Tinting eyelashes at home
 It's worth a try! And you do not need to be nervous about the fact that the make-up for a day lost intensity. Cilia are deep black with a luxurious sheen. This effect will last much longer than if you use the normal ink.


Whichever method eyelash tinting you choose, never do it before bedtime. Otherwise, you wake up in the morning with "panda eyes". Moreover, this effect will be quite persistent and concealer is not always cope with it.

Purchased kits for eyelash tinting

If you do not leave home without mascara, you will probably come in handy such as a toning product Mascara (Eyelash Tinting). It allows you to get a good result in the form of black and elongated eyelashes, which will be held for much longer than mascara.

Toning cream for eyelashes - good and affordable alternative to the salon permanent staining. Firstly, it is cheaper. Compare salon painting will cost you a minimum of 1000 rubles, and home to the famous paint brands worth no more than 400 rubles (and it is designed for multiple uses), and there are even more options available (100 rubles). Secondly, you will be able to choose the application and not worry about recording in "his" room. And thirdly, all the home remedies, home paint less aggressive towards the skin and eyelashes, than a professional concentrated dye.

Toning cream for eyelashes (sometimes eyelashes and eyebrows) Semi-permanent gives the result, it will last about a month. Good choice for holidays or business trips, right?

 Tinting eyelashes at home

Eyelash tinting does not mean that the mascara you do not need. That is, you can easily do without it. But if there is a desire and a task to create an even more lush and pigmented eyelids, the top of tinted eyelashes mascara can be applied, even waterproof. When you remove the carcass tinting paint is washed off.

Kit eyelash tinting, as a rule, can be used for eyebrows. The kit includes: cream, gel activator, paper patches to protect your skin from the paint stick applicator comb for tiny cilia.

If you do not have a magnifying mirror - we recommend to buy. It will help to make everything perfect, and will come in handy for future beauty needs. Prepare as fat cream or Vaseline, cotton swabs and wipes - all this can be useful if you are a beginner.

Be sure to test for allergic reaction, because it is important: the product is used near the eyes and sensitive skin around the eyes. The test can be done on the hand, wait 24 hours, and if there is irritation of the skin - you can follow the basic steps:

Step 1.   Eyelashes should be clean, dry. Do not use a fat remover mascara is better to use the usual children's soap and water.

Step 2.   Cream and gel packed, usually in plastic bags. It is more convenient to use it this way: to squeeze a small amount of the palette (a piece of glass or plastic), and then take the product palette.

STEP 3.   Use patches, which are attached to the kit to protect the skin under the eyes. However, it is not always come in handy, because the finished cream is quite thick and does not flow. And sometimes it is enough just petroleum jelly applied around the eyes.

Step 4.   Apply the paint to the eyelashes. Do not try to just take a lot of paint and cover with a thick layer, or cilia clump together and stained on all sides.

Step 5.   Top-activator gel is applied, clean the brush applicator.

Step 6.   Keep makeup eyelashes 1 minute or a little longer.

Step 7.   Clean cloth to remove the part of the eyelashes.

As a result, you will see black glossy lashes. The effect will fade out gradually, and you can repeat the action as soon as notice that the eyelashes brighten 9no not thicket than 1 time in 3-4 weeks). The only negative - if you have your eyelashes are very bright, you will see the difference between the ends and roots (in fact difficult to paint over the roots). But it will teach you the next time to try to paint the lashes as close to the roots.

Home eyelash tinting alternative

If you are confused by any chemicals or natural remedies, you can try homemade coloring eyelashes through natural means. And the result will last for at least 1 month.

 Tinting eyelashes at home

You will need:

- Henna powder
- Water
- Vaseline
- Cotton pads
- Reading the brush-brush from the carcass

Follow the basic steps:

Step 1.   Take a small clean container. Mix it henna powder and a small amount of water to make a thick paste, the consistency resembles a mascara. That is, the mixture should not be very fluid.

Step 2.   Prepare lashes staining. Eyelashes should be clean and dry, no residue of mascara or make-up remover tools.

STEP 3.   On the skin around the eyes, apply petroleum jelly to it accidentally colors. For additional security, do the following: soak cotton pads in petrolatum and close of the skin under the eyes.

Step 4.   Take the brush, brush the mixture and apply henna on the cilia. Start with the lower lashes, then cover the top, then all of the lashes are coated evenly.

Step 5.   Wait for 10 minutes.

Step 6.   Rinse the henna with a cotton pad.

Immediately you will not see the result, the process of dyeing with henna has a lasting effect, and this gloss and freshness of flowers can be seen in a day. Staining Henna not only adds color intensity, but also strengthens the lashes, try it!
Author: Tamara