Modern East: Japanese manicure
 Oriental ancient knowledge and modern technology will allow your nails to regain the lost beauty.

The ratio of Japanese beauty and cosmetic procedures is fundamentally different from the European. Japan beauties process is no less important than the result, so the salon or home care for them is like a sacred ritual, during which restored and improved, not only the body but also peace of mind. The main goal - not the removal or correction of cosmetic defects, and achieving harmony with oneself and the world.

Despite the rapid development of new technologies and new opportunities for medicine, the Japanese will never forget the beauty of the old proven recipes. They only open up new opportunities have long proven tools for maintaining youth and beauty. This magical mix of Eastern wisdom, modern features cosmetics and hardware cosmetology allows Japanese long "preserve" their beauty and youth.

However, the Japanese, like us, are subject to stress and bad influence of the environment, which negatively affects the nails and skin of hands. The nails start to exfoliate, break, yellowing of the varnish, they appear spots, and the skin dries and cracks. And even if you are dressed in style and hairdo you have everything OK, with hands shine you would not be able to. Of course, the "ideal" nails can be extended, but what if you do not want acrylic beauty? There is a solution - the Japanese manicure!

Japanese manicure - this is a unique oriental treatments, which allows you to fully restore the most weak and damaged nails. After a few sessions of the Japanese nursing nails become hard, elastic and smooth and become healthy pink color and natural shine. This type of nail polish has many similarities with the popular today SPA-neil-care, however, has a number of features. First of all, the result is visible almost immediately. Within two weeks to solve many problems with nails. One reason for the high efficiency of the Japanese manicure - a preliminary diagnosis of the nail plate.

Japanese manicure is carried out in several stages - preparation, polishing with special paste and powder coating curative serum, which is chosen individually, depending on the characteristics of the structure and problems of the nail plate, and at the end - massage with hot herbal bags. The sequence of manipulations all people the same, but each person selected individual drugs. These drugs are made from natural, natural ingredients. The procedure used as supportive care or rehabilitation, treatment of problem nails and after the procedure, removal of artificial nails.

The procedure of Japanese manicure

Step 1.   Preliminary diagnosis of the nail, which is carried out using a special table. At this time it is determined by the exact sequence of actions and a set of necessary medications. Each client is looking for an individual method of nail care.

Step 2.   Specialist handles your hand disinfectant on the basis of beeswax, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and contains a large number of pro-vitamin A, so there is a restoration of the cellular structure of the nail. As a result of the treatment, the nail plate to become more elastic, ceases to flake and crack.

STEP 3. Soften cuticles using jojoba oil or a special serum and push ceramic or made of orange tree sticks. In the area of ​​the cuticle is applied serum, which include those algae extracts, bamboo, red tea, oil of ylang-ylang, vanilla and lotus seed.

Step 4.   The next step - strengthening nails. For this purpose, a special paste rich in trace elements and minerals. Calcium helps strengthen nails, baby freshwater pearls aligns the surface of the nail plate. The minerals that make up the paste, stimulate the growth of nails and prevent delamination. Certain ingredients enhance the top layer of the nail, retaining essential moisture. Over the nutritional paste is applied to the protective layer of powder, which includes silicon. This seals the powdered nutritional paste, protecting it from adverse external influences.

Step 5.   The nails are polished rice block and then a block of calfskin. Polished and bleached using pearl powder. Crumb gives nails durability - it includes 22 amino acids, trace 18, glucose, proteins, vitamins B and D.

Step 6.   On nails base coat is applied on the basis of the extract of bamboo and ylang-ylang oil. Special coatings enriched with keratin and minerals, particularly zinc, help stimulate nail growth and prevent phase separation of the nail plate. Cover with ceramide helps to "cement" the weaknesses in the structure of the nail keratin. Restoring its lipid balance provides a high-quality ginseng extract, which is part of the base and top coat.

Step 7. And completes the procedure massage with hot sacks Atsuya. Silk bags stuffed with mineral salt or quartz sand, aroma oils and Japanese dried flowers. This massage therapists Japanese invented. It increases blood circulation, accelerates the regeneration of the skin, relaxes the joints of the hands, fatigue and stress, nourishes the skin.

Well-groomed and beautiful nails - the item, but not a small thing. As of nails, of course, do not try to fully characterize a person but, nevertheless, if we caught the eye of unhealthy, neglected nails - opinion on their host unpleasant created.

Japanese manicure advise to do every two weeks, as during this time the nail all the nutrients absorbed by the pasta. Japanese manicure can be regarded as a separate procedure or as an adjunct with other variants of nail care.
Author: Inna Sedykh