooth fine lines, creating an indescribable feeling of tenderness. These features are widely used in the production of medicinal and decorative cosmetics. The most widely used are three kinds of derivatives of silk: silk amino acids, hydrolyzed silk protein and silk powder or powder.

Silk amino acids

Silk amino acids obtained from crushed silk fibers, raw silk, silkworm cocoon, by hydrolysis with subsequent dealkylation and drying.

Due to the low molecular weight silk amino acids easily penetrates the skin and is quickly absorbed, thus feeding and deep layers of the skin. Amino acids are instantly filled with all the damage and bumps on the skin, restoring its softness and smoothness are excellent reservoirs of moisture. Furthermore, silk amino acids are a reserve for the synthesis of skin proteins.

The acids are used in the production of a variety of creams: moisturizes, nourishes, gives shine, smoothes wrinkles, healing of fractures. As part of shampoos, conditioners and hair gels as a protective, moisturizing, feed component, also contributes to long-term preservation hairstyles. Also entered in the agents for the treatment of seborrhea and funds with a calming effect.

The concentration in cosmetics:   1-2.5%.

Silk proteins

Silk proteins - a light proteins that make up silk threads. Izshelkovogo silk protein obtained by hydrolysis of raw materials, followed by drying and dealkylation.

Peptides can easily penetrate the skin barrier and trigger a series of biochemical reactions to restore skin cells. As a result of improving metabolic processes in cells, microcirculation and lymphatic flow. Provides unique smoothing effect, wrinkles seem to simply disappear. Proteins have enhanced moisturizing properties aligned pH and protect the skin from UV-radiation. In addition, the silk proteins are able to penetrate the damaged hair, restore and protect the hair from external influences.

Silk proteins are used in a wide range of cosmetic products, especially hair care products.

Interesting!   Silk proteins are able to retain water weighing more than 300 times greater than their own weight.

The concentration in cosmetics:   1 to 5% in most cases.

Silk powder or powder silk

Silk powder is a highly purified protein granules natural silk with a specific structure and chemical composition.

Silk powder is an excellent means for regulating the humidity of the skin, the hydrophilic substances present in its molecular structure. A thin layer of silk powder capable of absorbing moisture or return depending on changes in temperature and humidity of the environment and, therefore, prevent and treat dermatoses triggered by high humidity or dry air.

The crystal structure of silk powder can not only reflect part of the UV rays, but even to absorb, thanks to the unique spiral structure.

Silk powder has the unique ability to absorb fat, which means it is perfect for the creation of cosmetic products for oily skin.

Silk powder composed of powders for the face helps to achieve a natural and delicate complexion, as has the effect of transparency. Furthermore, as compared with talc and titanium oxide, fine silk powder breathable and lets the skin breathe.

The concentration in cosmetics: 0, 5% and 2%.

Silky Cosmetics

Hand Cream with extracts of silk and cashmere from Denis Ozornin.   It softens, moisturizes and gives skin elasticity hands. Silk proteins soften, moisturize, give elasticity to the skin. Keratin (extracted from the wool of the Kashmir goat) restores the strength and health of nails.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Softening lotion after depilation soft silk Silk & Smooth After Depilation Soothing Lotion by Oriflame. It softens and moisturizes the skin deeply. Softening lotion after depilation also filled with silk proteins, cotton extract and allantoin. These components are beneficial to the skin after depilation.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Compact Powder "Silk Veil" from Oriflame. The light powder with silk proteins of natural falls on the skin radiant weightless veil gives her silky smooth and naturally perfect tone. Allows you to create a semi-transparent or dense cover.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Toning lotion for dry skin 'Silk Road' by MIRRA.   Lotion is ideal for the care of normal, especially for dry and aging skin. Specially composed of vitamins, amino and alpha hydroxy improves blood circulation, activates the metabolism and cellular respiration. Proteins and peptides silkworm cocoon together with plant polysaccharides on the surface of the skin form a breathable protective film which facilitates retaining moisture and a more prolonged effects of the other components of the lotion.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Restoration of "3 minutes" from Gliss Kur Liquid Silk GLOSS.   Repair damaged areas of the hair and gives hair a property of silk: smoothness and iridescent sheen. Scanning complex new generation detects the damaged areas is not only on the surface but also deep inside the hair. The innovative Scan Repair Complex selectively restores and renews damaged areas of the hair without overburdening.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Body powder with silk "Seaidenpuder" from Dr.Hauschka.   Wrapping the body, like the finest silk, powder protects the skin. The powder is made from natural silk, together with extracts of sage, gentian and oak bark cause its delicate texture, deodorizing effect and a unique flavor. Gives matte effect, gives a gentle protection for sensitive skin and a pleasant feeling for the whole day. Good rests on the skin. It stabilizes the natural microflora of the skin.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Air Silk «Silky Conditioner» by Silky Sexy Hair.   Silk Air conditioning for all types of long hair, especially recommended for colored and chemically treated hair. Untangles hair, facilitates combing and prevents the appearance of fine, sticking unruly curls. It gives hair extra moisture, shine and softness. Smoothes the cuticle, protects the hair from damage and environmental impact. It contains silk proteins, soy proteins, two types of silicone of the highest quality, which make the hair is very soft and enhance conditioning effect.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Maritime Silk

Sea silk and linen - it is one of the most amazing materials. This subtle fiber, which is produced by some species of shellfish. These fibers shellfish attached to the rocks and stones in the area of ​​high tide. This was collected and treated with lemon juice, making the thread acquired a wonderful golden color that is not dimmed with time. Because of this rare material to make clothes of pharaohs, kings and patricians. It is known that the burial shroud of Christ as well have been made of linen.

Today 'marine silk "- a complex of extracts of plant and animal origin - used to create a cosmetic skin care products (like moisturizer and increases the elasticity of the component). It saturated vital amino acids that repair damaged hair cells. Clinical trials have shown that the marine silk effectively strengthens hair roots, stimulates their growth. By creating a thin elastic film, thus protecting your hair from the harmful effects of the environment.

The concentration in cosmetics:   0, 5% and 2%.

Silky Cosmetics

Shampoo moisturizing anti-aging hair with sea silk from Alterna . Moisturizing Shampoo "aging" Hair - zaschischayuschaet color, contains a patented complex age control® and Marine shelk® - a new system of ingredients that return vitality, softness and elasticity of hair and scalp, preventing the process of aging. Enriched with a complex of Maritime Silk - source omega-3, essential for restoring moisture and healthy keratin. Ideal for all hair types but especially recommended for dry, damaged hair and hair after a chemical treatment.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Intensively moisturizing day cream with sea silk ThalassoVisage by JEAN D'ARCEL.   Valuable active substances used in thalasso and algotherapy, improve skin texture and increase skin's resistance to adverse environmental factors. Means protecting against UV rays. Excellent base for makeup. Restores optimum moisture balance in the skin. Skin protection is provided, in which it constantly needs.

 Tenderness Chinese silk

Author: Inna Sedykh