The oil of myrrh - a fountain of youth and health
 Myrrh oil - one of the oldest oil. Due to the unique healing properties it is widely used in cosmetology. Thanks to it, the skin becomes taut, firm and elastic, slows the aging process, smoothes shallow wrinkles. The skin looks fresh, rested and healthy, matte and velvety. The dream of every girl, is not it?

Get this oil resin myrrh tree that grows in Europe, India and Africa. His gnarled branches, and small white flowers.

 The oil of myrrh - a fountain of youth and health

Issues that will handle oil of myrrh

• Do you Torments damaged and inflamed skin ? Do you have nonvanishing acne, sores and difficult healing wounds, sores, pressure sores, eczema on the face, allergic dermatitis, fungus? Do not worry, oil of myrrh helps to forget about all this forever.

Dry, weathered and cracked skin   It may also bring a lot of suffering. Myrrh oil will soften it and contribute to the regeneration of emergency.

• If you are seriously injured skin, this oil helps rassosat scars .

• AT the fight against stretch marks   it is indispensable.

Hair loss   - A source of panic for many people. Myrrh strengthen their hair and stop thinning.

• Another indication - oral disease . It is an excellent remedy for ulcers, gingivitis, gum pastosity. It will help get rid of bad breath.

 The oil of myrrh - a fountain of youth and health

How to use oil of myrrh?

Oil Myrrh often mixed with other oils . Particularly suitable basic cosmetic oils of cedar, buckthorn, calendula. Mix a tablespoon should be selected base oil with 2-3 drops of myrrh. Myrrh oil well with cypress oil, mandarin, juniper, sandalwood, patchouli, thyme, lavender, pine, mint, incense, clove. Such mixtures may be used instead of creams and masks .

Myrrh oil can be used directly on the affected skin neat . Myrrh droplets can be neatly dotted lubricate the pimples, wounds and sores 2-3 times a day.

 The oil of myrrh - a fountain of youth and health

Against scars and stretch marks   suitable mixture of oil of myrrh, clove, grapefruit (in s drops of each) with 10 g of the base oil. If the scars are fresh, full and completely the chance of healing is very high!

For the recovery of gums   possible to prepare a mixture consisting of myrrh oil (5 drops), orange (3 drops) and wheat germ and (10 drops).

Traditional creams and shampoos   It can be enriched with oil of myrrh. Just add to 10 grams based on 5 drops of myrrh.
Myrrh oil helps to solve a number of gynecological problems   - It stimulates the function of the uterus, it helps regulate the menstrual cycle. It can be used for douching with thrush.

However, there is a contraindication - remember, oil of myrrh It should not be used during pregnancy !

 The oil of myrrh - a fountain of youth and health

The oil of myrrh in aromatherapy

Whether you are addicted to aromatherapy? If so, be sure to try oil of myrrh. just light the aroma lamp and add a few drops of oil.

It has to be extremely warm and rich aroma. He is characterized by a refined odor with acute balsamic hint , Easy and fun spicy tinge .

This fragrance is suitable for meditation, relieves nervous exhaustion, helps you relax, fall asleep quickly and easily. When a breakdown of myrrh oil can have an invigorating effect. In addition, this oil - known aphrodisiac.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of oil of myrrh ... This is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, wound healing, pain reliever will help to achieve the perfect skin and keep it for years to come. Do you want to got glowing skin look? Then be sure to use myrrh oil regularly. The effect will not take long!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya