"Yeast" therapy for hair beauty
 Recently barm increasingly used not only in treatment but also in the cosmetic field. Particularly good results with their help can be obtained in the care of the hair, skin and nails. However, many at the same time avoid the "yeast" procedures, afraid to get better. But such fears are justified if? And what about these miraculous organisms can improve the condition of hair? Let's try to find out.

Fungi with vitamins

Whatever it unappetizing sound, all kinds of yeasts, including beer - this living fungi with special structure and life cycle. But after a special heat treatment, they die. It is in this inactive yeast comes to us in the form of tablets, and powders. However, useful for the human body in vitamins and minerals are preserved.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

Especially it can boast of brewer's yeast. One half of them consists of a complete protein, and the second - full of vitamins B, PP, D and trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and others.). Due to brewer's yeast protein rather easily digested and quickly saturate the body with useful substances, significantly improving the appearance of skin, nails and hair.

The hair is more important than A

The protein contained in brewer's yeast - a great building material for cells, including our hair. Getting in the human body, it breaks down into useful amino acids, which are essential for normal hair development. The richness of zinc, selenium, phosphorus and calcium are beneficial to the strength, elasticity and resilience of the hair.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

But perhaps the most valuable component of brewer's yeast - B vitamins (folic (B9) and pantothenic (B3) acid, thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6)). With insufficient presence of their body hair quickly fade, often break down, fall and suffer from dandruff. These vitamins contribute to the development of keratin, which are 95% of our hair and the top layer of the epidermis. And with a shortage of vitamin B3 hair loses color and may turn gray as using pantothenic acid is produced the pigment responsible for hair color.

Outside or inside?

To improve hair brewer's yeast can be taken in two ways: in the form of tablets and capsules inside or in powder form, preparing therefrom sanitary mask. In the first case the beneficial effect of yeast is inside a beneficial effect on the entire body. At the same time it spent a minimum of effort: it is only important not to disturb the course and the number of pills. In the second case focuses on a specific area of ​​the body most in need of treatment (eg, hair, nails or skin of the face). To prepare the powder of the mask will have little tricky, but the effect in this case, unlike the first method visible faster.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

About the dosage and duration of the course of tablets should consult a doctor, which must take into account many factors, including the possible contraindications. Usually the course lasts from 7 days to 3-4 months and, if necessary, repeated up to 3 times a year. On the day of 3 is assigned to 10-15 tablets are usually consumed after eating.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

Although natural products, brewer's yeast still have a number of contraindications and side effects. They can affect the irritation of the stomach, bloating, or the occurrence of allergic reactions (redness, itching). In the presence of gastrointestinal, fungal diseases, hypersensitivity kidneys are hypersensitive to yeast, as well as the elderly receiving brewer's yeast is contraindicated. With great care for their use should be taken to pregnant and lactating women.

"Yeast" beauty recipes

Masks from yeast powder used for prophylaxis (once per week for 10-15 treatments with an interval of up to 3 months), and for the treatment (twice a week up to 20 treatments). Here are some tips on cooking folk masks from brewer's yeast:

- The mask against dandruff:
In 100 ml of yogurt diluted with about 10 grams of yeast and leave them "wander" at 30-40 min. The mixture is then applied to the hair, and her head covered with a plastic cap. Half an hour later wash off the mask.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

- The mask against hair loss:
Tincture of cayenne red peppers diluted with water (1: 1). Then, 10 grams of yeast is mixed with one tablespoon of tincture. Mask carefully rubbed into the hair roots. After 20-25 minutes, it can be washed off.

- Mask for food dry and damaged hair:
10 g of yeast, diluted in two tablespoons of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Waiting for the start of fermentation, the mixture is spread evenly through the hair under the cap and leave for 40-50 minutes. Then wash.

Brewer's yeast and extra kilos

There is a popular belief that taking brewer's yeast, you can quickly gain excess weight. This controversial judgment stops many women from the course "yeast" therapy. Indeed, thanks to the brewer's yeast protein highly nutritious. This should be remembered for those who follow a diet, eliminating or minimizing the protein content. But to get better because of the reception of yeast is hardly possible.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

These amazing organisms are able to harmonize the processes of metabolism, and with it the weight of the person: full can lose weight, and too lean - to recover. But this barm markedly improves appetite, which often leads to weight gain. However, if you follow the right dosage and mode of taking the drugs, it is possible to extra pounds and not to worry.

 "Yeast" therapy for hair beauty

Try out the beneficial properties of brewer's yeast, and let your hair grow "by leaps and bounds", becoming healthier and more beautiful!
Author: Albina Rogov