Potato juice: to help lose weight and become more beautiful
 This kopek composition will not cause problems with the skin and excess weight. Surprisingly universal thing - potato juice. And no matter of new potatoes, or it is made from an old - does not lose its magical properties.

Cooking healthy potato juice

To prepare you need raw potatoes and juicer. We must start in order to select the desired tubers. Take potatoes with "eyes" or fresh sprouts, it was he who has the live enzymes. Tubers should be firm, with no black or green spots (such sites are toxic). The fresh vegetables - the higher its nutritional content. As for the potato variety, it is assumed that the red potato has fewer pesticides and more nutrients.

Juice should squeeze out of the fruit with the peel, because the peel contains most of the nutrients. If there is a juicer, the potatoes should be grate and squeeze the juice from the resulting pulp.

At the bottom of a glass of juice you will see a lot of white - a starch. He does not have much nutritional value to us, so do not use it.

Lose weight in a potato juice

Raw potato juice stimulates the digestive system, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It also is an alkaline product which helps to rebalance the pH in the body. The benefits of potato juice know those who are suffering from a stomach ulcer and diseases of the liver. They use this drink to cleanse the liver and preventing constipation.

A slimming effect of potato juice noticed many nutritionists. They use the properties to strengthen digestion and replenish the "friendly" bacteria in the colon.

Menu weight loss:

- Drink 100-150 g of juice every morning on waking, and at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

- Drink only always fresh juice, not harvested beforehand.

- To improve the taste quality in potato juice can add a little carrot juice or lemon. But do not add sugar or salt!

- Drink 100-150 g of juice 30 minutes before lunch.

Repeat potato detox every day for 2 weeks. If you like the results, you can repeat this diet, but only after a week's break.

 Potato juice: to help lose weight and become more beautiful

Potato juice is pure and youthful skin

- Start your day with a washing potato juice. This simple ritual reduce skin imperfections and heal wounds. The most effective chilled potato juice applied to the affected areas in order to get a clear and beautiful skin.

- Potato juice heals sunburn. Apply on the skin of the body or face. To act fast, you can not mess with the juicer, and alleviate skin conditions using raw potato slices.

- Potato juice will eliminate the first wrinkles, it is enough to wipe the face of potato juice.

- Recipe from dark circles - one of the most famous. But few know that efficiency can be safely put in the first place. Only we must act correctly - keep the potato slices or potato juice swabs from at least 20 minutes. One of the Indian beauty bloggers wrote that the potato recipe regularly helps her dark circles that have a genetic cause.

- Potato juice save from edema - you need to massage the eyes and skin with juice, lightly for 10 minutes.

- Potato juice is well whitens skin, just wash your face with a cotton swab moistened with juice.

- To try this exceptional radiance serum: Mix potato juice with lemon juice. Leave on your face for at least 20 minutes. Matt skin can be different composition: potato juice mixed with cucumber juice.

- The use of potato juice inside also improves skin because toxins, helps to moisturize from the inside.

 Potato juice: to help lose weight and become more beautiful

Potato juice for hair

- There is a good recipe for gray hair. Potato juice rinse hair after shampooing. Juice makes gray hair darker, and gives a beautiful natural shine.

- Do you want hair was thick and did not drop out? Make a mask based on potato juice: juice, honey and egg white. Keep on hair for at least 2 hours.

- Use from time to time potato juice instead of shampoo can dry hair or age, it will make them more alive and shiny.

Potato juice health

Unbelievable, how many diseases treated with the assistance of potato juice! From obesity to cancer and gout and eczema. Drinking juice inside eases joint pain, relieves constipation and diarrhea, reduces cholesterol and prevents heart attacks ... Try the potato juice - it's useful, and affordable beverage improves health and helps maintain the harmony and beauty. If boiled or fried potatoes is a dietary product, raw fruits have only beneficial properties!

In the presence of chronic disease should consult a physician.
Author: Tamara