Gifts from the Dead Sea
 The Dead Sea has long been known for its cosmetic properties: saturated salt water, black mud, algae, growing in extreme conditions for plants - everything has healing powers.

The Dead Sea, whose name in Hebrew Yam HaMelah means "sea of ​​salt" - is actually one of the most unique lakes in the world. The high salt content of various minerals and trace elements in the water of the Dead Sea, provide a unique high density of water that pours lead blue. Through continuous evaporation of water from the Dead Sea, there are formed a unique complexes of chlorides, sulfur, sodium, potassium, iodine, magnesium, calcium and bromine.

Interesting!   The water in which there is about 30% minerals (compared to 3% in the oceans, and 20% in the Great Salt Lake in Utah), contains many elements that deserved to have healing properties.

  • The anions of chlorine - a natural antiseptic, strengthens the protective layer of the skin and reduces puffiness;

  • Sulphur cleanses the body and stimulates the metabolism;

  • Sodium maintains acid-alkaline balance of the skin;

  • Potassium is involved in the regulation of the water balance of the skin;

  • Iodine improves the condition of thyroid and promotes cell metabolism;

  • Magnesium activates skin metabolism, facilitates breathing and protects against allergies;

  • Calcium cleans the surface of the skin and acts as a pain reliever;

  • Bromine has a calming effect, it helps to relax the muscles.

Interesting!   Dead Sea because of the high concentration of mineral salts and intensive evaporation of water often smells of sulfur and the temperature seldom falls below 40 ° C.

The black Dead Sea mud

In the southern part of the sea are hot springs and pools of thick black mud, since ancient times is considered curative: it is known that the king Herod the Great was treated by bathing in these waters.

Dead Sea mud is pelloid alluvial sediments, rich in minerals and rich sulfur compounds (sulfides). Dirt will make the skin of your body soft and velvety, eliminate minor flaws, including such as acne and age-related changes, will flatten and regenerating effect. And most importantly, the dirt is completely hypoallergenic!

 Gifts from the Dead Sea
 Mud Soap from the INTENSIVE SPA.   Soaps are enriched with Dead Sea minerals and black mud, essential oils of lavender and olive trees. Soap gently removes dirt and grease from the surface of the skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin.

 Gifts from the Dead Sea
 Mud Body of AdiBeauty.   Mud weight cleans, moisturizes, removes impurities from the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.

Dead Sea Salt

The unique Dead Sea salt is a mixture of 26 minerals and trace elements. Sea salt from the Dead Sea has a unique composition - if normal seawater is 90% sodium chloride (table salt), it is the content does not exceed 15-20%. Minerals make your skin soft and silky, tone and moisturize it, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, give a feeling of freshness. It has a muscle relaxant and analgesic effect.

 Gifts from the Dead Sea
 Salt soap from the INTENSIVE SPA.   In the soap contains a unique Dead Sea salt, which allows you to gently remove dead skin cells and simultaneously saturate it with the necessary microelements. Soap is also enriched with natural oils of olive and almond that promotes deep skin hydration. Recommended for all skin types.

 Gifts from the Dead Sea
 Natural Dead Sea salt from Doctor Nature.   This - 100% environmentally friendly natural Dead Sea salt contains more than 40 minerals. Furthermore, the salt does not contain chemical substances as fragrances and dyes, can cause allergic skin reactions.

 Gifts from the Dead Sea
 Body Scrub "Royal Touch" from Bloom.   Salt scrub with lavender oil removes dead skin cells, resulting from the natural process of skin renewal, refreshes, smoothes and softens the skin, gives hydration and relaxation.
Author: Inna Sedykh