What can be dangerous organic cosmetics?
 It would seem that the organic, natural substances, all of which deserve greater popularity in cosmetics, can not harm us. But unfortunately, not all natural ingredients in cosmetics are equally safe. Of course, they are much more harmless than chemical. However, not all so simpleā€¦

Indeed, fans of natural cosmetics is growing. Noting the label the coveted tube of the word "natural", "organic", we often grab a means of confidently believing that benefits not only themselves, but also the environment. But the measure and caution necessary in all. And even the most natural ingredients in cosmetics are not always safe for you, and for the global environment.

 What can be dangerous organic cosmetics?

There are several natural ingredients, with features that should meet by themselves, because they can be fraught with danger not only to our skin, but also overall health. Therefore, if you suspect that any means hurt you, do not rush immediately to accuse chemical products - it is quite possible that the blame just your natural cosmetics. Here are a few organic ingredients, which need to be especially careful:

Corn starch

In most cases, corn starch - a gentle natural ingredient that moisturizes the skin remarkably. But someone he can not just come, if not cause fungal infections, especially when used topically on the body as a deodorant. If you have a reaction to the cornstarch, then replace it with a better root powder marantaceae.

Essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood

Popular fragrant essential oils of sandalwood incense and used in many natural products. But especially concentrated means quite fraught with allergic reactions to representatives with sensitive skin. Points in favor of alternative flavors can give another reason that in recent years, the trees that produce these essential oils were under threat of extinction due to over-exploitation.

 What can be dangerous organic cosmetics?


Eucalyptus oil often contained in deodorants, soaps and lotions. It is good not only for its aromatic and antibacterial properties. But despite the good antimicrobial effect, this tool may cause contact dermatitis and destroy the natural barrier of the skin for a long time. Especially threatening irritation of those who have rosacea.


Lanolin - is oil extracted from sheep's wool. If you stick to a vegetarian lifestyle, it is best to avoid it. It is fairly common cosmetic ingredient known for its soothing properties, but is a tangible stimulus. If you have spotted an allergy to wool, the products with lanolin can cause a rash or skin irritation that is likely to entail placers acne.

Lavender oil and tea tree

Despite the fact that the means with lavender often positioned as a relaxing, they can also cause dermatitis when used in skin care. These natural ingredients may increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight and contribute to the formation of age spots or discoloration of the skin. Laboratory studies suggest that lavender oil and tea tree products catalyze androgens - male hormones that mimic the actions of estrogen (a female hormone responsible for the growth of breast tissue). Therefore it is better to use these natural ingredients only in aromatherapy.

 What can be dangerous organic cosmetics?

Extracts of lemon and lime

A cocktail of citrus can be effective in the fight against acne and oily luster. From cosmetics such solar components originate pleasant aroma, but every day it is not necessary to apply them. Because of the high acidity of the long-term use can lead to drying, irritation of the skin and increase the risk of sunburn. Do not forget that for many citrus - strong allergens.

Palm oil

In the cosmetics industry manufacturers generally use palm oil as a basic ingredient, but because of its devastating effects on the environment, it is better to avoid it, or looking for products - substitutes. Large-scale production of palm oil leads to a large spread of deforestation, disruption of habitat for animal life in Malaysia and Indonesia, including the endangered orangutans.

 What can be dangerous organic cosmetics?


If you are constantly worried about chapped lips, the culprit could be your lip balm. Especially if money is part of the mint. Please use the balm mint gives a wonderful feeling of softness and freshness of cooling, but the constant use may lead to flaking, swelling and irritation of the lips in the future. As a cosmetic ingredient mint can significantly improve skin hypersensitivity.

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Author: Albina Rogov