Flavours of the world in the palm
 Lacoste, Cherie, Kenzo, Dior and Hugo Boss. How not to get lost in this ocean of names and smells? Choose interesting, only appropriate aroma to you? After all, a drop of spirits every day completes the created image. Insidious seductress or languorous stranger, perhaps a casual charming brunette?

Chief Assistant - your nose!
The choice of spirits - is an art. And here it is necessary to focus only on their feelings and preferences. After all, the spirits must not only follow you fly a beautiful train, but also to give you a sense of confidence, reflect the nature, give admiration and a kind of bewitching magic.

First of all, is to determine what smells you like and what you want to get away from the spirits. Looking for spirits with a light, subtle flavor to the daily working routine. Or need an inviting refined aroma with hints of orange and cinnamon, for "the publication." Determined? Now, go shopping!

Shopping for women in most cases, as we know, the feast. Therefore, the purchase should be carried out in a good mood. It is better to go in search of its fragrance in a sunny Sunday morning, not tired on Wednesday evening.

 Flavours of the world in the palm
 With a sea of ​​different flavors you can meet at the company store perfume. However, your floating schooner without the aid lifeline in the face of a consultant can not do here. Otherwise, you run the risk of simply drown in the ocean of fragrances. The consultant will offer scents suited to your hair color, temperament and expectations. With him you can read the fragrance, like the notes, highlight the desired shades, will be able to choose the right fragrance for you. After all, "I want both my friend", not always suit you. And in this matter must be approached individually to all! So entirely do not be afraid to give yourself in the caring hands of a specialist. After all, they learn to understand the art of fragrances, "taste" and, more importantly, know how to give it to the woman.

Also be sure to remember that the smell of a new perfume to smell better surface own skin, such as the wrist. Because a trial piece of paper, it will be "sound" completely different.

Chose? Confidence? It is better to take a break and walk away with a fragrance, perfume dropping a piece of paper. Here are just apt adage "sleep on it." Until tomorrow favorite flavor is not going anywhere, and tasty bottle of perfume will patiently wait for you at the shop window.

And do not just take a large amount of perfume. Our tastes are changing rapidly, and the sense of smell is so easy to disappoint!

Spirits spirits strife
The world of perfumes is immense. That is why until now not managed to create an accurate and uniform classification of fragrances. But, despite this, French is a fundamental systematization of flavors.

 Flavours of the world in the palm

The smell of fresh flowers is the most common component of flavor. Most of the women's perfume is precisely this type. AT flower   Spirits are mainly found notes of violets and lilies, roses and daffodils. Spirits can be dedicated to a single flavor or a combination of the whole diversity of colorful bouquet. Particularly interesting Tommy Girl by Kenzo D'ete, J'adore by Christian Dior, Happy by Clinique and undoubtedly, Chanel №5 by Chanel. Air, unobtrusive, subtle flavors, great freedom-loving young girls or gentle romantic nature older.

If you think you are a sensual and emotional nature, then you will like amber, ie Eastern   flavors. The palette of the perfume combines the smells of vanilla and sandalwood, amber and incense, carnations and iris. Particularly feminine and saturated representatives of this line is considered Emporio Night for Him by Giorgio Armani and Angel by Thierry Mugler. Sensuality and eroticism are these flavors in the first place. But it is also worth noting that the spirits of this group are heavy flavors and mostly suited for an evening or winter use.

You cause delight flavors of bergamot and oak moss, light tobacco or cedar? Then you will not leave indifferent Diva by Ungaro, Bazar Pour Homme by Christian Lacroix and Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme. Chypre   aromas of long and firmly took its place on the pedestal of modern perfumery. Feminine and gentle, these scents can hardly be called. Rather, they are inherent in the note of extravagance and independence, energy and freedom. However, if you run into them once, you will not be able to resist them.

 Flavours of the world in the palm
 Enjoy a light breeze, energetic fresh breeze and lush flowering plantations? Then you set up citrus   One Summer fragrance from Calvin Klein, Time for Energy by Gianni Versace or Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. Essential oils of lemon, mandarin and bergamot basic components of these spirits, and notes of bitter orange blossom only spicing and courage these flavors.

Right place
With the choice of flavors and perfumes understood. The highly anticipated bottle flaunts already have on the shelf, waiting for an opportunity in its use. And how to do it right?

 Flavours of the world in the palm
 Of course, the perfume should be used to clean the body. Apply two or three drops on the inside of the wrist and the elbow, behind the ears, in the neck, the hair roots. It is in these places there are large veins in the human body, and therefore, there is a strong pulsation, and the skin heats up quickly. This contributes to long-term "life" of smell. And in the summer it is recommended to apply perfume behind the knees, then with every movement of the fragrance comes to life and develops after you.

When applying perfume, of course, do not forget the sense of proportion. In the morning they should be faint, and in the late afternoon aroma should envelop you from all sides.

Little Secrets
Men are known to be sweet tooth. And your man is hardly an exception. So before you rush into the maelstrom of fine men's fragrances, try to find out his preferences. And who knows, maybe a perfume with gentle notes of vanilla and a generous orange refresh your relationship.
It is interesting!   Seven years of continuous operation and as a result, the most expensive in the history of perfume - 130 thousand dollars for a bottle. Total sale received three bottles of spirits. Two of them have already been purchased, the last there is a fierce struggle. Priceless is a copy of the London store Harrods.

Do you want to be like the star of a TV screen or a magazine cover? Start using her favorite scent! Cameron Diaz, for example, prefers to Happy by Clinique Parfums. A sensual Angelina Jolie uses only the classic scent Carolina Herrera. Extravagant Madonna prefers Poison Hypnotic by Christian Dior and Youth-Dew by Estee Lauder.
Author: Valentina Pyatygo