Miss Dior: history and a bit of scandal
 Until recently, the biography fragrance Miss Dior, created during the life of Christian Dior, was brilliant. However, an impeccable reputation cast a shadow. This stems from the scandalous escapade John Galliano.

Debut Fragrance
1947 - an important year in the history of the fashion house, Christian Dior created in post-war Paris. Then, the designer presented his first collection of clothes, which was a real revolution in the history of style. Dior offer women featureless change clothes for luxury clothes - so there was a legendary New Look.

Also in 1947, he saw the light first fragrance, released under the name Christian Dior, with the laconic title Miss Dior. Creating a perfume oversaw Serge Heftler-Luis, a childhood friend of the founder of the fashion brand.

Green, chypre, floral - so experts characterize Miss Dior. The composition of Miss Dior fragrance is built on the notes of gardenia, galbanum, clary sage, aldehydes, jasmine, rose, neroli, narcissus, iris, lily of the valley, patchouli, oak moss, sandalwood, vetiver and leather.

 Miss Dior: history and a bit of scandal
   Crystal bottle in the form of an amphora was decorated with an elegant bow. Later, the vial has changed its shape and become rectangular.

Version, the version ...
Christian Dior kind to create fragrances belong to him often quoted words: "Perfume - is unsurpassed shade of female identity, is the final touch image". In 2005 was released the first modern version of the legendary fragrance Miss Dior, the novelty was called Miss Dior Chérie. This event was timed to the centenary of the birth of Mr. Dior, certainly this gift would come to his liking. Creating a fragrance Miss Dior Chérie marked the beginning of a series of flankers.

 Miss Dior: history and a bit of scandal
The fragrance Miss Dior Chérie 2005

What Flanker? With regard to perfumes - a version of the original fragrance. Manufacturers perfumes embark on a little trick: slightly alter the name of the fragrance and the design of the bottle. The calculation is simple. A familiar name soon attract the attention of a buyer than an unknown novelty. Why create a flanker? In order to get the maximum profit from a successful idea.

 Miss Dior: history and a bit of scandal
 Miss Dior Chérie sample in 2011
In 2011, a new version of Miss Dior Chérie. Let us look more closely to the perfume water-novelty: it is floral fruity chypre fragrance that reveals the skin of his mistress gradually. Saturated freshness of citrus and fruity notes transferred to the delicate floral chords and then sounds noble and elegant notes of patchouli. The last reminder of the flavor - a warm and sensual musk.

The aroma was vivid and expressive. It is addressed to young girls, energetic and cheerful.

 Miss Dior: history and a bit of scandal
 Lovely Natalie
The face of the advertising campaign updated fragrance Miss Dior Chérie is an actress Natalie Portman. Agree with it and sign a cooperation contract was not so easy. Ms. Portman reputed an intellectual and extremely legible particular in all that regards the work, and advertising contracts are not an exception. Natalie Portman is now at the peak of his acting career for her role as a ballerina in "Black Swan", she received the award "Oscar".

Before putting his signature under the terms of the cooperation agreement, Natalie Portman has carefully studied the history of the brand Christian Dior. It should be noted that the reputation of the company is really impeccable. However, it was not enough for the coveted "yes". To a positive solution Natalie Portman finally bowed John Galliano, the then creative director of Christian Dior.

It is known that Natalie Portman - defender of animals. She did not eat meat, do not wear clothes and shoes made of materials of animal origin (articles of leather and fur for her taboo). Especially for her John Galliano has created a collection of so-called vegan items. Original gift like actress finally it started filming in advertising Miss Dior Chérie.

 Miss Dior: history and a bit of scandal
 Advertising question
Work on filming new commercials fragrance Miss Dior Chérie entrusted Sofia Coppola. Behind the woman-director Oscar-winning film "Lost in Translation", and mercilessly criticized "Marie Antoinette." Sofia Coppola And yet familiar with Miss Dior Chérie, after all she filmed the video clip for the previous version of the fragrance with the participation of Russian model Marina Linchuk - the same sugary-sweet video, in which the final character flies into the Parisian sky on a bunch of balloons.

New movie with Natalie Portman as the main character, like a little movie about the love story of a young girl who is in a hurry for a date in the Monceau park and then a couple indulges in love on the white sheets in a luxurious Paris apartment. As the background music selected provocative song by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin «Je t'aime, moi non plus ...»

The advertising campaign was a success. Natalie Portman is good and in the video and on posters: flawless skin, a shock of long hair, flirty look, playful smile. The image turned seductive and sexy.

A bit of scandal
Thunder unexpectedly. This spring, the news media tape cut to the reports of unpleasant incident in a Paris cafe. In the center of the scandal it turned out to John Galliano. It turned out that in the heat of an argument, he allowed himself to public racist and anti-Semitic statements. Most recently, Natalie Portman took from John Galliano luxury gift and discussed with them the terms of cooperation, but suddenly turned out to be "on the other side."

Natalie Portman - a Jew by nationality. She condemned the actions of John Galliano. Publication New York Times quotes the statement of Natalie Portman: "I am shocked and amazed by the comments of John Galliano. I'm Jewish and proud of it, so do not want to have anything to do with Galliano. However, I hope that this terrible trick will help us in the fight against the existing prejudices that are alien beauty. "

Christian Dior brand owners were not willing to risk reputation and lose customers. The solution was found rather quickly: John Galliano sacked as chief designer of Christian Dior. This for Mr. Gagliano unpleasant story is not over, it has yet to litigation.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova