How to prepare a body scrub at home
 Winter - a tough time of year for the skin. Extremely cold air, low humidity - these factors can leave the skin dehydrated and dry. Of course, it is necessary to attend the procedure in the SPA-salons, but not always, this enables financial situation. Why not arrange a spa at home?

We show you how you can prepare an excellent bath. All you need to do - it is a liquid soap (or shower gel), a large rough sea salt and warm water in the bathroom.

1.   Take a hot bath, soak a few minutes in warm water. If you prefer a shower, then rinse with a shower.

2. Prepare a soft washcloth-mitten (remember that from its tenderness depends on the result).

3. Sprinkle sea salt on the glove.

4. Mix salt with liquid soap or gel.

5. Circular motions begin to massage the body, rubbing salt into the skin. Avoid salt in the eyes and massage in any case face!

6. Rinse the body.

7.   Apply a large amount of moisturizer (eg, extracts of Shea).