Vinegar and beauty ... home comfort
 Do not think that all this "kitchen" cosmetics - it is for rural residents or for those who can not afford Chanel and Tom Ford. For example, an acetic beauty recipes tell their blogs and celebrities, stylists and makeup artists.

Not so long ago read an interview with colourist Christophe Robin L'Oréal, so he, along with tips to buy hair products from the brand for which he works, makes recommendations for acetic rinsing. And Gwyneth Paltrow will never forget about the beauty and secrets of cooking with vinegar, and often wrote about it in his blog.

To me, a bottle of natural apple cider vinegar should be any woman. And if a Greek and an Italian called olive oil "liquid gold", I would like to tagging cider vinegar to the "gold" products.

Recipes with vinegar quite a lot of what is called a "head to toe". After vinegar known to mankind for about 10 000 years. He is considered one of the oldest foods used by man. The Babylonians, the Romans, the Greeks used it as a preservative, while the Chinese have prized it for medicinal properties. The last few years can be called a true revival of this eco-friendly product. We use vinegar and beauty recipes, and cooking, there are original "vinegar" Secrets to maintain cleanliness in the home. All this talk.

For smooth skin
Vinegar has an acidic medium. Use it! Under the influence of vinegar skin pores closed, pulled together, that makes the skin smooth as if polished. How to apply? Add the vinegar in the cream for the body or face. The bonus will be a pleasant smell, the skin will be very good to smell without any fragrance.

 Vinegar and beauty ... home comfort
 For hair shine
Most women do not have the habit of well-rinsed hair after shampoo and conditioner. The hair becomes heavy and lose their luster. To avoid this, add the vinegar into the water and rinse your hair this lineup. Composition - about 5-7 drops of vinegar (or a tablespoon) to the bowl of water. The water should be cool. After that, the hair is not washed. This rinsing also seals the cuticle, which keeps the hair from damage.

For Bath
Vinegar has anti-inflammatory, so acetic acid bath can soothe itchy skin. To do this, add a little bit of apple cider vinegar in a not very hot bath and soak in it. When you can not be rinsed with water.

More cider vinegar and antifungal agent, and thus can affect the scalp if it itching and flaking caused by dandruff (dandruff - fungal disease). You can create your own therapeutic drug dandruff: Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 1, pour this compound in a spray bottle, and treat the scalp.

For the matte leather
Vinegar pH balance of the skin and acts as an astringent for oily and oily skin. The composition of the water and vinegar (1: 1) wipe the skin, and it will be an alternative for matt skin tonic.

 Vinegar and beauty ... home comfort
 From Acne
Mix vinegar (1 part) and water (3 parts), treat acne with this mixture with a cotton swab. It will be a natural remedy for a problem skin cleansing.

Refuel salads and vegetable dishes not bought-mayonnaise and yogurt and homemade dressing: olive oil + vinegar or balsamic one or apple cider vinegar. It's much lower in calories than any other options sauces. A good bonus if seasoned with vinegar, such as a gas-forming foods broccoli and beans, the effect of bloating disappear.

Acetic diet
Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this method of weight loss proved just some Blogersha that promote diet. Experts are silent. What is popularly called "acetic diet" is, in fact, diet is difficult to call. The method consists in the fact that before every meal to take 1-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Either mix 1-2 spoons of vinegar with a glass of water and take the "beverage" for the day (or twice a day). Girls write on the forums, which this month lost about 7 kg. In the books of folk healers slimming effect due to the fact that vinegar is able to burn fat, and the pectin contained in apple cider vinegar, binds cholesterol and removes it from the body. However, again, in the scientific literature this way to lose weight subjected to serious doubts.

Secrets for home, family
- Add a few drops of vinegar when cooking eggs. It will remain uncracked shells. And if the split occurs, the contents of the eggs do not run out.
- Slightly wilted vegetables "come to life" if you put them at some time in the water with a few drops of vinegar.
- Vinegar and baking soda clear the congestion in the pipes. Pour this mixture into the tube congestion, leave for a short time, then let the hot water.
- Home Edition and bleach grout for ceramic tile - is vinegar. Soak tile vinegar solution, then go with a toothbrush at the seams.
- DVD discs can be cleaned from dirt and scuffs with a cloth dipped in vinegar.
- No stain remover on hand? Before washing spray vinegar on the stain (it helps with fresh stains). Mattress or carpet clean of stains, you can: spray on the stain solution of vinegar and water, then sprinkle baking soda and scrub brush.
- Use vinegar as fabric softener, it softens the fabric is antistatic, updates color.
- Clean the glass of the car can be frozen vinegar solution (3 parts) and water (1 part).
- Save a bouquet in a vase will pinch of sugar and a few drops of vinegar.
Author: Your Tamara