Elizabeth Taylor perfume heritage
 March 23, 2011 at the age of 79 years has left the life of Elizabeth Taylor. What do we know about her? Bright looks and acting talent, brilliant role in the film and two awards "Oscar", eight official marriage and many dizzying novels, illness and surgery, and even strange friendship with Michael Jackson and ... beautiful perfume.

Placer diamonds
In 1991, Elizabeth Taylor launched a release fragrance White Diamonds. "White Diamonds" - as translated into Russian name. For 20 years this fragrance was successfully sold in the US and abroad.

White Diamonds reveals delicate notes of white lily and neroli. "The heart" of the fragrance smells gives tuberose, narcissus and jasmine water. The bouquet is dominated by warm plume wood-spicy notes of amber, sandalwood, patchouli and amber. Flower-east - so characterize this scent experts. Above formula fragrance perfumer worked Sofia Groisman.

 Elizabeth Taylor perfume heritage
   Bottle fragrance White Diamonds is decorated like a loose diamond. In the original - it is a valuable addition to the bow, in the modern version - ring. This decorative element makes a simple and concise design the bottle elegant and refined.

Perfume lyrics
Campaign White Diamonds have long otshumela. However, on YouTube.com, you can find a promotional video, shot in the spirit ganstergskih militants: tough man, easy money and, of course, diamonds. It appears in the frame itself and Elizabeth Taylor, no longer young, but still beautiful. As for the posters, the Elizabeth Taylor chose for them the best photos - the ones on which it is displayed in the best years of his life, nor height of his fame and career.

White Diamonds is the most successful and profitable fragrance created by celebrity. In the Russian perfume retail fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor is not a frequent visitor, despite compelling statistics. Owners perfume online stores show a more flexible approach to the formation of the range, you can find White Diamonds on the virtual shelves.

 Elizabeth Taylor perfume heritage
 Girl's Best Friend
"I do not want to get lost in doubt, choose the one hundred variants, they are all beautiful, without exception, the best friends of women are diamonds" - singing sexy member of the group "Viagra". However, this idea is not a creative discovery of music producer Konstantin Meladze. Long before that diamonds are a girls best friend, told the world the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

Why is the female half of humanity with reverence for diamonds? Diamond called diamonds, with a special processing diamond shaped, which identifies the most of their natural shine. By the way, from the French word brillant and translated - brilliant. Diamonds are of extraordinary hardness, that's why they are called "eternal" stones. Diamond jewelry is very beautiful, spectacular and ... expensive. Not every woman can afford such a luxury.

 Elizabeth Taylor perfume heritage
 About the love of diamonds and just about love
In the jewelry Elizabeth Taylor knew a lot. His first diamond engagement ring she received at age 18, his prepodnёs millionaire Bill Pauley after engagement. However, the wedding did not take place: the young Elizabeth did not want to become a wife and a housewife, she continued to actively engage in his film career. The engagement was canceled. It is unlikely that Elizabeth Taylor had ever regret the decision. Her life was a lot of men, only officially registered marriages - eight, not to speak of numerous novels.

Men often gave Elizabeth Taylor expensive jewelry. This woman was difficult to surprise a leather handbag or a fur coat, it was worthy of a truly royal gifts. Michael Todd, one of the husbands of Elizabeth Taylor (the one for whom she converted to Judaism), every Saturday gave his beloved wife jewels, marking this way the day of their first meeting. Happy marriage interrupted by tragedy, Michael Todd died in a plane crash. "Michael was my biggest love," - said Elizabeth Taylor in one of his interviews.

Elizabeth Taylor left four grown children: three and one foster family. The media got the information that a large part of his fortune Elizabeth Taylor bequeathed to their children. Revenues from the sale of White Diamonds ordered it direct to the charity.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova