Perfume that you give me?
 When we choose a perfume, what we want to achieve? Someone just wants to smell sweet, someone needs to emphasize their individuality, and someone wants to attract the attention of men.

So what to choose perfume?

The concept of "expensive perfume" all very different. It all depends on the thickness of your wallet and dignity of bills in it lying. For me, perfume or scented water in the two thousand rubles too expensive. Therefore, the upper price bracket for perfume close to seven hundred rubles, and the bottom does not drop below two hundred.

Perfume famous brands available not every girl. How to be then, if you want not just to smell and breathe? What flavor you choose depends, of course, on your character, lifestyle and style. But to reveal to you one of my little secret, how to make even very expensive toilet water or perfume more stable and unusual .

Let shall proceed in our little lab and perfumers will feel:

Firstly, in my medicine cabinet is always several vials of different essential oils. By nature I am an experimenter in general. Very fond of floral aromas and citrus. What prevents us to combine them in one flavor: floral with citrus notes, or vice versa, with a citrus floral. Take your favorite oil and mix with the drop of perfume, you want to change today.

 Perfume that you give me?
   Technique is very simple: any clean cloth drip flap (drizzle) spirits, add just a drop (or better, pat the neck of the vial, after him, shaking). Little Wave ahead as it would normally do when trying to perfume. If you find that you do not like the flavor, do not despair and continue to experiment further. Knowing what you want, you will surely achieve it.

But sometimes there is no time to experiment, and is pleasant to smell not only desirable, but necessary. Then it all depends on what effect you want to get from the aroma. If this is a business meeting (the exam, report, etc.), where you just need to be discreet and logical, before leaving the house Spread over earlobes "magic cream" (without baby cream flavors, mix the size of a pea to the palm of your hand with a drop of lavender oil). Lavender is not only calm, but also betrays a pleasant aroma. But just before the actual event on the inside of the jacket or blouse (shirt) previously put in place a large bag of grapefruit oil or other citrus. They tone up, elevate mood and improve mental activity, and, of course, very nice smell.

If you want to draw the attention of the opposite sex, but goodbye is nothing at all, and with a choice of perfume you have not decided, then drip again on the inside of the collar or cuff, a drop of oil ylang-ylang, or patchouli. Also in pharmacies sell oil with pheromones is also a wonderful material for imagination.

Do not forget about the oriental spices. Perfume with spicy notes me crazy. Oh, those cinnamon and ginger. I love men's fragrances. Therefore, in my small female set is always a perfume with a hint of tobacco. Not that we breathe from burning cigarettes, and one that can only be experienced by a good cigar, well, or leaf tobacco (when razotret his fingers fresh sheet).

 Perfume that you give me?

Do not forget that the flavors are divided into winter and summer; Any odor has a heart and a loop. And of course, that your fragrance should not strike a mile from you. It should be noticeable at arm's length. For each case, your scent for every mood its flavor.

Among women, there is a perception that a man should be a little nicer gorilla. But our boys are somewhat different opinion. Very many members of the stronger sex in the same way as women choose their outfits and are ready, as we spend a lot of time to choose a perfume.

So after all, what will give us the perfume?

Just as on the version of Darwin's work has made a monkey of a man perfume makes a woman a woman. That is our nature. We can spend hours choosing perfumes and toilet water, looking for the most unique and so important for us flavor. This may be a classic, and innovation. This fragrance is the final touch to the image. He makes us tender and passionate, desirable and dangerous, unique and self-confident, attractive and relaxed. We can drown in love perfume, but can choose only a couple of bottles that will meet all the demands.

To hear a pleasant aroma to me bliss. As it is possible to define what constitutes its support.

Now, remember the movie "Perfume." After his show, I realized one thing - the real perfume for me to be my continuation, rather than a supplement. It must be associated with me as naturally as my nails and hair.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova