Garden is my best friend, it will benefit from disease!
 It is a pity that, being very young, we have not often talk to their grandparents about what seems to be very simple, but are trying to find out what is outside the mind. And it all just brilliant, and to invent anything new it is not necessary, all the best for a long time before we invented.

Father of all tables bow , A very active fruit. However, the Internet and so much to write about this wonderful root crops. But I'll tell you about it is that once learned from her granny. Often, all the winter holidays I spent with my grandmother in the village where the local kids all day worn on the street, and as is rightly observed, returning snow lump inside and out. These are the procedures that are required for me as a child:

1) Grandma after similar trips dug my nose fresh onion juice. Oh, "Well, do not forget ochucheniya," as one character monologue Yevgeny Petrosyan.

2) And Grandma warmed my feet onions. Of course, "warmed" is not quite what it was in reality. Grandma was putting me on the soles of the feet onion gruel, and tucked up on top of polyethylene, and wool socks required. So I lie down for half an hour, then rinse feet with warm water and sleep.

And onion juice is good to wipe the hair roots. This tool is perfectly strengthens the hair, but the fact is that it is better if the rain does not fall (and preferably not much sweat), since wet hair is awful smell onions, even shampooing does not help.

In general, I am quite rarely sick colds during the winter holidays.

Beetroot   good not only in the soup, but on the face. When I cook something with beets, be sure to spend a little piece of her face and neck. Of course, with the proviso that when I do not have anywhere to run. And a friend once recommended to me beet juice to treat a runny nose. A couple of drops of the product is necessary to drip into each nostril. A little sting, but then want to sneeze.

Maybe it means and good, but I have my own special. Although someone might like beets. I'm just using for this purpose an ordinary physical attack. solution of pharmacy.

 Garden is my best friend, it will benefit from disease!
 Cucumbers   in all kinds of very popular. Everyone knows how useful fresh cucumbers impose on the eyes, and cucumber juice used as a lotion for the face. But not everyone knows that you can do from cucumbers conditioners for hair and body . And he did very simple. Take three or four medium-sized cucumber, cut into rings and fill them with hot water. Let sit and please rinsed. This procedure refreshes and tones.

 Garden is my best friend, it will benefit from disease!
 Apples   - It is generally a fount home of cosmetology. Applesauce - not only a great mask for the face but for the entire body as a whole. Rub a couple of big apples on a fine grater, add a teaspoon of any vegetable oil loved (but do not forget that the choice of oil has to be a focus on the desired results). Hold for ten minutes on the face and upper chest, and the result will make you happy.

And apples make broths for rinsing hair. Manufacturing is the same as with the cucumbers, but we have a few more minutes and then pokipyatit have to insist.

That is how many do not read online about diets, most recommend eating salads. Yes, that's recipes sometimes painfully zamudrennymi happen. Agree, not every Russian, our average woman is ready to spend a lot of time to buy overseas fruits and vegetables for these salads. Another thing - our, own grown products.

 Garden is my best friend, it will benefit from disease!
 The usual cabbage salad   with carrots, tomatoes, onion and cranberries (or Brusnichka) will be better abroad. And why? Because our bodies from one generation to accept these products are not clever and got used to it. It's the same as if a small child fed avocado. So sit then, guess, or an allergic reaction will still blow over.

Now I remembered that in a transitional age when acne   fought a serious battle with my girlish beauty, Grandma told me that tomato   it is necessary to have more, then such problems will be less.

Kalina   my grandparents were frozen in the winter did guelder rose juice. This drink is a common blood pressure normalizes, and generally contributes to the preservation of health, because Kalina - a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Just to normalize blood pressure, Grandma regularly chewed a small handful fennel seeds .

 Garden is my best friend, it will benefit from disease!
 Mask of buckthorn   It is perfect for those who have oily or combination skin. You can just put a few mashed berries on the face and neck and rinse with cool water after ten minutes, but you can add vegetable oil, and then the mask is suitable for normal to dry skin.

In general, all the berries that grow in your garden plots, as they mature can go not only on the table, but on the face and hands. We should not be seduced and forget about your personal reactions to certain allergens.

Be healthy and beautiful!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova