"Plum Blossom brings us to sublime thoughts ..."
(Zhang Chao - XVII century).
In Korea, the drain is considered a symbol of spring. The Japanese plum flower is also a symbol of spring, triumph over winter, virtue and courage, friendship, marriage and happiness. Plum tree - a symbol of the samurai.

In China, the plum is identified with long-lived, winter, beauty, purity, is a symbol of the five gods of happiness and secret amulet ... Plum grows on ancient beliefs in the holy mountain of the Kunlun. The man who frustrate it and taste it seedless fruit, will acquire the ability to not sink into any waters. Under a plum tree was born founder of the philosophy of Lao Tzu daostsev, and the birth of Lao Tzu - "old child" was named Lee. Plum with antiquity represents union of the five peoples of China: Chinese manchzhurtsev, Mongols, Muslims and Tibetans.

The ancient Greeks called plum - "kokkumelon" - cuckoo apple. The first wild plum long ago discovered in Asia. In VII century it was brought out of Damascus, the Crusaders who lost the battle there. Thus was born one of the varieties of plums - Damascus.

The first brought back to Europe plums were planted in the garden of the French king Francis I. Some court of the French king began to walk quietly into the garden and pluck the plums. Learn about this Queen Claude, and furious at her request for theft discharge of the death penalty was introduced, and the variety of plum called "greengage", translated from French - "Queen Claude".

In some Slavic countries was the custom by which a man, who was walking to the priest to get remission of sin was first planted by the roadside drain. Guilty took from the hands of the Holy Father shovel, a seedling plum, I was walking on the road and planted it. It gradually increased the number of roadside drain ... In my opinion a very good habit.

Plum home - Prunus domestica   - Deciduous tree from the Rosaceae family up to 12 meters high. The bark of plum barrel silver-white, cracked. Stems greenish-brown or reddish, mostly thornless and rarely mildly thorny. The leaves are ovate, serrated edge. White fragrant flowers on stalks. Flowering plum in May.

   Fruit - fleshy drupe, different size, shape, taste, color - green, yellow, reddish-purple or violet, with a bluish waxy coating. The taste of sweet and sour. It ripens in July and August. Stone is roundish, poorly separated from the pulp. The seeds are poisonous.

There are more than two hundred thousand plum cultivars cultural. Grown in gardens drain in central Russia and in the south. Wild plums in our time does not occur.

The medicinal and cosmetic purposes   the leaves of plum, which are collected immediately after flowering and fruit that are gathered as they mature. The plum fruit contains vitamins - B1, F, B2, PP, C, organic acids, nitrogenous, pectin, ash and coloring agents, sugar, cellulose, tannins, trace elements - potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, chromium, fluorine iron ...

- Plum Leaves have a wound-healing effect. They are crushed and applied to suppurative wounds and ulcers to heal them.

- Fruits disinfect the intestines, increase its peristalsis and improve digestion, soothe the gastrointestinal pain.

- Plums are useful in atherosclerosis, kidney disease, gallstones and kidney stones, rheumatism and gout, hypertension, ischaemia, for the prevention of cancer and strokes.

   Plum fruit is widely used in the food, confectionery and alcoholic beverage industry.

People cosmetics   so I do not leave the sink without attention from her prepared toners, masks, lotions.

- Plum tonic for dry skin . 4 ripe plum peel, remove the seeds, chop and pour 1 cup boiling water, boil for 20 minutes, cool, strain, add 1st. spoon of vodka. Use to cleanse and moisturize the skin morning and evening.

- Mask for oily skin to give it a haze . 3-5 ripe plum peel, remove the pit and turn into a puree, add ½ teaspoon lemon juice, apply on face for 15 minutes, wash with water at room temperature.

- Infusion of the leaves of plums, rejuvenating . 4 tbsp. tablespoons chopped leaves Plum pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for half an hour, cool, drain, wet gauze in the infusion or terry cloth and apply on face for half an hour. Wash with cool water.

- For wrinkles . Take 4 ripe yellow plums, remove the bone, chop, add 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon of sour cream and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool boiled water.

- Refreshing mask for sagging skin . Beat 1 egg yolk, add 2 tablespoons mashed potatoes and fresh plum 1st. a spoonful of lime juice. Apply 15 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature.

- For oily skin tired . 4 tbsp. prune puree tablespoons fresh mix with 2 tbsp. tablespoons crushed oatmeal, 1 egg yolk and ½ teaspoon of honey. This mask is suitable for neck and chest. She revive pale hands.

- To give hair a pleasant aroma and a mysterious sheen . A handful of plum leaf brew 1 liter of boiling water in a thermos and push for 1 hour. Cool, rinse hair and allow to dry himself.

Sorcerers say that if you give a man coveted a sprig of plum, it will seek to communicate.

Husband and lover for many stable relationship is useful from time to time to feed jam from plums.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva