Where is the truth? Grapes, wine - wine therapy!
 Grape seeds in warm earth zaroyu,
And I kiss the vine and pluck ripe grapes ...
(Bulat Okudzhava)

And, behold, if the grape seeds are not buried in the ground (in fact, the grapes easier to grow from cuttings), and use them as peeling and massage, or a squeeze of these wonderful grape seed oil, the benefits that can be derived from the bunch to double or even triple.

Absolutely all the components of the vine - leaves, fruit pulp, juice, peel fruits, seeds, extracts from berries and seeds - have unique healing properties and are widely used for healing, rejuvenation and beauty in general ways, including.

A natural grape wine as a product of fermentation of the grape is number pride of place, and no wonder! Wine tones, relieves fatigue, exhaustion, it brings the healing power of solar energy accumulated in the bunch .  Using the useful properties of grapes and wine yeast formed the basis of a direction in cosmetology - wine therapy .  Scientists proved that wine has an endless list of nutrients: here and minerals, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, fructose, glycerin - more than 600 different components .  In addition, anti-oxidants, which are rich in red wines, bind free radicals, which are the main culprits of aging (including, and skin), and various diseases .  Therefore, the wine cosmetics is one of the first places among the other, able to withstand the withering of the skin .  The use of cosmetic products containing extracts and grape pomace, the products of its fermentation process, aimed at nutrition and hydration, skin rejuvenation, activation of metabolic processes .

What includes a wine therapy?

Full range   - A combination of wine peels, wraps and wet wraps with the pulp of grapes or wine special gel.

Especially useful wine wraps and bath with red wine and grape seed oil. These procedures not only to restore tone and improve skin elasticity, they still contribute to weight loss, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve overall health.

 Where is the truth? Grapes, wine - wine therapy!
   The fact that the wine can not only drink, people guessed long ago, at the dawn of civilization .  Legends of Ancient Greece told the descendants not only of bloody wars, fearless heroes, but also the way of life, secrets and tastes wonderful and ever young goddesses .  It turns out that they have always to be in a form accepted baths not only milk, but also from wine .  The Roman patricians and their wives also denied themselves the pleasure of making wine baths .  In the Middle Ages the French queen and lady of noble birth wipe your face dry wine .  In fact, wine therapy courses come up in the XIX century, when the inhabitants of the Italian, French and Swiss cities specially came to rural tenants, and to heal .  And, in fact, if no one knew that grapes contain a lot of vitamins necessary to man, not to mention polyphenols, phytohormones and other useful components .  Oh, and since then, in 1994, they were found in grapes polyphenols, none "slice" of the vine is not wasted .  The pioneers were the French cosmetic vinotherapy .  In 1999, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas Katyar opened a unique of its kind Institute of vinotherapy Les sources de Caudalie («Source code"), in the castle right next to the mineral water springs and vineyards of Bordeaux .  Now their cosmetics Caudalie enjoys quite a great success, despite the high price .  And other well-known cosmetic brands are widely used products of viticulture and winemaking in their creams, masks, lotions, etc. . d . 

 Where is the truth? Grapes, wine - wine therapy!
 The beneficial effects of wine on the skin is explained by the combined antioxidant and estrogenic effects resveratrol, which stimulates collagen synthesis. Therefore, it is reasonable to use this component, primarily in anti-age cosmetics. Interestingly, this substance is contained only in red wine, with age the wine, the amount is reduced. So, in terms of benefits, the most justified the use of red, dry, young wine.
Besides, not only for the skin! Scientists have discovered that the presence of low doses of resveratrol in the diet leads to an effect that is similar to a low-calorie diet, which, as shown by numerous studies, increases life expectancy and reduces the rate of aging. This explains the so-called "French paradox" - the French, which in large quantities absorb all kinds of sausages, fried potatoes, goose liver, that is, foods that are rich in cholesterol, less than all of the world suffer from heart attacks and strokes, are living longer Americans and small likely to be overweight.

Of course, it would be best to undergo a course of rejuvenation and healing wine directly in the lock code. It was there, during the harvest of the new crop of "students" are attached to the mysteries of wine therapy: wake up at dawn, personally collect the grapes, for breakfast in the fresh air just picked berries, and then go to the castle and spend the whole day in a variety of Vinotherapy procedures - what could be Wonderful!

First, the students visited the sauna to open the pores, then "wine bath" (thermal water heated to + 24C, with the addition of wine extract). This bath makes the skin smooth, improves its blood supply, charges the body with vigor. 20 minutes later the body is treated with a special mixture - wine shivering, honey and thermal water, cover with a warm blanket and leave for 15 minutes. Then - shower, relaxation and massage with grape seed oil, masks and other treatments.

Well, if you can not afford the luxury of a wellness tour in code, in principle, much of the program wine therapy is used in beauty salons, many Spa-resorts, and something we can be successfully applied at home .

Wine cosmetics cellulite

The two parts almond oil, add one part lemon and lime oil - 1/4, and three of red wine and vodka. When you are ready, take a hard sponge and twice a day thoroughly rubbed into the skin.

Wine conditioner for hair

The white wine is put in equal proportions frayed chamomile, rosemary and marjoram. Then place the week brew. For use in a glass of warm water with a solution of 2 tablespoons of liqueur and rinse hair after washing. Hair will gain a healthy glow will be well combed.

Face masks

-   The mask is done early in the morning, when only get out of bed. Cut one or two berries in half and rub the juice face and neck, lightly moisten the eyelids. 15-20 minutes doing their own thing, and then wash off the mask with cool water. Mask perfectly to the skin, softening it lightens freckles.

- There are options, depending on the type of skin:

Mash yolks (for dry skin)   with grape juice or pulp. Or lightly whisk the protein (for oily skin) and add the juice of the grape. Apply the mask on your face for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Mask for skin cleansing (for oily / combination skin). Mash a few grapes and mix with yogurt. Apply the mixture on your face, wait 20 minutes and remove the mask, wet swab (preferably moisten it in green tea). This mask exfoliates, purifies and narrows the enlarged pores.

Wine recipe for skin cleansing

Perfect cleansing for oily skin can be made using a special bath. A cook can be as follows: 1/4 cup white wine is added to 100 g of boiling water, and, in addition, throw 10 grams of dried chamomile flowers and add 3 tablespoons of red wine. When the mixture comes to a boil, lean over the steam, after having covered with a towel, and hang on as 10-15 minutes. Such wine steam bath should be carried out once a week

It is useful to simply wipe the face red or blue-skinned grapes, because, it is in the skin is the most useful component - resveratrol.

Well, still, you can, of course, acquire and use the ready-made cosmetic products: masks, serums, oils, extracts, based on the products of viticulture - lack of them no. Use according to the type of your skin and good!
Author: Olga Travleeva