Henna - a worthy rival to the major cosmetic brands.
 Henna powder - one of the best (and budget) funds for hair care. Henna can be used for various purposes: coloring, treatment, therapy. Henna paste mixed with other ingredients to make your hair shiny and obedient as if you were in a beauty salon.

Her Majesty HENNA!

Henna is a powder obtained from the dried leaves of lawsonite. In the East, it is traditionally used for hair coloring, treatment of dry seborrhea, strengthen and improve hair growth, for the treatment of hair loss. Henna is a natural product that nourishes the hair and does not contain chemical compounds (ammonia oxidants or other harmful substances) unlike chemical dyes.

When painting with henna hair except the powder lawsonite can also use essential oils, herbs and whey. Damaged or discolored hair dyed very much for chemically or curled gray hair henna does not fit. After painting with henna long enough not to do perm and use chemical dyes - the results can be unpredictable.

For coloring, depending on the length of your hair, you will need 1-3 bags of henna powder (currently it is possible to buy almost any cosmetic manazine), old towel, a broad brush, a small ceramic bowl, cream, plastic gloves, shower cap or plastic bag . It should be remembered that the dye is applied to the net slightly damp hair.

Fill henna with boiling water in a ceramic container, then put on a steam bath and bring to a thick cream. The henna should not be lumps. Staining is best to start from the back. Then apply the paint to the parietal and temporal parts of the head, and finally paint the entire length of hair. Care should be taken so that the henna did not get on skin.

Once you have painted all his hair, massage them to lay henna evenly. Wrap head with plastic film or package, putting it at the same time on the forehead at the hairline "Rulik" of wool and wrap a towel on top.

The procedure itself takes about coloring - 1 5 2 hours (preferably in this case take place before staining test on a single strand, which will accurately determine how long the henna should remain on the hair to achieve the desired tone). Since Henna is not a chemical drug, it takes time to get a good foothold in the hair. But the result exceeds expectations.

You can speed up the painting process with a hair dryer. After staining time has elapsed, the hair should be rinsed well. Hair should be washed as long as water is flowing from them will not be completely clean. After coloring the hair get a nice rich color, healthy shine, become more dense and lush. Besides Henna creates a kind of protective layer that protects the hair.

"Red" secrets.

Before applying to the hair in henna diluted with boiling water, you can add jojoba oil or burdock, which allows to achieve a double effect: with oil paint falls more evenly and at the same time strengthens the roots volos.Takzhe to achieve synergies not possible to breed henna with boiling water and hot buttermilk, which will add shine and smoothness to your hair.

Using vegetable oil and can neutralize the color is too bright. It is necessary to heat a little vegetable oil (preferably on a steam bath) and carefully rub into the dyed hair, wait until they dry out a bit and wash your hair with shampoo. If the result is not particularly noticeable, repeat the procedure.

Henna is used to fade. But do not use henna more often than once every two months. From the frequent use of the reverse effect occurs: the hair becomes dull. If you want to upgrade your old color, do it with the help of rinsing. To do this, dissolve 1 sachet in 1 liter of boiling water henna (proportions can be changed depending on hair length). Carefully filter the mixture cool and rinse her hair.

A beautiful palette.

With henna, you can get almost all of the most fashionable shades ranging from bright-red and ending with a bright chestnut. If you want to make a deep chestnut color on dark hair, add 1-2 tablespoons of henna instant coffee.

And if you are attracted to maroon shades, dilute henna is not in the water, and hot beet juice. Henna can help turn a brunette, and, for this purpose it is necessary to mix with basma - colored powder extracted from the leaves of indigo, in equal proportions.

To be more interesting shades can be mixed henna decoction of chamomile (chamomile gives hair a beautiful golden hue), lime color (brown shade), onion peel (a warm brown shade or purple if the bow "blue"), sea-buckthorn, marigold, tansy ( options yellowish tinge) or juice elderberry (violet-red, purple) or raspberries (red tones).

So henna powder - one of the best (and budget) funds for hair care. Henna can be used for various purposes: coloring, treatment, therapy. Henna paste mixed with other ingredients to make your hair shiny and obedient as if you were in a beauty salon.
Author: Inna Sedykh