Cosmetics for makeup east - antimony
 Antimony makes your eyes brighter and bigger, cleans them and prevents eye fatigue and illness. She gives the impression of natural make-up, but at the same time, make a truly east, while it is bright, but not vulgar.

Wrapped in a dark curtain to hide themselves from the eyes of any man who is not her husband or a close relative, the beauty of the East, yet brilliantly emphasizes the beauty of using graphically and bright makeup. At a time when women covered their faces, leaving open only the eyes, the art of make-up was of great importance. Even women hot desert - Bedouin dyed eyebrows indigo eyeliner and antimony. Moreover, up eyes not only girls and women, but almost all children - boys, girls and even infants. Besides decorative function, antimony personal hygiene and medical purpose. It is also used as a sunscreen, so the feature is applying makeup in the East - the black stripe on the inside edge of the century.

Antimony was used in the East for 3000 years BC. The Latin name of the element associated with the mineral "stibolyl" from which in ancient Greece gave antimony. The name "antimony" comes from the Turkish word "Suremain", which means "rubbing," "blackening the eyebrows."

Eyes oriental beauties had hit the man's heart at first sight. Harem plucked eyebrows and eyelashes care used antimony, which is made from mutton fat, almond oil, usma, Basma and most of antimony. It is applied in a thin wooden stick, sometimes adding ash. Each oriental woman could cook 5-6 antimony species with different compositions that are individually used for daytime eye makeup and eyebrows, especially for festive and bright make-up, for the therapeutic effect of the night, as well as to relieve fatigue from his eyes and cleanse several times a week .

So, what is antimony? One of the oldest cosmetic eye was and remains antimony .  Antimony or Kohli - is antimony sulfide, a black stone, pounded into a powder and diluted normally castor oil, which is used as a paint for eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as to take stock of the famous Oriental "arrows" .  The most high-quality "black stone" is one that crumbles easily and has small shiny particles, does not contain impurities and smooth inside .  But antimony not only gives the eyes expressiveness and highlights their beauty, it is also very useful for vision and eye hygiene .  She fed her eyes, even infants, to "strengthen the eyes", as well as protection against the "evil eye" .  Color powder Arabic antimony ranges from coal-black, deep purple and even blue-white color .  Antimony is dry, the liquid with the addition of various oils, often, almond and polugustaya - based on mutton fat . 

Despite the abundance of cosmetics, still Arabic beauty eyes fed different types of antimony. At the present time is very much appreciated, "eyeliner" Iranian and Syrian production.

Types of Antimony

- Antimony eye powder

Coloring of the eyes at night curmoy improves eyesight, promotes the growth of eyelashes and ocular removes selection. Excellent fatigue to the eyes and cleanses the eye.

- Antimony eye on the basis of almond oil, and Basma usma

This type of antimony is very good for bright oriental make-up eyes and brows. This antimony has a soft texture. Almond oil nourishes the skin and gives the age make-up moisture, the eyes become large and beautiful, vibrant luster it look liveliness. Basma nourishes lashes. A usma - a great tool to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

- Antimony eye with the addition of camphor and plant extracts
The extracts of the Indian gooseberry, almond oil, camphor, complemented by excellent effect of antimony. This type of antimony copes with increased eye fatigue, such as long-term strain on the eyes when working at the computer, driving a car or other kinds of eye fatigue. This antimony is used for the rapid removal of fatigue and as a preventive agent, for example, 1 time per week.

Technique of antimony

For the application antimony You will need a special vessel with built-in wooden Kohli thin stick, which is filled with antimony is used to prevent ingress of water. If Kohli impossible to get well, you can use a toothpick with rounded ends. Wand be placed overnight in olive oil, so that it was absorbed into the tree. The olive oil can also be used for cleaning after the procedure instrument.

Dip the wand in antimony, shake off excess crumbs and draw a line from the inner to the outer edge of the lower eyelid over the lashes. You can also hold the line on top of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, in line with the shape of the bottom. Oriental beauties tend to spend a line along the inner edge of the upper and lower eyelids, literally touching the eyes, turning thus carbon black skin at the roots of the lashes. This method is particularly suited to owners of large dark eyes. After the application antimony eyelids become black even at the roots of the lashes, so that white skin remains. At the end of the day once the powder is collected in the corners of the eyes, it must be easy to clean. You also need to work with make-up eyebrows.

Council.   If you wear contact lenses, you should apply antimony before you insert them.

Antimony is waterproof, but if you find yourself under the rain, it can spread.

A tiny amount of powder is enough for a couple of years, and use it much more useful than commercial cosmetics. Antimony penciled eyes appear particularly attractive!
Author: Inna Sedykh