L'Air du Temps: perfume classics
 At fifty years of Nina Ricci he was already going to retire. However, her dream holiday and peaceful life went awry. Robert, son of Nina Ricci, after much cajoling managed to persuade his mother to start their own business.

Successful Enterprise
Things new company quickly went up the hill. According to another and could not be, because his whole life dedicated to the service of Nina Ricci fashion. She began her career at the age of 12 years old apprentice in a sewing workshop, just a few years, she managed to become a milliner, and then she entered the service of the fashion house Raffin (now defunct) as a designer, and later business partner.

 L Air du Temps: perfume classics

In his own fashion house, Mrs. Ricci engaged in the production of clothing and accessories. Her son Robert was leading the case, skillfully disposing finances. The appearance of the spirits in the company's range was only a matter of time.

 L Air du Temps: perfume classics
   A landmark event took place in 1946: on sale there was the first fragrance by Nina Ricci, it was called Coeur Joie.

The spirit of time
In 1948 he was born perfume L'Air du Temps, it was the second in a row fragrance from the fashion house Nina Ricci. This event took place in post-war Paris. Exhausted by the horrors of the Second World War, Europe gradually comes to life. Women ever wanted to dress up and enjoy every day. The new fragrance fell in very handy, and the name he had such a symbolic and expressive - L'Air du Temps, which translated from French means "Zeitgeist."

 L Air du Temps: perfume classics
 On the cover of the bottle L'Air du Temps found refuge two doves - a symbol of peace and hope. Crystal bottle was produced in glassworks, belonged to the famous family of Lalique in France.

Secrets perfumers
L'Air du Temps - floral fragrance. It was created by perfumer Francis Fabron worked. Top notes are carnation, peach, neroli, bergamot, rose, rosewood. Heart notes of rosemary, carnation, gardenia, violet, orchid, carnation, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose. Base notes of spices, iris, amber, sandalwood, amber, musk, benzoin, oak moss, vetiver, cedar.

The exact proportions of ingredients are not known so far, the company Nina Ricci safely guarded secrets of their perfumes. We only know that the perfume formula over the years remains unchanged, and all components are carefully selected by hand.

A little bit of personal
I well remember my first encounter with the L'Air du Temps. In preparation for the school theater competition in a foreign language, French teacher kindly invited us, his students, to his home to rehearse. In the living room in a conspicuous place stood a bottle of amazing cute doves. Me and my girlfriend schoolgirl with delight looked at this perfume a miracle. At that moment it seemed that in the whole world there is nothing more beautiful.

Several years passed. For the first time being in Paris, leisure trips and sightseeing while, I went to the perfume shop. There I was confused: while the "winds of change" already being blown over Russia, but such a huge selection of flavors in Russian stores there to this day. Pretty soon I was able to get comfortable amidst all this splendor perfume. To leave without buying the day was impossible, I became the owner of the coveted vial L'Air du Temps.

How to turn disadvantages into advantages
Is L'Air du Temps is so flawless? It is suitable for women self-reliant, self-confident, independent. Young girls this fragrance, on the other hand, seems too "adult". L'Air du Temps strongly for perfume experiments, so characteristic of youth. L'Air du Temps - it is rather a safe haven than the raging sea. But it's nice after dangerous sea adventures anchor in home port. Perhaps this paragraph turned out quite metaphorical, but there surely capture the essence of the problem.

Realizing articulated above "claim", the current owners of the brand Nina Ricci began to actively address the shortcomings. So there were the modern version of L'Air du Temps, here are some good examples: L'Air du Printemps, L'Eau du Temps, L'Air du Temps Colombes Couleur, L'Air du Temps Love Fills.

 L Air du Temps: perfume classics

 L Air du Temps: perfume classics

Now I have a completely different perfume favorites. But each time, being in the duty-free shop after the completion of all pre-flight formalities at the international airport, I always find on the shelves of a bottle of L'Air du Temps, I put or render a few drops on the wrist and briefly plunge into such pleasant memories of my heart.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova