Juniper. From the depths of thousands of years for our benefit and beauty!
 From his recent trip to the southern resort brought me an unusual and trophy - a small bag with a small dark blue-gray gnarled berries - the fruit of relict juniper high. And I'm picking bumps on the advice of local experts with no branches, but only under a bush - the last year, scored in full their useful qualities. What is valuable juniper, and how to use it medicinal properties?

Juniper - relict plant, known since biblical times. But if at first it was used for ritual purposes - to drive away evil spirits, then found that juniper and more prosaic applications.

More ancient Greeks and Romans called attention to the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of this plant - the smoke from burning twigs fumigated homes during the epidemics of plague and cholera, bandages, soaked in juice was applied to the wound. We appreciated the useful qualities of juniper and the peoples of Central Asia, and North American Indians and inhabitants of Scandinavia and the Far East. For his wonderful ability to scare reptiles Juniper earned a mention in the ancient Greek myth of the Argonauts. With the help of juniper branches of Medea and Jason put to sleep the monstrous serpent, guards Golden Fleece. In Russia also notice it a lot of useful properties of this shrub: milk jug of juniper not kisnet even on a hot summer day, and steamed juniper barrels spoil harvested pickles for the winter.

All species of juniper have antibacterial properties, but that's to prepare tinctures, lotions, and dressings should not be used prickly (or Cossack), which is highly toxic. Fortunately, common juniper (the most common), or high juniper, suitable for all purposes.

Of course, the ancients used the healing power of juniper, relying exclusively on experimental data and intuition, but we already know that the properties of juniper explained by the presence in the needles and bumps a large number of essential oils, whose composition is unique.

 Juniper. From the depths of thousands of years for our benefit and beauty!
   Very useful needles of juniper, it is rich in ascorbic acid, and various volatile production and alkaloids, but more widely used recreational purposes shishkoyagody. They found sugar (40%), gum (10%), a fatty oil, pectic substances, organic acids, particular colorant - yuniperin wax and vitamin C.

The composition of essential oils, which contain shishkoyagody include chemicals such as sesquiterpenes (pinene, camphene, terpinene and other.), It is the oil owes its pleasant, though rather tartly, coniferous odor. Sesquiterpenes have anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-viral properties, potentially providing an anticancer effect, and also exhibit bacteriostatic and immunostimulating effect. Contents of terpenes juniper oil owe their antiviral properties, as well as the ability to irritate the skin.

Even just spending the day under the shade of juniper trees, you will do a great service to your body. It is estimated that one hectare of juniper the forest for the day is able to improve the air of a big city.

Widely used wonderful shishkoyagody in medicine as a diuretic, urinary tract disinfectant, expectorant, improves digestion and choleretic agent, in flatulence and gastrointestinal disorders.

Personally, I collected their stock knobs for the preparation of lotions for the face and hair.

Toning Lotion
In a glass bowl of dark glass pour in dry white wine, put crushed berries to juniper (250 ml wine shishkoyagody 7), insist in a dark place at room temperature for 7 days. If you have dry skin can be lotion to add a few drops of glycerin.

If the skin is problematic, then you can prepare shishkoyagody healing mask.

Juniper mask   It has a tonic, antibacterial and multivitamin action. Tablespoon Crush ripe fruit, pour a glass of boiling water, boil on low fire under the hood for five minutes, cool and strain it through a half hour; 40 ml of the resulting mixture, mix with a tablespoon of oat flour (oatmeal) or starch. Apply the mask to your face and neck for 20 min., Then rinse the skin with lukewarm water

Lotion for problem skin
Recommended for youth acne, herpes: four tablespoons of crushed berries and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist hour, then drain and mix with a tablespoon of glycerin and 100 ml of 70% ethanol. Wipe the skin 1-2 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

Tincture on alcohol or brandy (gin)
Alcohol tincture of juniper berries is used externally as a lotion for the hair, for rubbing in joints with rheumatism, for pain relief. Traditional medicine offers used juniper vodka (or gin) as an effective tool in the treatment of colds.

Healing flavor
The smell of juniper curative, it stimulates and strengthens the nervous system, soothes, helps with headaches, stress, loss of strength, for diseases of the respiratory system, hypertension, insomnia.

Juniper - beautiful Ozonator, it has long been fumigated apartment premises, it saturates the air with oxygen and fills the surrounding space invigorating pine scent.

Crushed juniper wood can be used for flavoring linen, disinfection of the air, scaring away moths and other insects. Method readjustment indoor air is very simple. Approximately 20 g of finely ground wood juniper pour 200 g of water and boiled for 10-15 minutes. Thus the essential oil evaporates together with water in the form of steam perfumes indoor air simultaneously disinfecting it. By the same method can be carried inhalation aromatherapy.

There is another method for disinfection of the air, it is that the same 20 grams of ground wood is poured into the pan, heated 20-30 minutes. Pairs of essential oil with the smoke about 30% kill airborne harmful microorganisms.

Essential oil of juniper is available in drugstores and perfume departments stores, get it by steam distillation juniper shishkoyagody followed by purification. Especially distinguish specific, astringent, resinous flavor that blends well with all citrus fruits, cypress, eucalyptus, sage, lavender.

Apply ready juniper essential oil may be using the aroma lamp (2 drops per 5 square meters. M), adding a few drops in an emulsifier bath, enriching cosmetics (a couple of drops to 5 g of the base), adding a few drops of oil in a massage cream.

 Juniper. From the depths of thousands of years for our benefit and beauty!
 Massage Blend - "Wizard Oil"
It improves skin elasticity and fights stretch marks. Ingredients:
1. 100 ml of unrefined olive oil
2. 20 ml of sweet almond oil
3. 20 ml of essential oil of rosemary
4. 20 ml of essential oil of juniper
5. 20 ml of essential oil of lemon
6. 20 ml of essential oil of cloves

Mix the oil and the resulting mixture is used for body massage. Especially effective is the use of such "magic oil" at home cellulite treatment after the salt bath and body treatments scrub.

 Juniper. From the depths of thousands of years for our benefit and beauty!
   It is believed that the essential oil of juniper addition to effects on the body, has a special meditation and properties. His power is developing integrity and fidelity to nature, helps to detect lies, protects the aura of aggression, to the acquisition of authority by developing generosity and intelligence.

Many manufacturers often include juniper oil or juniper extract in the composition of their cosmetic products for problem skin (tonics, lotions, shower gels), and is also used in cosmetics for the hair.
Author: Olga Travleeva