Perfume experiences Sarah Jessica Parker
 We know Sarah Jessica Parker as a talented actress and a successful producer. Despite the title of style icon, her debut as a fashion designer suffered a fiasco, but the perfume experience proved to be extremely successful.

Top notes are lavender, mandarin, bergamot, rosewood. Heart notes of patchouli, orchid. Base notes: musk, cedar, white amber.

"Pretty Woman" - so you can translate the name of the fragrance. He was born in 2005 and became perfumery "firstborn" Sarah Jessica Parker. The promotional videos and posters actress perfumes miracle as well. Pink bustier dress with a full skirt like repeats the outlines of a bottle of perfume, and she looks like Sarah whether on Hollywood film star of yesteryear, whether on a ballerina.

Maxim magazine recently published a list of the most ugly women. This list was drawn up taking into account the views of readers of men. The criteria for "selection" served not only unattractive appearance of famous women, but their repulsive actions. First place (does nepochёtnoe) takes our heroine, Sarah Jessica Parker.

It is obvious that men are in the power of stereotypes imposed by fashion gloss. The notorious formula of 90-60-90 for a long time will poison the life of modern women. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker is not a classic beauty, but it is charming and charismatic. The ability to dress to emphasize the dignity of his appearance and conceal flaws, it can not refuse. Sarah knows how to present yourself properly and kept with dignity. Beauty, in a word.

 Perfume experiences Sarah Jessica Parker

Initial notes of wet greens, geranium leaves, Sicilian lemon, lavender and chocolate. Heart notes of honeysuckle, magnolia, lily of the valley. Base notes of musk, vetiver, cashmere, teakwood and amber.

Covet - a strong desire, like this, you can translate the name of the fragrance. Year of birth - 2007. The design of the bottle and the lid in the shape of a flower miraculously resemble perfume creation Marc Jacobs named Daisy. However, to blame someone copying beyond the scope of our competence. Creative ideas are in the air, you know.

 Perfume experiences Sarah Jessica Parker

If the promotional video fragrance Lovely concise and nezateyliv, for the promotion Covet rented a mini-movie. Its action takes place in the evening Paris Place Vendôme, starring Sarah Jessica Parker. She is dressed in a luxurious dress, provided by designer Christian Lacroix. Guru fashionable shoes Christian Louboutin "shod" actress in the famous shoes with red soles. Beauty shatters the glass window of a shop, in order that whatever was to take over the bottle with fragrance Covet.

At the scene in a timely manner remains a police patrol, handcuffed violators of peace was escorted into a car with flashing lights and driven to the police station. But the heroine is not going to give up and literally begs a policeman (in French, of course): "Mr. Officer, at least one small" puff ", please! "

 Perfume experiences Sarah Jessica Parker

Top notes are osmanthus, tangerine, strawberry. Heart notes of rose, honeysuckle, gardenia. Base notes of rum, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

Honestly, if the fragrance with the same name has not been in the perfume collection of Sarah Jessica Parker, it should be established. Certainly. SJP - the initials of the actress, NYC - abbreviated name of the city of New York. Free interpretation of the translation from English into Russian could look like this: the recognition of Sarah Jessica Parker's love for New York.

In one of his interviews, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that her idea of ​​fragrance should be associated with the spirit of New York and its inhabitants. SJP NYC is directly connected with the cult TV series "Sex and the City" knowingly advertising posters look more vivid movie poster on than standard advertising products.

 Perfume experiences Sarah Jessica Parker

New York is rightly considered one of the actors in "Sex and the City" on a par with the four main characters: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. It was in this city they met, became best friends, quarreled, reconciled, had an affair, married, had children - and all this against the backdrop of the New York landscape.

Instead of an epilogue
Sarah Jessica Parker launches its fragrance together with the famous perfume company Coty. Lovely and Covet classified as "luxury", they feel confident in the perfume market, and has already managed to acquire a few scented versions. SJP NYC is positioned as a production level of "mass market."
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova