Stay young? It turns out that it's easy!
 Yes, do not be surprised: it's really not so difficult as we imagine. Just a lot of options. One -vinograd. Unique berry! No wonder she is revered even with the most ancient and wise people already gave a vine known as "seething life of youth" and, as it turned out, not mistaken.

Modern scientists have proved that the properties of grapes are really capable lead to the rejuvenation of the body. The fact that the grape itself is a very powerful natural antioxidant! Antioxidants (antioxidants, oxidation inhibitors) - the substances that retard or prevent the oxidative processes, the same processes that cause our bodies to aging. It is these substances are designed to prolong our youth! Antioxidants provide an opportunity skin to protect against the main factor of aging - oxidative damage. Therefore, the value of grapes for our beauty simply undeniable!

Let's take a closer look at the powerful antioxidants that are not only useful but also delicious berries.

  Grapes contain polyphenols - substances that can neutralize free radicals that accumulate in our body. What is so terrible are free radicals? They are formed in the body by various negative influences of the environment, including, and stress. Accumulating, free radicals begin to promote the oxidation of cholesterol, which damages the walls of blood vessels, impeding the flow of blood to the heart and brain, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, they negatively affect the process of formation of new cells, and this is a major cause of human aging!

Grapes are present powerful antioxidants such as flavonoids - plant secondary metabolites, employees to protect them from adverse factors, first of all, from UV radiation and defeat viral infections. They stand on guard for collagen structural protein responsible for elasticity and skin tone. Provide active cell protection. Gently protect it from sunburn and inflammation.

In black or red grapes contain a large amount of one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, as scientists say, which operates in dozens of times more vitamin E. This is resveratrol. In its structure, it resembles the female sex hormone, estrogen analogue, and therefore, like all phytoestrogens can exert a rejuvenating effect.

American researchers claim that one component of grapes pterostilbene - Active antioxidant - not only effectively neutralizes the harmful free radicals, but it also has antidiabetic action. But it can be obtained only by eating grapes himself and fresh juice in grape wines is missing.

  Grapes - is a treasure trove of vitamins.   Judge: C, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, E, PP, R. It contains as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, folic acid, and many others. d. From a health standpoint, the entire vitamin cocktail directed only to improve it! By the way, vitamin C is absorbed particularly well, because each grape contains an impressive dose of vitamin P, and it helps the body absorb ascorbic acid, which is itself strong antioxidant.

The grapes are so many monosaccharides - glucose, fructose, sucrose, which is known to be well absorbed by our body. Grapes are quite nutritious berry, but it did not prevent him from efficiently deliver us from the extra kilos. Try the first 2-3 days there is only 1-1, 5 kg grapes, and then within 10 days of dinner or drink them only natural grape juice diluted with mineral water. It would be good for this week not to consume smoked and quite salty foods. And you will not only satiate a huge amount of useful substances, but get rid of toxins, losing a few kilos, improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system, normalize gut flora and will be satisfied with a fresh color his face.

  The active components of grape skin tone perfectly, give it strength and elasticity, have excellent moisturizing properties, strengthen the walls of tiny blood vessels, oppose the destruction of the main reinforcing components of the skin. Organic acids stimulate regeneration, renewal cells and help to strengthen connective tissue. All these properties make the grape one of the most effective ingredients of cosmetic products.

World of cosmetics offers a wide range of our attention:

• Moisturizing cream with grape extract "Grape Series Hydrolyzed Regeneration Cream" from "Pulanna"

• Nourishing cream with grape extract "Vinefit" from "Lansome"

• The Italian line "Bottega Verde" is a nourishing cream "Bioecoloica" with grape extract, designed to hydrate the skin.

 Stay young? It turns out that it's easy!

Makeup "Green Mama"   It embodies the healing properties of grapes in the daily antioxidant gel-lifting "Grapes and Pine" with natural UV filters in strengthening tonic for the body "Ginseng and red vine leaves" in a night cream "Grape seed oil Anti-age and wheat proteins."

 Stay young? It turns out that it's easy!
  Stay young? It turns out that it's easy!

  Grape seed oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, is to restore damaged cell membranes.

Beauticians "Yves Rocher"   for the elasticity of our skin hydrating mask created "Tonus", containing a powder of fine grapes, grape pomace extract.

 Stay young? It turns out that it's easy!

Russian manufacturers " Miracle basket "Created on the basis of grapes care products for face and body, such as the antioxidant concentrate" Red grapes, "gel-cream for the bust" Verbena "strengthens and tightens.

Wine cosmetics are increasingly gaining popularity in the Spa-salons. Wine bath, body wraps using grape pomace, massage with grape seed oil is used for relaxation, rejuvenation and slimming.   It is a popular tool for the prevention of cellulite. Grape therapy removes from the tissues of toxins, metabolic products and excess water resulting from the breakdown of fats, thanks to acid smooths the skin.

I think you have become loyal fans of grapes and are willing to pamper themselves with home remedies prepared on the basis of this miracle fruit.

Lotion from grape juice to moisten the skin

The fruit pulp of grapes to stretch through 2:00 drain the juice, squeeze out the residue. Pour into a jar and mix with 1-2 tablespoons honey, a teaspoon of salt, mix again and pour into the drain her glass of vodka. Lubricate the person to leave, not wiping, for 1-2 hours. The procedure at any time. Lotion to keep in the refrigerator.

Mask for fresh faces

Mix a quarter cup of grape juice with the same amount of raw milk. In this fluid wet the layer of cotton wool and put it on your face, covering it with a towel. Remove after 15-20 m, slightly dry skin and coat your favorite cream.

And you can quite simple. Incise 3-5 grapes and juice to lubricate the face and neck. After a 20-minute mask skin is remarkably smooth.

For dry skin recommended lotion comprising 1 yolk, 50 g of vegetable oil, lemon juice 1, 50 g of vodka, 100 g of grape juice. Thoroughly mix yolk with oil, add lemon juice and vodka. Small portions pour grape juice. Cool the mixture and let it stand. Lotion can be ready to wipe the face every night. Keep in a refrigerator.

  To prepare peeling Take berries green grapes crush, add the ground in Hercules coffee grinder to a thick paste. Apply it with a thick layer on the skin, except around the eyes and mouth. Massage in circular motions, rinse with a lot of warm boiled water.

In the dull autumn period Grapes are very good as a tonic, tonic. Let yourself as often as possible to feast on grapes grapes, enjoying its magnificent taste and magic acts on our youth with you! By the way, the glass dry red wine under the beautiful melody in the autumn evening has at least positive and rejuvenating effect.
Author: Hope Prushinskiy