Elixirs night. Part 3: Special selection
 In the previous two parts of the article I mentioned a lot of different flavors, one way or another related to the theme of the night. Most of them are oriental or evening chypre fragrances, some of which contain a powdery, vanilla and rich floral colors. Each of them presents its own interpretation of the smell of the night. I present to you a selection of night aromas, tasting you will be able to appreciate this diversity night.

 Elixirs night. Part 3: Special selection
 Evening tuxedo   - Ambre Nuit   by Dior
Sweet and elegant amber elixir in which wood shades are mixed with notes of spices, vanilla and rose. Rosa here sounds amazing courage, combined with the classic dry base. For gallant men.

 Elixirs night. Part 3: Special selection
 Evening Flower   - White Musk Midnight Iris   by The Body Shop
A sweet floral scent with oriental accents. Soft Musk original White Musk   acquires shades of night are iris, sandalwood and tonka bean. Velvet and enveloping fragrance creates a relaxed, but sensual aura. For gentle woman turns night into a lioness.

 Elixirs night. Part 3: Special selection
 Night mystery   - Vol de Nuit   by Guerlain
Thin and velvety fragrance for sophisticated connoisseurs. Oriental and chypre, it also incorporates a green and floral undertones and slightly animalic accents, reminiscent of the smell of fur. For the noble ladies.

 Elixirs night. Part 3: Special selection
 Sensual night   - La Nuit de l'Homme   by Yves Saint Laurent
Night variation of trees and fragrant perfume L'Homme   It received less than the flower, but more warm and oriental. The richness and depth of the composition adds a note of coumarin - ingredient with the smell of balsam and tobacco. For the sexiest men.

 Elixirs night. Part 3: Special selection
 Elixir Midnight   - Cologne pour le Soir   by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
This evening with a sweet flavor and strong character warms the skin notes of benzoin, honey, incense and rose. Cashmere and leather compositions added comfort and promise to rest after an eventful day. For refined intellectuals - both women and men.

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina