"We went all the people", or how wrong the popular beauty recipes?
 Some horror stories about beauty are still a child. Little girls passed from mouth to mouth immutable truth: "podstrizhesh hair up to 16 years - do not grow back" or "weed gray hair in its place will rise a dozen." And they already moved into our adult life, these stories and recipes. What are in fact true, and that - only a fiction, no more.

Try to understand.

1. Before going to bed you need to comb your hair 100 times, then they will be shiny, healthy and clean.   Myth! Combing need as many times as necessary to get rid of tangled hair. Get rid of the dirt using combing impossible. Moreover, the excessive scratching can damage the hair, to deprive them of water and add a static voltage.

2. Owners of dry skin have more wrinkles, and generally dry skin - it wrinkles.   This is not a myth! Dry skin is solely ... dry skin. Wrinkles are caused by various factors, a lot of them, but do not dry the skin. This is just a skin type.

3. Shaving hair makes it thicker, thicker and darker.   The same is not true! Hair that grow on their feet after shaving - are the same hair, in the same amount and the same thickness. If you do not damage the shaving follicle, if you are using a good sharp machine who pulls hair, no changes to your hair will not get any. It just seems that the hairs become darker and thicker as you see them only at the base, and there they are much thicker. To the ends of the hair thinned, and you just compare the thickness of the hair at the base of the thickness of the hair at the ends. A darker color is due to the fact that the newly grown hair has not been subjected to ultraviolet and other external influences. But, believe me, it's the same hair!

 "We went all the people", or how wrong the popular beauty recipes?
 4. High heels result in varicose veins.   And this is - the truth! The pressure on the legs, which turns out to be long standing, especially in high heels can lead to varicose veins. Here is a simple advice on how to reduce the risk of this disease. If you just can not give up the heels, try to do the following: every time you need to find time for a little break to sit down and take your shoes off. Just massage your toes, and then you can continue working day.

5. Toothpaste can cure pimples.   Partly true! Indeed, the composition paste has ingredients shown for skin with acne. But! It is necessary to take into account the fact that in toothpastes are present and harsh chemicals that can irritate or dry the skin.

6. Seat "foot to foot" leads to varicose veins.   No! By varices causes pressure on the foot, which is where we stand, particularly on high heels, and this has already been said. Crossing the legs - not a good habit, of course, and can lead to diseases, but not to the varices.

7. The pores can be reduced.   Myth! At least in most cases. Various face masks, especially protein, helps to minimize pore size, but only temporarily, not permanently.

 "We went all the people", or how wrong the popular beauty recipes?
 8. nail polish makes them yellow.   That's right! Nail polish, especially in dark colors, for a long time, can make the natural color of your nails and hands, and legs, yellowish. But do not worry! It is not harmful. If you are concerned about this problem, try as much as possible to protect the nails manicure when using light-layer substrate.

9. Cocoa butter and olive oil can get rid of stretch marks.   Not true! Stretching - is the result of changes in the various skin layers, including very deep, into which can penetrate the cocoa butter and olive.

 "We went all the people", or how wrong the popular beauty recipes?
 10. Rinsing hair with beer makes the hair thicker.   It's true! If you use beer as a final rinse for hair that is not washed off after it, the hair really become thicker. But only until the next washing. The problem is the smell - smells like beer, and your hair will smell, too. It is better to try to find a hair thickening shampoos and conditioners based on the hop. Trichologists also believe that if you leave the beer on his head for a while, you can reduce the fat content of some of the hair. But again - the smell!

11. If you pull out a gray hair in his place will rise another ten.   This is a myth! Damage to one follicle has no effect on the nearby follicles. So if you really interferes with a pair of gray hair - they can just pull out.

12. Hair grows slowly in winter than in summer.   No! This is a very popular misconception, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Our hair does not change the rate of hair growth, depending on the time of year. If they do not have enough vitamins and other nutrients, while growth has slowed down. And it happens in the winter, but if the winter to continue good nutrition and care, hair growth rate will remain the same.

13. Chocolate leads to acne.   This is a myth! You may be allergic to chocolate, but its consumption does not lead to acne and other skin problems.

 "We went all the people", or how wrong the popular beauty recipes?
 14. Bananas are useful for hair.   Yes and no. Vitamin collection of bananas really need a hair, but if you're just going to make any wraps or hair mask with banana, it will do nothing. Banana does not penetrate the hair structure. Better still eat a banana, in this form it will bring much more good hair.

15. If after swimming in the sea water became greenish hair, it helps the ketchup.   Do not laugh, but for some - yes. This unusual color can be obtained from blondes or redheads, is the result of the interaction of substances from seaweed hair, and then released bluestone. For some help ketchup, oddly enough. Red and green - the colors opposite on the color spectrum, so if you leave for an hour ketchup on the hair, the shade of green can "get away". Although, it does not work for everyone, warn hairdressers.

16. Mayonnaise - a good hair conditioner.   Also yes. If we consider the composition of natural mayonnaise, it - water, oil, egg yolk. Excellent structure for an air conditioner or mask. But! Mayonnaise, sold in the store, more often a number of chemicals and compounds that are undesirable for either hair or skin.

It turns out, sometimes right, those who believe that traditional recipes - the best, but really need not to be confused with folk wisdom misconceptions and ignorance. Is true of any use of home recipes - try to know the opinion of experts. Sometimes very funny, at first glance, the secrets of "work"!
Author: Julia Gnedina