Playmates Sun
 There was a long-awaited spring, the sun peeped out from behind the clouds and smiled happily, shook his rays, and flew to the ground solar pollen, generously covered the nose and cheeks pretty girls. Freckles are called bridesmaids sun. It would seem that a spark but rejoice, but, alas, many girls because they are suffering and trying to deduce freckles in any way.

And some are spicing up, perky, kind of a unique external "I". For example, Pippi Longstocking entirely because they are not complexed ...

Freckles are many of Hollywood's brightest stars such as Nicole Kidman. In light of the not inconsiderable men who admire their favorite freckles, considering them extremely beautiful.

And then freckles - is a sign of youth. It was in those 14-25 solar spray, especially bright. After 30, they fade, and after 40, as a rule, come to naught. So, to get rid of freckles or not, every woman decide.

In medical language called freckles - efelidy, translated from the Greek "solar blotch" ...

Although freckles - nothing else, as the accumulation of melanin - the dark grains colorant. The reason for their occurrence is considered to be a violation of pigment metabolism. Freckles blooms in spring and in autumn, usually pale.

 Playmates Sun
   Most often, the freckles are redheads and blondes. They say that they inherited ...

In beauty salons freckles removed by potent drugs that cause deep peeling. But they say that drastic action is not very favorable impact on the overall condition of the skin. Therefore it is better to resort to folk remedies Without compromising their health.

- One of the best home helpers in the fight with freckles is cucumber . The skin, studded with freckles, wipe cucumber juice or cucumber slices.

- Travel mask peel. Cucumber cleared and peel the wet side is placed on the face for half an hour. Top cover with a damp face gauze.

- Good fight with freckles and lemon juice But it is not recommended to use in spring and summer. But in order to prevent it can be used throughout the winter.

- Helps and mask grapefruit pulp Also nestled on top of a wet gauze.

In fact, according to scientists, freckles were always about them, we can still read the documents of ancient authors. Ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek women were taken out freckles using juices of different herbs and fruits. Ibn Sina freckles treated with a mixture of crushed fig and linseed.

- Summer is useful to wipe the skin of tomato slices, wash fresh squeezed tomato juice .

 Playmates Sun
 - Those who do not mind to look tanned, suitable masks of carrots. 1 grated carrot mixed with 1 chicken egg yolk and 1chaynoy spoon milled in a coffee grinder oat flakes. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Wash warm, then cool water.

- Cabbage Whitening . Grind the leaves of fresh cabbage in a meat grinder, add the yogurt to the consistency of sour cream and apply on face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse tea leaves of green tea.

- Potato . Boil the potatoes in their skins, peel, quickly knead, add heavy cream to the consistency of sour cream and apply on face 20 minutes Rinse with swab dipped in warm milk. After 5-10 minutes, wash with boiled water and apply skin cream suitable.

- Spoiled milk . Buy market rustic sour milk, cast a ¼ cup, add 1st. spoon crushed oatmeal and keep on face for 15-20 minutes.
Wash with boiled water.

! All masks should be used in courses for 15-20 masks in 1-2 days.

In spring and summer it is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables, they do not bloom to full flower freckles.

In addition, the ladies are prone to freckles, should avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreen creams that protect the skin for 3-4 hours, as the layer of powder. Must also hide under wide-brimmed hats and parasols.
The latter, moreover, that they protect the skin from the sun, makes a woman more feminine, elegant and mysterious, which is very intriguing to many men. Once English gentlemen claimed that a lady never leaves the house without a hat and sun umbrellas.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva