My tender and warm friend
 What do you think, whether gained back popular and loved by many plaid somehow affect the health and beauty? It turns out that it can.

It is difficult to name the exact date of the invention, plaid, plaid wool fabric but still used the ancient Celts. The oldest samples are considered to have been found at the Roman wall, built by Roman legionnaires in Scotland to protect against the Picts.

Coloring plaid Clan, called tartan.

For hundreds of years the Scottish women learned to dye the wool with natural dyes. Staining occurs prior to spinning.

Unfortunately, after the Battle of Culloden between the English and Scottish Army militia in 1746 wearing plaids and kilts were forbidden. British troops after the adoption of this law had the right to kill anyone who will have his clothes in tartan colors. The ban lasted half a century.

Tartan   - Mother, who called Russia Scot , Nearly, not completely disappeared.

The fact that we have an opportunity to enjoy warm plaid, Scottish kilts to see and listen to the sound of bagpipes we owe the wisdom of the great writer Walter Scott . That he managed to persuade the British monarch George IV's visit to Scotland, to lift the ban, and to appear at the Royal Ball in Edinburgh in a kilt and tartan plaid.

This was a sensation! And ever since Scottish nobles pulled from the vaults preserved ancestral tartans.

Traditional Scottish plaids are made of natural animal hair. They have the most favorable effect on the body as well, air-permeable and moisture-regulating.

 My tender and warm friend

Plaids have a healing effect. They improve blood circulation, cure of pain in the joints and back.

Most healthy blankets made of soft wool fine-wool sheep of Spanish.

However, effective and blankets from the wool of normal sheep, as well as from the wool of camels.

The most expensive rugs made of camel fluff. The longer the nap of the rug, the more it keeps the air between the fibers.

In modern cheaper rugs add artificial fibers, such as polyamide. In such rugs are not coveted mole, they are well kept warm, but wear out quickly and produce a weaker therapeutic effect.

Blankets with the addition of acrylic is recommended to buy with allergies.

Choosing a rug, you should pay attention to its color. As already proved by science color significantly affects the human condition. He treats, invigorating, soothing, inspiring, lulls.

 My tender and warm friend

Besides healing plaid can be combined with healing essential oils. But they can be applied to the tip of the fiber and 1-2 drops 1-2 times a week.

Those who want to lose weight, you need to apply orange and grapefruit oil . These scents normalize lipid metabolism, increase fat utilization and reduce weight.

It prevents the accumulation of weight and flavor mandarin .

Juniper   does not allow to get fat, it kills germs and helps cleanse the body of toxins.

Geranium oil   tones and also prevents weight gain. It also eliminates the sweating.

Jasmine   It is one of the strongest natural antidepressants. It eliminates the fear, anxiety, pessimistic thoughts, inferiority complex, inspires confidence in yourself, and normalizes night's sleep.

 My tender and warm friend

Frankincense   It helps to eliminate the effects of stress.

Tea tree essential oil   It has antibacterial properties and is simply irreplaceable during circulation of influenza. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates, reduces fatigue, increases mental performance.

Rose essential oil   makes a woman more youthful, sensual, she gives her confidence in her beauty and attractiveness. It relieves feelings of anger, fear, jealousy, insecurity. It increases efficiency.

So buy blankets, apply oil on them and become slimmer, more beautiful and healthier.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva