Lily - a symbol of purity and innocence
 A symbol of purity and innocence lily called many peoples of the world. Indeed, looking at the white lily is impossible to think about the bad.

About Lily piled a lot of myths and legends. Poets sang her verses, and the ancient Greeks, wishing prosperity, said: "Let your path be strewn with rose petals and lilies." In ancient Greece, where the origin of the flower was considered divine, the lily was a symbol of hope.

Lily loved the ancient Romans, its petals are decorated their holidays. At the festival of Flora competitions were held among women in running and wrestling, and lilies decorated the amphitheater, the arena and the statue of the goddess. And the one that won the competition, awarded bouquets of flowers with lilies.

It is said that during the construction of Solomon's temple, the architect gave the Capitals the form of huge columns of lilies, images of flowers decorated as the walls and ceiling of the temple. According to ancient legend, it was under the lily was the cradle of Moses.

In France, the lily is - mercy, compassion and justice. So the French king Charles VII, as a sign of deep gratitude and honor the memory of Jeanne d 'Arc, erected in the nobility of her relatives under the name Lileeva commanded to give them a coat of arms, consisting of a sword on a blue field with two lilies on the sides and top of the wreath of roses. Lily has long been cultivated in almost all the gardens of France and was considered a royal flower.

In Christianity, the lily has become a symbol of the Madonna. In Russia, a white lily was considered a symbol of femininity and purity. In modern Russia, it is presented as the young girls and mature women.

 Lily - a symbol of purity and innocence
   Lily - Lilium   - A perennial herb of the lily family. Currently, there are about 80 varieties of lilies. The name "Lily" comes from the Celtic word "if" - "white" color of flowers. Initially there were only white lilies.

Lily has a scaly underground bulbs from 2 to 20 cm. diameter. Stems straight from 50 to 150cm in height. Leaves are glossy green, long, straight or less wide heart shape. Some species of lilies in the leaf axils formed the bulb - air bulbs. Thanks to breeders around the lily derived from a wide range of color, except, perhaps, blue, blue and purple.

The shape of the flower often bell-shaped, but may be in the form of a cup or a turban. Large lily flowers gathered on the top of the stem in racemose inflorescences. Single flowers are lilies rarity.

Flowers can be wilted - directed down or looking up. Blooming Lilies, usually in June - July, at least some varieties in August and September. Fruit Lilies - trilocular box. Seeds flat, rounded-triangular.

Lilies like the sun, tolerates drought, but bad cold. Lily is considered the homeland of Europe, Asia, North America. But in general, the lily grows in northern Canada and in South India.

The Lily bulbs contain vitamins, proteins, mucous substances, sugar, minerals - iron, boron. In some countries, lily bulbs are used in food. Especially a lot of nutrients in the bulbs in the fall.

Lily since ancient times was considered a medicinal plant . More ancient Greek physician Dioscorides in his famous medical treatise "On Medicines" wrote that lily heal heart disease, helps with dental pain, heal wounds, abrasions, bruises, burns.

In medicine and cosmetics use only white lily. Preparations of the lily is considered a strong natural antibiotic.

Traditional medicine treats lily colds, sore throat, pneumonia, cough. For this onto roses mince was mixed with honey and 1: 5. Take ½ teaspoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

 Lily - a symbol of purity and innocence
 Even in ancient Greece from the petals of lilies prepared fragrant oil . You can do it now.

- Sterilize for 1 hour in a water bath oil, cool.
- In a dark bottle to pour crushed lily petals, filling out a third vessel.
- Fill the bottle up to the top with oil, cork and insist in a dark place for 3-4 weeks, occasionally shaking.
- Pour through a strainer into another bottle.
- There can be a lot more time to fill with oil.

Oil from lily keep in refrigerator. It can be used for removing make-up and as a mask, smoothing wrinkles. If the oil is quite a lot, they can lubricate the entire body after bathing. The skin becomes silky and smooth. The effect is superior to all the shops means.

- Cream whitening
Take 1 of the lily petals, honey, white beeswax and garlic juice mix, hold for a couple, cool, whip.

- Lotion from rashes and wounds
Bank of dark glass to fill one third of roses and petals pour eau de cologne. Cork and insist in a dark place for 4 weeks. Sores and blisters heal quickly, if you put them pulling petals from a jar.

Cologne lily can be used as a lotion, throwing the portion that will be used with water 1: 1.

- Hydrating Mask
Scald lily petals and apply on cleansed face, greased with olive oil for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water, then cool.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva