Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair
 The fact that alcohol is harmful to health, and not the best way affects the appearance, known to all and there is no doubt. Harm or benefit brings the moderate use of alcoholic beverages - the issue is still controversial. In print, you can easily find the publication of the results of different studies on this subject, despite the fact that the conclusions arrived at by the investigators sometimes strongly opposed. From the assertion that moderate alcohol consumption prolongs life and prevents many diseases, to claim that even a drop of alcohol destroys the brain and reduces life expectancy.

Well, we will leave the matter to the conscience of scientists who looks at the big desire (and well funded) can prove anything, and themselves will approach this topic with prudent caution. Moreover, even if you do not take into account the threat of addiction to alcohol, alcoholic beverages to many claims, especially in women. Firstly, quite a high-calorie drinks and that threaten our figure, and secondly, alcohol adversely affects the liver and thereby spoil the appearance of the skin, stimulating its fat, alcohol appear swelling under the eyes.

Personally, my opinion, a glass of champagne in celebration, a little bit of good wine in good company, a glass of hot mulled wine on a cold chilly evening, hardly damage health, but certainly lift the mood, relaxed and warm.

But if the use of alcoholic drinks and cocktails inside causes a lot of concern and caution, their external use, taking into account the skin type and individual differences, and certainly will not harm the health and condition of the skin and hair certainly improve.

Of course, the honorable first place in the list of alcoholic beverages used with the aim to rejuvenate and heal skin and hair covers natural grape wine As the product of fermentation of the grape. And for good reason, because the wine bears the healing power of solar energy accumulated in the bunch. Using the useful properties of grapes and wine yeast formed the basis of a direction in cosmetology - vinotherapy . The use of cosmetic products containing extracts and grape pomace, the products of its fermentation process, aimed at nutrition and hydration, skin rejuvenation, activation of metabolic processes. Especially useful wine wraps and bath with red wine and grape seed oil. But as they say, not a single wine ...

Noble brandy

Of all alcoholic beverages brandy, perhaps - the most refined and noble. It is made from a special cognac spirit, which is obtained by double distillation of young wine from white grapes. The next stage of the alcohol is kept in these oak barrels. At the end, flavored drink, having a rich amber color with gold. According to many scientists brandies (natural) in small quantities are useful because they possess the ability to adjust the physiological, biochemical and psychological processes in the body.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

Still brandy - the drink is not for women, too strong and harsh. But the advantages of its external use appreciated woman, probably since the invention. Especially good cognac hair masks, they improve blood circulation, beneficial effect on the hair follicles, encouraging the growth of healthy and shiny hair. The main advantage of these masks is that they are suitable for different types of hair, successfully solving many problems with the hair. Sometimes it is sufficient to carry out only one cognac procedure - and the result is simply stunning. However, in most cases, a course of cognac masks.

As liquor, cognac has the ability to dry the scalp, so it is ideal for oily hair. But if you make a cocktail of brandy and vegetable oil (or fat yogurt), then the mask of this cocktail suitable for dry hair.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

• Mask for damaged hair Help restore their health and shine. Ingredients: brandy, honey and oak bark. Mix a tablespoon of shredded oak bark with 50 grams of cognac. Let sit for about 4 hours, and then wipe the resulting mixture through a sieve, add two tablespoons of honey. Mask keep the hair for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo.

• The mask, which stimulates hair growth.   Ingredients: brandy, honey, egg yolk of one egg, mayonnaise, burdock (castor) oil. Mix one egg yolk in a bowl with a tablespoon of honey, mayonnaise, cognac and burdock or castor oil. The resulting mixture was put on the scalp, put on a plastic cap and hair warming cap and wait 25 or 40 minutes. If you make such a mask on a regular basis, fast enough you will notice positive results - your hair will grow faster, become shiny and silky, their ends are no longer split.

• Mask for hair loss.   It is necessary to mix the yogurt with no additives (1 tsp) with a teaspoon of honey, one egg yolk, a few drops of onion juice and brandy. The mask should be applied to slightly damp washed hair. Keep it can be from 1 to 12 hours. The longer hold, the better the result. Wash off the mask using shampoo.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

Foam bath beauty

Another drink that has long been used to improve skin - beer .  Make beer from malt, hops, yeast and water, neither one of these components is not harmful to the organism .  Malt (sprouted barley) and is rich in carbohydrates and protein, and enzymes, and minerals .  Extractives hops contained in beer, have a calming, soothing and even the disinfectant action .  Beer bath heated joints, relax muscles, and revitalizes the skin and hair .  This bath can be made at home .  To do this you need to add to a warm bath 2 to 3 liters of "live" light beer .  It should be noted that these baths are particularly useful in summer, because they are perfectly clean the skin and regulate the process of sweating .  To get the maximum effect from the beer bath, run the course, which consists of ten baths .  Duration of one procedure is approximately 15-20 minutes .  Beer SPA will allow your skin to become soft and silky

On the basis of beer can make a wonderful mask for face, hair lotions and rubbing.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

• The mask for dry skin with vegetable oil and honey

Mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons light beer, 1 tsp. vegetable oil 2 tsp. of honey, a little heat, stirring until completely dissolved honey, cool. On moistened and steamed face, apply a lot of circular movements. When the mask is completely absorbed, rinse with cool boiled water. This mask can be done to make up, but not later than one hour prior to its application.

• Nourishing mask for combination skin

Mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons light beer, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, egg yolk, 2 drops oil of sage. Apply on the face, two or three layers. After 15-20 minutes rinse with warm, then cold water

Get rid of wrinkles helps cool fresh beer foam. It should simply be applied to the skin, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm water.

Beer can also be used after shampooing. Pour a little warm beer on your hair, habitual movements, like wash your hair, rub a drink in the hair and scalp. After a few minutes rinse the hair.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

  In Champagne

Sparkling, heady champagne can also be considered as an excellent cosmetic product. Bath with champagne - enjoy decent queens. Natural carbon dioxide stimulates the immune system, grape skin extract is a great antioxidant beneficial effects on the skin. Rinse champagne useful for hair - after settling foam put the champagne on hair massage. Two or three treatments per week, and locks will be shiny and soft.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

For oily or combination skin suitable mask with champagne . Yet it is called anti-aging. Cosmetic clay mixed with champagne until thick sour cream, apply on face and wash off after 15-20 minutes. Result: The skin is soft, clean, pores are closed.

Bread gift, you're beautiful ...

Yes, yes ... vodka can also be used for cosmetic purpose! Vodka - a natural product (referring to quality production). In contact with the skin vodka has warming properties than activates blood circulation locally. Massage the skin of the head with the help of vodka strengthens the roots and activates hair growth.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

  Vodka for hair and as used in the prevention and treatment of hair and skin. Vodka masks help to eliminate excessive oiliness of hair, reduce the itching of the skin, get rid of dandruff for oily scalp. Showing vodka procedures and the excessive hair loss.

• Mask prevention

  Mix 50 ml of vodka with 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. The resulting mixture should be rubbed massaged into the hair roots. The procedure is repeated 1-2 times a week 10-15 times.

• Vodka with pepper hair growth

Grind a pungent red pepper (medium size) and mix well with 2-3 pre-chopped leaves of aloe. The resulting mixture pour vodka (0, 5 liters) and leave for 3 weeks in a dark place.

The prepared infusion should be daily rubbed into the roots of the hair before going to bed. This treatment - 2-3 months.

 Alcoholic cocktails for the benefit of skin and hair

• Mask for hair shine with vodka

  This mask is applied to care, both for normal and dry damaged hair. To prepare mask teaspoon of vodka mixed with egg yolk, add to the mix a teaspoon of olive or almond oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. The mass is uniformly applied to the hair and under insulation will last 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

As you can see, habits can be found many ways to use and in addition to its direct purpose, and in this case, its utility and beauty of youth is beyond doubt.
Author: Olga Travleeva