Beauty for a penny, or how to use fir essential oil
 You would like to have the means, the same beneficial effect on the hair, the scalp, the general condition of the body and even expensive? This is not a scene from a science fiction movie, but a reality accessible to us for many years. We will not have more intriguing: it is the fir essential oil. This almost colorless liquid with bright pine smell truly is the elixir of beauty for us women. What is the healing power of nature in a nondescript-looking bottle of fir oil? Who know.

What beneficial effect fir oil?

• Fading skin

To tone, rejuvenate, smooth - these are the three steps that oil fir performs as "excellent". With frequent use tool will help get rid of the swelling of face, would nullify the "no" wrinkles, loose skin and make more flexible.

• Problem Skin

Equally well relieve irritation fir oil, clean the face of acne, normalizes oily skin.

• Diseases of the skin

What only fights fir oil through antimicrobial and healing abilities: dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, "cold" on the lips, sores, cuts.

 Beauty for a penny, or how to use fir essential oil

• Hair prone to fat

Using this expensive oil, you can handle the scaling on the scalp, bringing to normal greasy hair, forget about dandruff.

• The general condition of the body

Thanks phytoncides and active substances, fir oil brings optimism, can make us more tolerant and persistent.

 Beauty for a penny, or how to use fir essential oil

A simple and efficient method to use oil

To feel the healing effect fir, no need to spend hours cooking over a cast of several elements of the drug. It is enough to enrich the favorite care two-three drops of oil: tonic, cream, shampoo, homemade mask, shower gel, etc.

For example, 1-2 drops added to your favorite face cream or homemade mask, struggling with acne. To help aging skin, it is enough to add 2 drops of oil to the spoon fir usual vegetable oil and apply the mixture instead of a night cream. When shampooing convenient mix in the hands of the usual dose of shampoo, balm or a mask with 2-3 drops of oil and apply on the hair.

How else to use fir oil for female beauty

1.   Spot attack on acne and similar troubles

Bottle of fir oil and cotton applicator - that's the whole arsenal of tools for impact blow to the pimple, punctate rashes from irritation and cold sores on the lips. The main condition - the accuracy and the regularity of the application.

2.   Aromatherapy in the sauna and bath

For beauty ritual bath, you can add in a bucket of water a few drops of oil. This procedure is in addition to the calm and peace grant you a soft, delicate skin. For those who like to splash in a warm bath will be enough 2-3 drops of aromatic substance and 20 minutes of bliss. The effect is similar to bannomu.

 Beauty for a penny, or how to use fir essential oil

3.   Remedy for Athlete's Foot

When the delicate problem of help daily baths with fir oil. Again, a couple of drops into the water - more than enough.

4.   Ice Tonic Skin

The ideal natural remedy to tone the muscles of the face and neck. Ice cubes are made from a mixture of a couple of drops of oil, a tablespoon of cleansing milk and a glass of water. Enough on waking and at bedtime to "walk" a cube of facial and neck massage lines.

5.   Massage Mask for hair growth

It is enough to add to any vegetable oil and 5 drops of pine walk on the lines of the head massage with fingertips for about 15 minutes Then thoroughly rinse your head with water. In addition to enhancing the growth of hair, the mask removes tarnish and dandruff.

 Beauty for a penny, or how to use fir essential oil

Here it is, the magical "penny" means. However, in the pursuit of beauty, remember that some of the state of the body (such as pregnancy, heart disease and acute inflammation of the kidneys) impose a ban on the use of pine essential oil. In other cases, a sin not to take advantage of the gifts of nature, to be even more beautiful!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya