Clay various important kinds of clay are needed ...
 White, yellow, pink, red, green, blue, black - you can tell without exaggeration that all the colors of the rainbow reflected in the varieties of clay and, most importantly, they have been successfully applied in cosmetology! From clay to make a mask, it is part of the powders and ointments, make of it healing solutions for baths and wraps, even inside her take. The same variety of clay are different from each other and how to use them correctly.

Clay - this is the smallest particles of rock that formed in the destruction of rocks and stones under the influence of rain, snow, temperature fluctuations and other natural phenomena. Depending on what breed of this stone chippings, dust formed, that is, from a rock formed clay, it becomes appropriate color. But, regardless of color, all kinds of clay have in their composition of silicon and have a healing effect, and, behold, the power of curative effect clay depends on its type.

White clay (kaolin)

The basic property of the white clay - purification and drying of the skin. It absorbs excess sebum and secretions of sweat glands, removes dirt, which is on the skin. The clay enhances the bactericidal activity of some substances, so it is added to the anti-inflammatory creams and masks. This species is also used in decorative cosmetics consisting of dry powders and antiperspirants. Kaolin is particularly good for women with oily skin. White clay itself may be used as a mask in the home. But for dry skin in its pure form, it is not necessary.


  Mask for the face:   dissolve the clay with warm water or broth chamomile (1: 1) in a non-metallic bowl to the consistency of thick cream. Apply a thin layer of mass to clean skin, gently rub the skin with wet fingers for 2-3 minutes, after 15 minutes rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

Hair Mask:   strengthens weak hair and prevents hair loss.

50g white Clay dilute with water, adding 1 tbsp. spoon of apple vinegar and a colorless henna. Apply the mixture on your head, gently rubbing it into the skin. Put the cellophane top hat and wrap a towel, pre-heating it on the battery (due to the heat the nutrients penetrate the mask and become active in the deeper layers of the skin). Hold the mask for about 20 minutes, rinse hair with warm water, dry without using hair dryer.

Pink clay

Pink clay contains a large number of pure silicon. Thanks to its balanced mineralogical and chemical composition (silicon, iron, magnesium, calcium), restores the clay and stabilizes the skin cells, and enriches them with necessary for normal functioning of the trace elements. Pink clay is one of the strongest natural resources in the fight against skin irritation, brittle hair and nails. Recommended for sensitive skin care, disinfects it and smooths. Included in the shampoo for normal hair.

Bath with the pink Clay is very good for the skin, have a tonic effect on the whole body, removes toxins and revitalizes the circulatory system.

Mask for dry irritated skin:   3 tsp. With slide pink clay, 3 tbsp. spoon milk and a teaspoon of honey gently mix. Put the resulting mass thick layer on perfectly cleansed skin. After 20 minutes, rinse with cool water and apply on face nourishing cream.

Green clay

Cosmetic properties green clay due to its rich trace element composition (especially high silver content), which provides the normal course of metabolic processes in the cell, prevents skin aging, strengthens the epithelium, hair and nails. Besides silver, of the green clay are: magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, cobalt and molybdenum. It is used for masks and bath in a mixture with aromatic oils, decoction of herbs, olive oil from the time of Cleopatra. Gives skin a special softness and velvety, acts as a gentle exfoliation, preserves the beauty and attractiveness of the skin for many years.

Green clay is designed for oily and combination skin and scalp, helps to narrow pores, improves the function of sebaceous glands and has tonic properties.

The mask for dry skin gently cleanses pores, making it smooth and elastic, saturates nutrients.

50 g green clay mixed with a decoction of camomile. Add 1 tsp. Of unrefined extra virgin olive oil. Mix thoroughly. Apply a thick layer to the face (except around the eyes and lips), neck and chest area for 10-15 minutes. The mask must be washed before it dries. After the procedure, be sure to lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

Blue (blue) clay

This clay different contents of a large number of salts of cadmium and cobalt and other nutrients, cleaning properties, disinfects the skin. It activates blood circulation and strengthens the process of sharing in the skin cells. Blue clay - an effective anti-inflammatory agent. It cleans and tones the skin, struggling with acne, whiten, has anti-cellulite action. Used in folk medicine to combat hair loss.

Mask for oily skin tightens pores and prevents the appearance of inflammation:   2 tbsp. tablespoons of blue clay, spread mineral water or tea brewing to the consistency of thick cream. You can add 1 tsp. Lemon juice. Stir well to avoid lumps. Put the resulting mass thick layer on cleansed face, while avoiding the eye area. Keep the mask for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer that suits you.

Black clay

It occupies a special place in a number of other healing clay contained in its biologically active substance correct the function of the sebaceous glands, normalizing zhiroobmen cells. Mud black clay krovolimfoobraschenie and improves metabolic processes, regenerative processes in the body.

Wraps   help burn fat:

500 grams of black clay dissolve the mineral water to the consistency of sour cream. Take a shower and a massage problem areas (for example, using massage mittens). Wipe off with a towel. Slightly heating the clay, put its thick layer on the problem areas, wrap with plastic wrap on top and woolen scarf, wrapped a blanket. After 20-30 minutes rinse with warm clay water and blot your skin with a towel. After that, rub into problem areas anti-cellulite cream. To achieve the effect must take place no less 10-12 sessions (one day).

Cosmetic clay - is a unique, natural ally and source of beauty and youth of your skin and hair!
Author: Olga Travleeva