Orchids - Beauty Beauty
 "Orchids - Kings flavors" (Confucius)

Probably, many remember that famous detective Nero Wolfe grew orchids. And nothing could tear away from this session ...

Most women just are not indifferent to these wonderful colors, although not all given their divorce. But orchids you can buy in the store, but it is especially pleasant to receive them as a gift, such as early spring. If a man gives a woman orchid, he thought it was gorgeous.

In Asia, the orchid in her hair weave. In Europe and the United States with their help decorate the interiors.

Not only can you enjoy the beauty of orchids, but also used for the benefit of its beauty.

 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

Interestingly, the name of the orchid - orhidion - Translated as small testes   - male testes . Probably because it resembles the shape of the bulbs of these plants. And in ancient times believed that if a decrepit old man hold in the hand of a young and juicy tuber orchids, it will return to the male power. And at the same time, if you drink a decoction of the root of the old young man full of strength, it will turn into an old man.

The family of orchids has 35 thousand species   Plant variety of colors and shapes.

In nature, most of the orchids growing on tree in the woods, on the bark and branches of trees, the roots hang down. Feed plant roots by absorbing water from moist air and nutrients from the dust settles on them.

Natives called the orchid - "Daughters of the air" .

 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

The first live orchid was brought to Britain from the Bahamas in 1793, and by the end of the XVIII century Europe embraced Orchid Fever.

In ancient times all sorts of orchids attributed magical powers, for example, cast out evil spirits.

Medieval witches from orchid tubers prepared a love potion.

Today we know that the orchid heal from depression, the atmosphere of the house, where there are orchids, filled with joy.

Some compare orchids with homeopathic medicine, assuring that they are acting on the whole body and healed every cell.

In many countries, preparations of orchids, is used to treat hypertension, diseases of the stomach, kidneys, bladder, neuralgia, sciatica. Topically to heal wounds and ulcers.

Tea orchid has a tonic effect.

Orchids uses perfume industry. They soften, moisturize the skin, give it elasticity.

 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

At home, the orchid is used for cosmetic purposes:

Lotion with orchids

Place the fresh orchid petals in half-liter jar, fill in the third. Pour another third of cologne, cork and put in a dark place for 1 week.

After that, the lotion can be used morning and evening, throwing used part of boiled water at room temperature 1: 1.

Mask of orchids for oily skin

2 tbsp. tablespoons chopped fresh orchids mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon grated cheese and 1 tbsp. dollop of sour cream. Mix well and apply on face for 15 minutes. Remove with a cotton swab dipped in a weak warm tea leaves of green tea. After 5 minutes, wash with water at room temperature.

Mask for oily skin

2 tbsp. tablespoons chopped orchids mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon of honey and add as much milk to get a creamy mass. Apply on face for 15 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature.

Rejuvenating mask

1 tbsp. spoon chopped (preferably white) orchids mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon of aloe juice and 2 drops of olive oil.

Apply on face for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Wipe face with ice or wash cool mineral water without gas.

Infusion for washing

Handful of fresh orchid petals pour boiling water and infuse overnight.
Strain. Wash in the morning and 15 minutes to wash the usual way.

This infusion can be done foot bath . After the bath to wash his feet and grease cream. Feet pomolodeyut significantly and become smooth.

Orchids in cosmetics

Oil Facial Huile Orchidee Bleue by Clarins
 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

Fluid Orchidée Impériale Crème Nouvelle Génération by Guerlain
 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

  Cream of intensive care "Orchid + silk proteins" by Eveline
 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

Shower Gel Les Jardins du Monde «Madagascar Orchid" by Yves Rocher
 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

Eye Contour Cream Skin Naturals from Garnier Power of Orchids
 Orchids - Beauty Beauty

Author: Natalia Alexeeva