Aromatic fun: complete relaxation
 Many girls experience a slight dependence on the flavors, and maybe not quite easy. If you remove your perfume bottle more than once every five minutes to once again just to feel its flavor - it is diagnosed, aromatoksikomaniya. You can not imagine how I understand you. Sometimes it is so hard to resist once again not to breathe the aroma of your favorite perfume. How uplifting morning the smell of coffee or hot chocolate ... mmm. In short, the fragrances have become one of the main places in our lives.

Aromas can find a lot of useful applications. No wonder, even in ancient times, with their help cure diseases. Now it has become a fashionable phenomenon of aromatherapy. You breathe in the smells, they dissolve into you, filling inside, tempting, relaxing, toning. In general, odors can not only raise the mood to relax, but also to treat. Let's get to know the secrets of the ancient priests together.

Where a person can truly relax and forget about their problems, bad thoughts and just get a real pleasure? Well, the man is clear who in the garage, who with friends and beer ... With us, women are a bit more complicated. We have to really relax, royal necessary conditions, which is why we prefer to be distracted by all sustenance in beauty salons. However, there is a small problem, even two. First: Beauty salons - it will not stop supermarket, and the work can sometimes delay until late at night. Well, maybe after such a hard day a woman is not earned the right to a decent vacation? I think even as a deserved! Second, no matter how cool, but the crisis makes itself felt, and many of us have to save. And then to solve this problem? Although, I think would be correct not ask how, and where? The answer is simple - in the bathroom. Let us learn to relax, but so that was nice and helpful, and economically.

So, if you during the day are tense, emotional balance is lost, stress and insomnia, you have two choices how to deal with it. You can express your boss everything that you think about it, and even what you think of fear. You can still come home and give her husband a light pink, because he again scattered socks around the room, you can at the same time to call a friend, and finally to tell her that she - a real bitch because she bought the last bottle of your favorite perfume as a gift for his mother-in- . Stress of course we'll take part of this, but you get the pleasure - a moot point.

But our goal - to experience the entire spectrum of pleasure. So, when he got home, the first thing prepare relaxing bath   with extracts of lemon balm, mint and lavender. That aroma of these plants will help us forget about everything and just relax. After this aromatherapy already not want to give her husband a kick, but on the contrary, there will be an irresistible urge to hug, cuddle and kiss tenderly. Is that not worth it?

 Aromatic fun: complete relaxation

Toning bath.   This bath is a must if you feel fatigue, digestive problems. Toning bath will be an excellent tool in the fight for a slim figure, bring the excess toxins from the body, give the skin elasticity, increase work capacity, returns a taste for life. Do you think that all of this tale? And I'm warned you about the wisdom of the priests and the healing power of scents! Yielding to temptation once, can not be stopped, and the demons both in this case will be the oil of citrus, lavender, jasmine, apricot, rose, bergamot, rosemary. Choose a few. Seduce your health!

Chocolate bath.   This is truly a royal treat! What girl would refuse to take a fragrant bath of chocolate. No, the bath is not necessary to pour the melted chocolate sufficiently dissolve 150 grams of the cocoa powder in hot water and then pour the solution into a bath magic. Not only is this procedure incredibly enjoyable, and use as much fun.
- First of all, relaxing. You agree that a fragrance can not leave indifferent.
- Second, just imagine what will become a little bronzing your skin! About harmful solarium can be forgotten.
- Thirdly, adding citrus oil, thanks to such a bath you can easily get rid of cellulite. Already only for this can not be lazy and cook for a little chocolate.
- Fourth, it is the most pleasant aroma of chocolate attracts not only women but also men. Feeling pleasant aroma wafting from the bathroom, no man can resist the temptation to join in. Let us not be selfish and make the beloved nice, and there - you see, he does not remain in debt. Double your fun and enjoyment!

Remember that everything is good in moderation, and follow a number of precautions :

• Do not abuse the medicinal baths, it is just two times a week.

• Do not make a hot bath of 40 degrees.

• Do not mix oil all at once, possible allergic reaction.

By following these simple rules, you will not only get a lot of pleasure, but also improve your health!
Author: MIRovaya