Alunite - a natural antiperspirant. And not only!
 Miswak instead of a toothbrush, soap nuts instead of detergent, cosmetics from natural ingredients ... Today, in the period of the trend of interest to all natural, we can not talk about Aluna - known natural antiperspirants, which on closer examination can be useful for other purposes. We learn more about it?

Alunite otherwise known as alum stone. This transparent mineral that is found in China, Mexico, the USA and the Far East countries, are used for various purposes. "Crystal freshness", as it is called, is known for its antibacterial properties, if moisten it and carry on clean skin, then it means leaves an invisible protective layer, not giving the bacteria actively proliferate. Alunite consumed very slowly - one crystal missing for a period of up to two years!

 Alunite - a natural antiperspirant. And not only!

So how exactly can be used alunite?

• Perhaps the most popular of its application - as a deodorant-antiperspirant both underarm and to stop. This natural deodorant does not clog pores, allowing the skin to "breathe" (ie pot will be allocated, but will not smell), it is hypoallergenic. In contrast to the "store" antiperspirants, alunite does not contain harmful chemicals that accumulate in the body (according to the doctors, it is with women of chemical agents against underarm perspiration due to the increase in recent decades, the level of breast cancer). Furthermore, alunite does not have an odor, and hence will not interrupt the aroma of perfume.

• After the "dirty" work (cleaned and cut onion or garlic, fish, etc.). Alunite can rub your hands - it absorbs unpleasant odors;

• Crystal is capable of stopping small bleedings, relieves irritation: so they can wipe the skin, prone to acne, use after shaving (men face in particular), to treat perleches on lips, small wounds on the hands (for example, if you cut yourself, cutting the cuticle), and herpes. The operating principle is simple: alunite kills bacteria and dries the sore spot.

• Use alunite and if the insect bites and itches badly affected area - Crystal relieves itching.
It is noteworthy that, due to its natural use alunite can even allergies, asthmatics, pregnant women. It can be used for the care of babies.

 Alunite - a natural antiperspirant. And not only!

Cons crystal freshness

Of course, even the most natural and useful things have their own disadvantages. By cons alunite include the following:

• Despite the fact that many firms-sellers convince buyers freshness 24 hours after a single use of alunite, numerous forums are full of not so happy reviews. According to the women who use them on a regular basis, yet its action lasts for fewer hours than the "store" means. Apply it only needs to perfectly clean skin, and it is desirable to count to 1-2 times a day had the opportunity to wash the most "sweaty" places and apply a new batch of money - or the smell of sweat will still be felt.

Some alunite using do not give up "shop" antiperspirant - summer, when sweating more, use it, and in the winter - crystal freshness. Or use alunite in those days, when exactly will have the opportunity to take a shower, not only in the morning and afternoon.

Of course, this may cause some inconvenience, but here too, everyone decides for himself - to make a little more effort, on the other hand used "natur.produkt 'or' do not bother ', but use' chemical 'antiperspirant.

• On the downside can be attributed to the extreme fragility of alunite: just drop it on the floor in the bathroom, it will break into small pieces. In this case, do not rush to throw them: you can crush them even smaller and pour into footwear for fresh legs.

Have you already made your choice?
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya