Diet for Khanum
 Lose weight and do not give up sweets? Maybe? Yes! If the oriental sweets.

Women and girls are currently seeking to meet the ideal of slimness. However, at different times and in different countries of the ideal proportions of the female body was markedly different, and the means to achieve these goals were different. Who is the main tool to help keep the figure within, considered giving up sweets. And only beauty, sweetening the peace and luxury of their harem weekdays pastes and sorbet, know that there is another way to become thin. It turns out that in nature there are products on the "recycling" of which our body spends more energy than it receives in the process of assimilation - is almonds, apples, dates, honey, etc.


 Diet for Khanum
 Honey - a valuable food product with medicinal properties. This product has high nutritional qualities and healing properties. The value of honey is caused by the fact that it contains large amounts of carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, etc.), Which are rapidly absorbed by the body. Honey also has high power characteristics: it is equivalent in calories to chocolate. 1 kg of honey contains over 3,400 calories. The bee honey, except carbohydrate contains various enzymes, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances. Honey is an excellent stimulant with physical and mental exhaustion, with fatigue.


Dates contain large amounts of carbohydrates (44-88%), fats (0, 2-0, 5%), minerals (copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, sulfur, Forest et al.), 23 kinds of amino acids, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, niacin, and pantothenic acid, pectin (0, 5-3, 9%), dietary fiber (6, 4-11, 5 %), which reduce the risk of certain cancers. Phoenicia present fluoride protects teeth from decay, and selenium - an element that helps strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease. The dates do not contain cholesterol. Dates are low-calorie (one fruit in the middle - 23 calories), so they are recommended to be used instead of flour and chocolate desserts all who follow the diet to maintain their weight is normal.

Due dates can cook a variety of sweets.

Dessert from dates

100 g of dates mince, pour 50 g of honey, add 4-5 pieces. chopped walnuts, all mixed.

Dates stuffed

100 g of dates with one hand cut and remove the stone. Mix 1 egg white 1 teaspoon of honey and 30 g of crushed almond. The resulting mixture stuff the dates. Above you can sprinkle with cinnamon.

Paste and marmalade

 Diet for Khanum
 Many fruits are not only helping to lose a few kilos, but also heals the body. And the sweetness of the fruit, such as candy and marmalade, the least contribute to the emergence of excess weight. These sweets contain apple pectin - except for apples, pectin contained in citrus fruits, melons, apricots. This valuable substance improves metabolism, removes toxins and heavy metals.

Candy apricots

Remove the bones of ripe apricots, boil them with a little water and rub through a sieve. Weigh the resulting mash and add the honey in the ratio 1: 1. Pour the mixture into the enamel basin and boil with continuous stirring, until it begins to separate from the edges of dishes whole pieces. The finished candy place on the sheets, oiled, and flatten the mass to a thickness of about 1 cm. Dry in poorly heated oven first one side and then turn and dry the other.

Apple marshmallow

In 2 cups of apple puree, add 350 g of honey, powdered pre-hot, and stir until then, until the mixture is white and fluffy. It was then carefully pour in paper form at a height of 3 cm, spread on a baking sheet form, greased and floured. Candy on a light fire to dry, remove paper. Put 2-3 formation of one another, brush with honey and dry in the oven at low heat.

Marmalade of cherries

Take the 2, 5 kg of cherries and remove seeds from the berries. Then cook over high heat cherries without sugar and water at the end of cooking, add 800-900 grams of thick honey. Hot pour the marmalade on the forms. When the crust is formed, naroyte cover.

Marmalade from grapes

Take 5 kg of grapes and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Separate berries of the ridge, a good wash, dip fruit in boiling soda solution. Cooled berry mash and rub through a sieve, separating the flesh from the skin and seeds. Pureed mass, stirring constantly, boil down to low heat until tender.

Drink cheerfulness

Sherbet - one of the most popular oriental sweets. This sorbet - it's a refreshing fruit drink, sometimes with mint and syrup of rose petals or thick sweetness, like a jam.

Sherbet of apricots

Washed apricots dipped in sweetened boiling water and cook until it is tender. Cool and immediately fed, put in each glass for 3-5 pcs. pre-soaked dried apricots. On 1 serving of beverage you will need 250 grams of water, 30 g sugar, 30 g of dried apricots.

Peppermint sherbet

To prepare the drink you need Dried mint - 20 g lemon juice - 50 g sugar - 150 g water - 1 liter. 1/3 boil water with mint for 2 minutes. Then, push the lid for 30 minutes. Strain. The rest of the water to boil with sugar. Add infusion of mint, stir and chill. Then add the lemon juice.

Lemon sherbet

You will need 1/4 a lemon, 50 g of honey, on the tip of a knife - saffron, cilantro or basil seeds Water - 120 g, edible ice - 50 g zest, removed with lemon, finely chopped, pour hot water, put the seeds of cilantro or basil . Leave for 3-4 hours to draw. Then filter, add saffron infusion and pieces of edible ice.

Pink sherbet

Rose petals (250 g) or rose hips rinse in cold water, put in an enamel pot, add water, close tightly and cook over very low heat. Bring to a boil and immediately remove, let cool without opening the lid. Then strain, add sugar, (15 - 20 pieces), once again warm to dissolve the sugar over low heat, without boiling. Once again cool the lid, pour rose syrup (1 teaspoon), or 1 teaspoon citric acid (lemon juice), stir.

Pomegranate sherbet

From 1 liter of water and 15 pieces cook sugar syrup, cooled down to 40 degrees. Then pour 2 cups pomegranate juice and 0, 5 teaspoons of rose syrup, stir and put in the cold.

Preparation of rose syrup. Rose petals and rose hips to put in a glass jar layers of 0, 5 cm thick, sprinkling them with powdered sugar. Put the sun in the room for about 1-2 weeks. Syrup as isolation, gradually merging into a separate bowl, podsypaya a little sugar into the remaining petals. Carefully strain the syrup, cork tightly.
Author: Inna Sedykh