Ice cubes - and a cocktail, and skin
 Ice cubes - this is beautiful, and useful. They may be not only ordinary water, they are made from fruits, vegetables, beverages ... And most importantly, the majority of these blocks and suitable as cosmetics, and as medical and as an additive in food.

First we find out what the secrets of healing and rejuvenating contain ice cubes.

Ice cubes health
- When the pain of arms and legs, rub them with ice cubes. Pain weaken or pass, and possibly pain pills will not be needed.
- At high temperatures and feverish conditions put on his head wrapped in cloth ice cubes. This procedure stops the neurosis and even some psychiatric disorders.
- If diarrhea is accompanied by a huge loss of moisture due to constant dehydration. When diarrhea is advised to chew on ice cubes to quench your thirst.
- Before you take the bitter medicine, too, need to chew ice cube, then the bitter taste is felt.
- Sunstroke - not uncommon among vacationers, in this case, you can rub an ice cube soles of the feet, then you feel instant relief.
- Arthritis rub ice cubes affected joints, it is easier stitching. Repeat the process 8-10 times and feel a noticeable relief.
- Stop the blood also helps ice. If the nose is bleeding, put an ice cube in his mouth, holding on the palate with the tongue. The bleeding will stop in 1-2 minutes.
- Vomiting and nausea can chew on ice cubes and it will help.
- From back pain, ask to rub an ice cube painful areas.
- If you are eating a heavy meal, you feel overeaten - chew ice cubes, it will ease the condition.
- If a pain and a thorn from the plant has penetrated deep into the skin, then rub the start of this place an ice cube, the area of ​​skin becomes insensitive, numb from the skin to get a splinter would be easier, and you will not feel pain.
- Swelling of the vaccination can be reduced by putting an ice cube on the affected area.
- Migraine and headache: Wrap ice cubes in a cloth or cellophane and put it back on his head and temples, the pain will decrease.

 Ice cubes - and a cocktail, and skin
 Ice cubes Beauty
Millions of women around the world to wipe the skin with ice cubes in the morning. This kopek trick prevents aging, makes the skin supple, stimulating blood circulation, gives the face a healthy glow.

Warning: When the thin skin and capillaries located close to the surface of the skin, it is best to use cubes wrapped in cloth!

Ice Cubes facilitate burning sensation on the skin, if you spent too much time under the scorching sun, align tan.

Before applying makeup, you can wipe the face with ice, makeup artists promise that after this makeup is not "float." Ice cubes and clean edema, signs of fatigue. After washing with warm water skin pores open and they need to be "close" with ice water or rubbing an ice cube.

Cubes and face, and the cocktail
Most interesting is that ice cubes can be universal in composition, and these can be used in food and as a cosmetic.

- Ice cubes juice
The juice has to be a natural, fresh! These cubes can be cleaned and skin, and add them to drinks. Cubes of juice beverage is much better than the ice cubes out of the water, because they are not diluted with beverage water. It can be added to juices cubes of the same flavor as the juice or may other, achieving interest flavoring compositions. For skin cubes juices provide powerful antioxidant replenishment, brightens the skin. Recommended fruit from which juice is better to do for ice cubes: orange, lemon, apple.

- Cubes of green
Did you know that it is possible to store fresh herbs (dill, parsley, celery), not only in dried form, but also frozen. And the latest fashion - in the form of ice cubes. Green crushed, a little crush, went to the juice, add a little water, and the slurry is frozen. These blocks can be added to the soup while cooking, or already finished soup, and he shall be filled with vitamins and cools down quickly. And yet - a cube of ice with herbs good tool for face, the skin becomes elastic and wrinkles are reduced.

 Ice cubes - and a cocktail, and skin
 - Cubes of fruits and berries
It looks very impressive in a cocktail, but also on the person fit the pieces of fruit and berries. Fruits should be cut into pieces. You can make a mix of different pieces of fruit, and you can dice from one kind of fruit berries go. Strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, currants - almost every fruit and berries are suitable for bricks.

- Ice cubes of vegetables
The idea is not entirely in the cocktail, but for food. A piece of frozen carrots - good refreshing agent, or you can throw the dice in such carrot soup when cooked. Similarly, use spinach, beets, celery - and on the face, and when cooking hot meals.

Bricks Face
- Cucumber
You can simply freeze the slices of cucumber in a pan with a little water. You can freeze cucumber juice. It can be an anti-age cube of cucumber, first boil rose water, cool, add it to the cucumber juice and pour this liquid into molds for ice.

- Chinese recipe
Need warm water, green tea, vitamin E oil. Brew green tea may be stronger than usual. The hot tea, add vitamin E. Allow to cool, then pour into molds.

- Aloe
Freeze the juice of the aloe vera, it received an excellent caregiver means for cleansing the skin.

- Decoction
Any broth from black tea and green to bark decoction is suitable to become a raw material for ice cubes. The most common cosmetic concoctions for ice cubes: chamomile, green tea, parsley, dill, berry tea.

 Ice cubes - and a cocktail, and skin
 Cubes for a cocktail
Ice cubes (of water, juice, fruits and berries) can be added to drinks such as mojito, wine, gin & tonic, lemonade, ginger beer, iced tea, water. The cubes can be added for cocktails with berries basil leaves, decorate it, and will give a taste of spice.

Look beautiful multi-level blocks. They are made from different colored juices. Please fill in the first layer, wait for freezing. Then - a second, also frozen and third. For example, use the following sequence: blueberry juice, mango juice, raspberry juice.

- The idea for the office
Everyone knows that in order to cool the drink, you can put an ice cube. But he dissolves drink! Few people like to drink coffee or dilute strong tea. There is a solution: make ice cubes out of coffee or tea, then the drink will not be diluted.
Author: Your Tamara