Daisy - the most effective natural antiseptic. It has long been used for medicinal and recreational purposes, it is firmly established itself as a good sedative and antibacterial agent.

Essential oil, ascorbic acid and tannins contained This humble plant, acting on the body much more efficiently than their counterparts contained in preparations.

Boil chamomile, insist, steamed, dried and used in complex duties. Her hair is rinsed with broth, softened and disinfect hands, whiten skin, infusion - treat throat, intestines and inflamed gums.

Spend the holidays in the countryside: walking through a meadow or returning from fishing, roll with the track and Narva daisies. During the summer, you builds up a fair number of the universal cosmetic products, and how to apply it, we will prompt you.

Chamomile for blondes

A decoction of chamomile gives hair shine. Prepare it should be in advance, cooled to that temperature, which is acceptable for your skin: hot broth diluted with cold water - it ruin its properties. Ostuzhennym and strained broth rinse hair. After such a natural air conditioner, they shine like in advertising shampoo.

For blondes broth chamomile still unmatched tinting agent: these discreet flowers is a property of the "golden" everything related to their steamed molecule. If your summer blond hair bleached and faded, decoction of chamomile will return them to shine, "receive medical treatment" and smoothing the hair structure.

Light-skinned ladies, accidentally Framed nose or shoulders to the sun and burned, know that the primary burn and redness are removed yogurt and tea brewing. Gentle and proper care of injured skin in the next 3-4 days they help ensure the daisy.

Whiten and gild

Flooded with boiling water, ostuzhennoy, filtered and left for days in the fridge, turn into a daisy lotion, which in daily use will remove the redness from the residual sunburn and even soften contrast freckles. It is very important for owners of light skin - Tanning, their skin turns red in the first place, and it will correct daisy: will remove the redness and give golden. On golden skin and freckles look much nicer.

This lotion has a small unpleasant effect - a feeling of tightness of the skin, but do not let that bother. This effect is peculiar to any cleanser, also from chamomile broth is a feeling very quickly.

Due to its antiseptic properties of chamomile decoction home is recommended for young skin, in the case just freckles and acne. However, in the treatment of acne a daisy small: it is, of course, disinfects, but hormonal changes in body teen broth not ureguliruesh. Therefore, the main remedy for acne should be be spelled out a doctor, and chamomile helps to fight bacteria and external manifestations of acne: redness, pustules, excessive greasiness.

Problem skin of mature women, too, surrenders before chamomile broth. It is necessary to have habit every evening after all cleaning procedures, rinse or wipe face cooled chamomile lotion. On the third morning you will not know their reflection: gathering blossom small pesky pimples disappear, shrink number of black pixels, and the whole complexion will be smoother. Brew each evening chamomile cleanser - not so tedious as it may seem, besides the obvious result motivates you to do it regularly.

Camomile tea leaves

What remains after straining broth - perfect exfoliating means. Before a person can rub rinse, peel this zavarochkoy, and then wash it with broth. Still brewed daisy mass fit for soothing mask: the truth, you should prepare for the fact that the face of unusually spoiled, and it is not a sign that you are doing something wrong just such is our daisy.
Having prepared himself for rinsing hair broth or water bath, steaming pot itself can be placed on the face of small "islands" and lie down so until cool. Have to lie: when upright, daisy from the face we have lost.

The cooled and unsuitable welding mask - nice gentle scrub that cleanses and and disinfects, and skin with no scratches. If you do not like messing with dried plants, buy chamomile in pharmacy; in bulk or in bags, like tea. Packages paired: it facilitates dosage and tells us another convenient idea to maintain the beauty.

Chamomile tea bags

1. Brew chamomile as a tea, do not throw away a bag: a person can wipe them directly.

2. Obgorite in the sun, use a bag of chamomile brewed as a compress.

3. Brewed and refrigerated put a bag for 15 minutes on the eye and eliminate signs of fatigue. Thus the evening you can look fresh, even after working all day. If bag of chamomile after brewing is not cool, and lotions in the centuries to practice regularly, then a few days chamomile relieve you from bruising and swelling under the eyes.

The main thing in the use of plant resources - is to remember that all the daisies are in the case: the decoction and infusion, and cold and hot and left after brewing grass. Acquainted with the flower closer You're not to lose, being on vacation without the usual makeup and buying several packs of daisies in a pharmacy (or typing outside the house with fresh chamomile) You will replace nearly all of its makeup.
Author: Lucy Soprano