Secrets of love apple or Signor Tomato
 I - groomed tomato
With the skin satin,
And join with me in dispute
Vegetables dangerous!
J. Rodari

Very helpful and all our favorite vegetable, without which it is impossible to imagine any large meal or a small scale - Signor Tomato - once considered toxic and was not a welcome guest on our table. It was only when the tomato was brought to Russia from Europe, while they had not eaten, because they were considered poisonous. Over the century since, as a vegetable was imported from America, the Europeans stuck to this version and cultivated exotic plants in pots and the gardens as an ornamental. Much water has flowed since then, and now this vegetable is one of the favorite at our table and in our arsenal of beauty.

Interesting!   The word tomato comes from the name of an Indian tomatoes - "tomatl." Because of its color and shape of fruits plant received a new, romantic name "Pomodoro" - from the French "love apple."

The chemical composition of "love apple"

Tomatoes contain large amounts of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals needed by the body. The structure of the tomato consists of sugars (fructose and glucose), minerals (iodine, potassium, phosphorus, boron, magnesium, sodium, manganese, calcium, iron, copper, zinc), vitamins (A, B, B2, B6, C, E, K, PP and beta-carotene), organic acids (citric, malic, tartaric, oxalic acid).

Important! Lycopene - an organic compound, which gives tomatoes their characteristic red color, is a very powerful antioxidant whose ability to fight free radicals exceed the quality of vitamins C and E.

 Secrets of love apple or Signor Tomato
 Doing makeup of tomatoes!

Using home remedies with tomatoes - a good alternative to expensive medical and professional cosmetics. Tomato because of its unique natural composition improves the complexion, rejuvenate skin, smooth wrinkles.

Oily skin
  • Wipe clean face fresh tomato juice, give it to dry. Then apply the mixture on the face of the whipped egg white 1 egg and tomato pulp that remains after the juice has been squeezed out. Keep the mask for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature.

  • Take ½ stick of brewer's yeast and mix with 1 teaspoon of liquid honey and 1 teaspoon of tomato juice. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Increased in the amount of weight applied to the face and keep for 30 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature.

  • In the mixed type of skin on the cheeks put small slices of tomato, and on the forehead, chin and nose wings - thin slices of cucumber. After 15 minutes, remove the pieces of vegetables and wash the face with cool water.

Interesting!   Tomatoes have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties due to the content of volatile production.

Dry skin
  • Clean the tomatoes from the skin and mash the pulp with a fork. Add 1 tablespoon flour and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. All mix and apply on face for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cool water.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of sour cream with pulp ½ medium sized tomato. Apply a creamy face. After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

  • Remove the peel with ½ tomatoes and mash with a fork, add 1 tablespoon of fat cottage cheese and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. All good rub. Apply on face for 15 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature.

Interesting!   Tomatoes - a good antidepressant, tomatoes, regulate the nervous system, due to serotonin improves mood.

Normal skin
  • Take ½ crushed medium tomatoes, add 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal. All mix well. Apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  • Remove the peel and mash 1 ripe tomato, a little wait and Decant the juice. In the pulp, add 2 tablespoons of cream and put the mask in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Cool makeup, apply on face for 15 minutes. Rinse with water at room temperature.

When acne

Problematic skin lubricated several times a day, a ripe tomato juice, mixed with glycerin in equal proportions.

Interesting!   Tomatoes are very beneficial for the digestive system, they improve digestion and metabolism.

Tomato - a real "Rejuvenating apple" thanks to its unique composition, it is able to prevent premature aging and improve the condition of all types of skin. And this despite the fact that it is a natural and accessible means, compared to the "tubes and jars" whose manufacturers promise you the beauty and youth after their use, however, are silent about preservatives, and toxic substances in their products.
Author: Inna Sedykh