Once the carrots, two carrots
 Do you want to instantly get rich? One legend suggests a sure remedy. We need to go to the place where gnomes live there and leave a bowl with grated carrots. If you come in the morning for the salad bowl, you'll find it filled to the brim with gold coins. Carrots - a favorite delicacy gnomes, and they always generously pay for the meal. Carrots, of course, do not mind, but where to find the gnomes ...

In fact, carrots - unique vegetable. It helps us to get out of hibernation, the bear out of the den. She is darling, and health and beauty of great help, especially in the late winter.

Carrot Daucus carota L - biennial plant belonging to the family Umbelliferae. We consider it a vegetable, fruit and whole Europe.

Now it is difficult to say exactly where the carrots appeared for the first time since she used different people to eat at least four millennia. On the walls of the temples of ancient Egypt Save Image purple carrots. In the wild carrot are still grown in Mediterranean countries, in America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, ...

It is believed that the first cultivated carrot became the ancient Greeks, who served it at banquets with olive oil, then carrots addicted to the ancient Romans, the rest of Europe has tried the carrot in the XIV century.

In the Middle Ages, the carrot has already gained popularity in most European countries. From her prepared meals, puddings, added to desserts and ice cream. It was quite indifferent carrots Emperor Charlemagne, and so dishes of carrots always present on his desk.

In the French and German cookbooks XVI-XVII centuries kept a lot of interesting recipes for carrot. For a long time the carrot was considered a delicacy and was available only to wealthy people. Only in the XVII century it came to the diet of other segments of the population, but then was removed still considered the best sort of karotelya.

 Once the carrots, two carrots
   But in Russia it grown since ancient times. It is believed that the very name of the Russian carrot comes from the Old Slavic word - "mrky." Before the revolution, and later in the villages was a popular tea from dried carrot tops.

For health you need to eat carrots, which has an orange-red color of root crops, in these roots the most carotene. Carrot comprises: carotene - provitamin A, vitamins B2, B6, E, D, PP, C, K, niacin, and folic acid, minerals - potassium, iron, cobalt, copper, as well as glucose, lecithin, starches, pectin, cellulose ...

First he described carrots and reported its beneficial effects on the human body, Hippocrates 430 years BC But Pliny considered it a kind of parsnip. In Russia from time immemorial carrots used not only in food but also as a medicinal plant.

Modern doctors say that carrots helps cure and prevent 65 diseases. Some of them believe that the daily presence in the diet of carrot replace vaccination against hepatitis B.

Carrots perfectly restores the physical form, so it is prescribed for a breakdown, vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue, a great physical and mental stress.

Women carrots is especially useful because it has antioxidant properties, it binds free radicals, keeping our beauty and protecting against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

 Once the carrots, two carrots
   Carrot keeps our eyes, allowing a better view of not only the light, but in darkness, protects the genetic apparatus from damage, improves metabolism, increases immunity, improves brain function and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

Anyone who every day eat fresh carrots, a good skin, healthy hair and strong teeth.

Carrots prevent weight gain. To lose weight in a healthy way, to eat grated carrots mixed with shredded cabbage and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Carrot juice prevents rotting processes in the stomach, which also has a beneficial effect on young and well-groomed skin.

And, of course, carrots used externally as popular cosmetic .

- Carrot juice rubbed into the scalp for 30 minutes before washing to make hair strong and shiny.

- Carotene face mask is useful to almost any skin type, because it has a unique moisturizing effect. Especially useful carrot mask for oily, pale, flabby skin. It helps to get rid of blackheads. 1 big juicy carrot grate and add a small amount of talc. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes. If the carrots dry, then rubbed on a grater, mix it with sour cream.

- Those women that do not want to sunbathe, but want to have a tanned complexion, experts recommend 1-2 times a day to wipe face with carrot juice.

Inside carrots necessarily need to be used with fats   - Vegetable oil, sour cream, boiled carrots with butter, because the pro-vitamin A is soluble only in fat and with him only absorbed by the body, giving us youth and beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva