Universal Cosmetics - Aloe
 "Thicken and dries wounds, stimulates dream zarubtsovyvaet wounds of the body and breath, suspend loss of hair on his head ... It is common remedy for burns ...".

Aloe - a perennial plant of the lily family, widespread in tropical and subtropical areas. Aloe genus is divided into low and tall-form. By nizkostebelnym species include aloe motley, whose leaves are shaped socket, covered with white cross strips of irregular shape. Aloe vera forms several stems branching (tree aloe grown as bedroom culture, called agave).

If you grow aloe, then you have an entire pharmacy on the windowsill. The juice of this plant has a moisturizing, healing, antibacterial, tonic effect. It is particularly recommended to use in the formulations for sensitive skin against acne, oily seborrhea and dandruff, hair loss. In addition, the juice perfectly regenerating skin after sunburn.

Aloe juice is squeezed out of the lower and middle leaves, which reached lengths of 15 cm. The resulting juice should be filtered through 3-4 layers of cheesecloth. When using natural aloe leaves, we must remember that aloe may fade, but the tip of the cut sheet is oxidized 4 hours after the circumcision. Place the cut sheet into the plastic bag and used within a few hours after cutting.

Particularly valuable properties are funds received from biostimulirovannogo leaf juice. Cut aloe leaves should be washed with water and placed in a dark cool place (in the lower part of the refrigerator) for 10-12 days. In such circumstances, aloe begins to produce special substances - biological stimulants, which excite fading cells activity. The juice obtained from aloe leaves, prepared in this way, too, contains biostimulants that, getting into the body of the sick person, it stimulates the vital activity of cells. Biostimulirovanny aloe juice has a tonic, refreshing, calming and soothing effect on the skin, accelerate the regeneration and formation of new cells, is used for all skin types, including those with dilated capillaries.

Aloe Hair

Honey mask with aloe.   Crush fleshy aloe leaf and mix it with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey, 1 tablespoon of castor or olive oil, 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of brandy. Rub the mixture into hair and rinse off after 2 hours water. 1 Make a mask once a week.

Remedy abundant hair loss:   Mix a tablespoon of honey with the same amount of aloe juice and a teaspoon of garlic juice. Before washing the head to one tablespoon of the mixture add egg yolks, mix and apply on the scalp. Tie a head scarf, top to wear a plastic bag. After 20 minutes, rinse hair well, rub one egg yolk and rinse with water. For the last rinse is preparing a decoction of horsetail, camomile or nettle. Use this tool 5 times in a row.

For oily hair for 2-3 hours before washing should be rubbed into the scalp with the juice of aloe leaves. This will help get rid of dandruff and strengthens hair roots.

Biostimulirovanny aloe juice daily should be rubbed into the scalp with the alopecia baldness. If within 2 months of hair growth will not start, the procedure can be dispensed with. It is also used in the localization of foci of alopecia beard, mustache and eyebrows.

Aloe for skin

When dry, wrinkled and sagging skin can make   mask of 2 teaspoons of fat cream with a teaspoon biostimulirovannogo aloe juice and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Stir and apply light, massaging movements on wet after a preliminary hot compress the face and neck for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a cotton swab. Then apply a mask protein (a protein rub with 1/4 teaspoon fine salt) and after 10 minutes, remove the cotton swab dipped in tincture of St. John's wort, or sage, and in the end rinse with the same infusion.

To prevent wrinkles Especially on dry skin, you need a mixture of lanolin and a small amount biostimulirovannogo aloe juice applied to the face and neck.

Lotion Aloe It helps aging skin and wrinkles is prevention. Take 2-3 large aloe leaf, chop them, pour 1 liter of cold boiled water. Simmer on low heat for 5 minutes, cool, strain. Store in the refrigerator in a glass ceramic ware there.

With aging the face mask is recommended:   in mashed yolk add one teaspoon of aloe juice and vegetable oil.

When acne is useful rate masks of aloe juice.   Soak fresh juice of the plant tissue from 10 layers of gauze and leave it on your face for 20 - 30 minutes. Such masks have to do every day at first, with the improvement - in a day, and in the future - 2 times a week.

Well cleaned skin morning and evening is recommended to grease aloe leaf pieces , Which on the one hand peel. The procedure is useful for all skin types.

In the beaten egg white Pour a teaspoon of aloe juice. Mask It is recommended for oily skin. We can also add lemon juice.

Aloe Foot

Apply in the evening on corn cut flat leaf aloe (agave) and fasten well. During the night the corn is soft and easy to clean off.

Mix 3 tablespoons onion, 3 tablespoons of aloe juice and 3 tablespoons of fish oil with flour to make a cake, and to make rough skin. You can leave at night. All the mix, add the flour to make a cake and put it on the sore spot. You can leave at night. In the morning remove the cake, wiped his feet any decoction of herbs, do not wipe, dry off the path, and then smear with cream.

Aloe - one of the most affordable, highly effective and safe medical and cosmetic products. Suffice it to cut from his own plant a small piece of succulent leaves - and the elixir of youth, health and beauty in your hands.
Author: Inna Sedykh