Paris Hilton Perfume
 Paris Hilton is often referred to as an heiress, but it is not so. Fans travel the world with the comfort of a well-known hotel chain Hilton. Created Conrad Hilton Hotel empire - the great-grandfather of Paris. However, his millions, according to his will, went to charity. However, the family of Paris Hilton never destitute, and the girl herself decently earns. Fragrance business - one of the articles of its income.

We bring you the top three fragrances created by Paris Hilton.

Just me
Top notes: frozen apple, bergamot, lily of the valley, peach. Heart notes are freesia, jasmine petals, tuberose, iris, mimosa. Base notes of sweet vanilla, ylang-ylang, musk, sandalwood.

  "But I" - as translated into Russian the name of this fragrance. So who is it, Paris Hilton? Paris Hilton came to the attention of the press, being very young, and all thanks to the passion for events and parties: bright outfits, provocative behavior - she enjoyed herself to the fullest. Now Paris Hilton thirty years partying in her life are still present. But they have become a source of jobs and good money. During the visit to Paris Hilton event organizers have to pay her a substantial fee.

Due to the fact that Paris Hilton has become recognizable, her career is quite well developed professional model. She worked several lucrative advertising contracts, a famous name and scandalous reputation concelebrated her great help in modeling.

 Paris Hilton Perfume

Paris Hilton has tried his hand at show business: starred in several films and recorded a music album. It is obvious that music and movies - not those areas in which Paris will earn your bread and butter. However, she never let it recognizes typical Paris vanity and ambition will not let her do it.

Now Paris Hilton - successful business woman. In her interview, she admits that her day is painted literally by the minute. Paris has never parted with his diary: meetings, negotiations, contracts, new projects.

Top notes of frangipani, apricot, tangerine. Heart notes: California honeysuckle, orchid, bingo. Base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Sirens in Greek mythology called sea creatures. It was poluryba-poluzhenschina, and in some sources - poluptitsy-poluzhenschina. In ancient legends siren depicted as sea maiden wondrous beauty with an alluring voice. The sounds of their songs, they lull travelers, and then tearing them apart and devour. The first surviving mention of the sirens are contained in the "Odyssey" of Homer. Later, many writers have used this image to create their works.

People sincerely believed in the existence of the sirens. Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America, was confident that his way was met sirens, what was made a corresponding entry in the logbook. Later, scientists have debunked this fallacy of the great navigator. It turns out Columbus and his crew took over manatee siren - aquatic mammal little like a sea maiden.

It is strange that in the perfume world still had no flavor, dedicated to the sirens. Sirens - a fertile topic for perfume creation, opens a space of imagination to create the fragrance composition and design of the bottle, and even how to turn around, coming up with the concept of advertising ... it took Paris Hilton. However, her most inspired modern Disney cartoon "The Little Mermaid" than ancient legends.

 Paris Hilton Perfume

Campaign fragrance Siren was very spectacular. On posters Paris Hilton appears as a beautiful siren: golden scaly tail, long blond hair cover their naked breasts. Image sirens present on the bottle in the form of elegant suspension and on the packaging. The design of the bottle is easy to guess the silhouette seductress with a fish tail.

Can Can
Top notes of clementine flower, black currant, nectarine. Heart notes of wild orchid, orange blossom. Base notes of musk, wood and amber.

Where to draw inspiration perfumers? The inspiration to create a new flavor can be anything: childhood memories, a meeting with a beautiful stranger, natural phenomena, works of art, personal experiences. Paris Hilton to create a fragrance inspired by Can Can "Moulin Rouge" - the same musical film directed by Baz Luhrmann with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in the lead roles.

Cabaret - it's the atmosphere of perpetual holiday. Music, dance, fun. Paris Hilton tried to bring the aroma is special mood. In advertising perfume Can Can Paris to try on the role of cabaret dancers: her image in the lush scarlet skirt, decorated with feathers, emblazoned on the packaging flavor. A small feather is and on the vial.

 Paris Hilton Perfume

I've seen Paris Hilton dancing at a party during her visit to Moscow. Forced to admit that dancing - not her element. It is hard to imagine Paris Hilton anywhere in Paris on the stage of theater, dance famously fluffy skirt rides up and playfully waved to the music leg, pulled into a net stocking. However, Can Can quite successfully sold.

Calling Paris Hilton Fragrances - it is still a kind of exaggeration. Paris Hilton is working with professional perfumers company Parlux Fragrances.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova