Three super product for female youth and beauty
 Yes, all three products, you can be sure about the wrinkles, dry hair, flaky skin, brittle nails, then - add what you care about, and do not doubt that this "magic trio" cope with them. What are these products? Intrigued?

It's simple: olive oil, apple cider vinegar and oatmeal. These products can be safely put in the list of the most valuable, even precious, things for our youth and beauty. And they are - mere pennies compared to the effect that they can be expected. Again, you do not believe me?

Olive oil
No matter how you use it (orally or topically), this "gold Italy" heals and rejuvenates. And just a short list of where we can use this source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids:

- Clarified butter. Of course you have already heard about this method of cleansing the skin. It works for all skin types perfectly. Read more about it here & gt; & gt; & gt ;. Perhaps after reading you, as our author, carried away by the oil washing.
- Makeup removal. I stopped buying makeup remover. Compared with the olive oil they absolutely lose. Perhaps oil - the product is not so cheap, but the sense of naturalness and moisture after demakijazha olive oil is more on what not trade!
- Oil hair treatment. And this we also have detailed instructions & gt; & gt; & gt ;. Shine and no split ends, as well as freedom from dandruff and dryness of the scalp - it gives you a warm wrap with olive oil. Try to at any time of the year and for any length of hair.
 Three super product for female youth and beauty
   - Make a natural skin toner. Mix olive oil and green tea (decoction of witch hazel).
- For the treatment of acne and pimples. Just for the night grease problem areas of olive oil per night and structure of the skin heal faster and recover. And do not believe the prejudice that olive oil stimulates acne, it is not so!
- Soft exfoliating scrub - this is a common olive oil, among other things.
- Use olive oil as a shaving cream. It works just as well as the purchase cream. You can advise your husband, and use of the shaving. None of the wounds, the blade glides perfectly, the skin immediately and shaved and moisturized.
- Do not forget to add the olive oil in your diet: in salads or simply on a piece of bread. The day is enough 1-2 tablespoons - that is how much we need to be healthy and young.

Apple vinegar
Another hit. One condition: make sure natural vinegar (do it yourself or attentive to the purchase), and diluted, if the skin is sensitive. The rest - is a versatile ingredient for beauty, the basic properties of which, of course, are binding (through the main component - acetic acid), but not only.

 Three super product for female youth and beauty
 - Rinse the hair after washing. Apple cider vinegar is even capable of removing the remains of hair extensions and styling products. But simply rinsing with vinegar after shampooing gives the hair shine and vitality. Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 1 and hair rinse two times a week.
- In addition, apple cider vinegar - one of the main ingredients, if you do decide to give up shampoo. Try here detailed instructions on how to do it & gt; & gt; & gt ;.
- As well as olive oil, apple cider vinegar can be considered an excellent toner for the skin, especially for oily skin. Similarly, we mix it with your favorite tea or decoction of herbs and use. But be careful if you have dry skin!
- Against grease acne problem areas apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening.
- Excellent ingredient for home masks. Depending on skin type, add vinegar to honey, yogurt, green tea, and nourish the skin. My favorite mask for oily skin T-zone - apple cider vinegar + blue clay.
- Vinegar can become natural hair clarifier. Remember the recipe for lemon highlighting? So, the acidity of apple cider vinegar works just as good. Take 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water, moisturize the hair and leave in the sun.
- Apple cider vinegar has proved to be excellent in the prevention of stretch marks and even varicose veins. Many pregnant women who can not use chemicals or salon treatment, write reviews on the forums that the problem with the veins gone, had only to lubricate the legs with a solution of natural apple cider vinegar.

 Three super product for female youth and beauty
For skin face and body product naipolezneyshy! From bathrooms to mask, treatment of burns to losing weight. Here are just a small part of what you can do for beauty with oatmeal:

- A gentle scrub. I picked up a handful of oatmeal into a fist. Put his hand under the stream of water, oatmeal soak a bit and rubbed into the skin. After a few seconds oatmeal begins to be sticky, and it is already possible to wash off.
- It soothes irritation and redness. We reserve the moist oatmeal on the skin for a few minutes and wash off. You can make more complex masks, for example, yogurt + oatmeal, honey + oatmeal, olive oil + oatmeal.
- From acne. Yes, great oatmeal dries acne, soothes redness, highly recommend.
- Washing oatmeal. It is better to put in cheesecloth porridge, wet, wait until the swells, and do a soft massage of the face such a "bag."
- Many people know about the recipe for a soothing bath with oatmeal - just hang a gauze bag with oat flakes on the water tap.
- And, of course, food. A healthy breakfast, as well as the basis for a low-calorie pastries - all this oatmeal.

The final tips
• The listed ingredients are practically non-allergenic, but if you are afraid or have never tried, do a little test before you start to follow our advice.
• Olive oil is cold-pressed recommend, it is better for the skin, does not clog pores.
• Oatmeal should be natural, not fast food, so - practically useless.
• Apple cider vinegar has always dilute this ingredient pretty strong, though, and very effective.

Author: Julia Shestakova