If you have burned the sun rays ...
 Going to the beach in the summer, we all want to get a real, natural tan from the sun of grace. But, sometimes, often with the tan we risk to acquire and unwanted burns. And these first warm, gentle sun rays strive to turn into a red-hot, literally burns your body through the boom. How can that be, if you are still caught up?

Sunburns - one of the most common problems for the skin in the summer. About them written and said a lot, but they suffered from no fewer ... To better know about them and learn how to prevent them, it is necessary to begin to understand the essence of the sun.

 If you have burned the sun rays ...

Two types of solar ultraviolet light: A (UFA) and B (UFB). Until recently it was thought that the second of them - the most dangerous and cause sunburn. However, the first type is also nebezvreden and always ready to burn. UFA rays penetrate the skin more deeply and can cause a large range of dangerous diseases, including skin cancer.

The first thing to do after there were suspicions about getting a sunburn - is to determine its level. Conventionally, there are three types:

• Weak   - When the skin becomes red, itchy, but no blisters or bubbles is not noticeable;

• Average   - When purplish-red skin there are numerous blisters filled with fluid. Place the burn is not only itchy, but also hurts;

• Strong   - When on the skin in addition to well-marked large bubbles visible erosion and ulcers even while a person is experiencing severe pain.

When if sunburn is accompanied by severe pain, thirst, decreased body temperature, increased heart rate, increased sensitivity of the eyes, you should immediately consult a doctor.

After determining the level of tan you need to slow down the inflammation and ease pain. This may help non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Then you need to give your skin to cool thoroughly. The first degree burn is acceptable to take a cool shower (10-20 min.), But the presence of the whitish bubbles on the body becomes more efficient cool bath. But in any case it is impossible to use too cold water or ice (even when drinking) - it will be an additional major shock to the skin. Undesirable contact with warm or hot water, because it activates the sebaceous glands. And under no circumstances is not recommended to destroy the structure of vesicles or blisters. Otherwise, they will come back again, with much dry the skin or leaving it on the scars, sores, through which can easily penetrate any infection.

 If you have burned the sun rays ...

After the bath towel is permissible only undamaged areas of tan because the skin burnt by touching these may further damage. Besides self-evaporation of moisture from the skin is further cooled.

 If you have burned the sun rays ...

When the skin is completely dry it is possible to apply a gentle cream with aloe vera extract, but at the same time touching the bubbles is not necessary. The tool will remove redness and stimulate blood flow, speeding recovery. As with high body temperature, good help compresses with a towel soaked in cold water (to keep about 20 minutes).

One of the important points, some of which burned in the sun often forget - is dehydration. It causes severe sunburn. Therefore, affected by excess sunlight urgent need to replenish the supply of fluid in the body. Water not only helps to quench thirst and to cope with dehydration, but also help get rid of toxins.

 If you have burned the sun rays ...

During the healing of burns they should get round rough sponges or hygiene facilities such as soap, gels, creams usual, masks and so on. All of this gives additional irritation and increase the risk of skin infections. It is advisable to abandon the hormonal drugs such as corticosteroids, as such vulnerable to skin and body during they can lead to irreversible internal processes, hazardous to health.

Many burn victims prefer to use tested recipes of traditional medicine. Here are a few of them in your piggy bank:

1. Compress of tea:   We must make a very strong tea and cool it to room temperature. Before going to bed just put a towel soaked in it, on the damaged surface of the skin and leave for the night;

2. Milk:   Burned skin rubbed with gauze or a bandage, moistened in milk. Or just put them on the burns. In addition to cooling and smoothing the skin, milk protein stimulates formation of protective film.

3. Curd wrap:   Or gauze bandage soaked in cold water and applied to the affected skin for 20 minutes. Then they applied a thick layer of fresh cheese and served on top of a towel or an extra layer of gauze. Compress left for 2-3 hours. Remains curd is removed by conventional water without soap. This method is good when the first degree sunburn, pruritus and weakens as pain, but is contraindicated in the presence of bubbles.

4. The juice of fresh tomatoes:   Also on the first level, burns without bubbles is very good fresh tomato juice. He quickly relieves pain and redness.

5. Therapeutic baths:   If the burn has already formed ulcers and severe swelling in a cool bath it is recommended to add half a cup of baking soda or a cup of oatmeal and cool about 15 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk - dry skin.

6. Calendula oil:   This is a wonderful, gentle, healing and analgesic. They must be carefully cleaned with sun-damaged areas.

 If you have burned the sun rays ...

But, of course, the best remedy for burns - is the observance of safety precautions during sunbathing. Safe, smooth and beautiful tan you!
Author: Albina Rogov