Shea butter is extremely rich in essential fatty acids, has an excellent ability to penetrate the skin and hair structure, providing maximum nutrition and hydration.

Shea butter or Shea has long been known to the African people. For centuries, it is used in alternative medicine. It has long been an integral part of everyday life peoples of Africa. Shea butter make a vigorous massage newborn it is also used for healing of the umbilical cord. In modern cosmetology and cosmetic industry, this oil is used in all 20 years.

Of course oil is extracted from the pulp of the fruit seed Shea (Butyrospermum Parkii), which grows in the Sudan, and several African countries. The oil obtained by pressing a selected raw material, and then refined. It turns solid heterogeneous mass, cream, which melts at body temperature. Keep oil should be at a temperature not exceeding room, in a tightly sealed containers, away from daylight color.

Chemical composition

Shea butter or shea butter is a dense with a light cream color, consisting mainly of triglycerides (up 80%) and unsaponifiable fats (17%):

   • myristic acid
• palmitic acid
• ctearinovaya acid
• oleinovaya acid
• Linoleic Acid (3.8%)
• linolenic acid
• arachidic acid
• 45-48% fat
• 10% protein
• 25-30% carbohydrates

Cosmetic shea butter

Unsaponifiable fats that comprise oils exhibit regenerative properties and actively stimulate collagen synthesis. In addition, they have excellent sunscreen properties and are natural UV filters. Also included in the composition of shea butter triglycerides affect the barrier properties of skin.

The basic properties of oil

• protection against external influences
• etestvenny UV filter
• moistening
• stimulation of regenerative processes
• eliminate dryness and irritation
• prevention of premature aging
• improving the tone and elasticity of the skin
• rich in vitamins

Interesting!   Shea butter is enough quickly absorbed. When this is not unpleasant feeling greasy, the skin becomes smooth to the touch.


Relatively recently came to light Contraindications   to this oil. Since it is a composition comprises natural rubber latex, on shea butter may be allergic people are sensitive to the latex.

Important!   Can not "overdose" of oil - skin absorb as much as she needs.

Methods of application

 Shea butter melts at body temperature. However, to simplify its use, it can be placed in a water bath at a temperature of 40-50 ° C and heated to acquire liquid consistency.

- Moisturize skin of the body:   a few drops of hot oil to take the tips of his fingers and rubbed into the skin with light massage movements.

- Mix for chapped hands:   Take 1 teaspoon of oil Shea, calendula and walnuts, heat in a water bath to 37-38 ° C, stirring thoroughly. Massaging the mixture rubbed into the skin hands and fingers.

- Nourishing Mask:   take 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon minced lemon zest, mix well and grind, keep in a closed vessel for 15-20 minutes. Then add 1 teaspoon of shea butter and oils walnut and carefully stir everything. The mixture is applied to the skin with a thick layer and leave to dry. Then remove the mask and make a cold compress.
Author: Inna Sedykh